18:23 Changeset [14096] by mwhitson
Use krb5_free_data_contents() (the Official Proper Abstraction) instead of free() (or krb5_xfree, which is an internal non-exported helper function).
18:21 Changeset [14095] by mwhitson
Don't check for krb5 libs twice under Irix (vendor code now properly checks for them).


20:59 Changeset [14094] by danw
make this not depend on the Athena imake
20:58 Changeset [14093] by danw
00:27 Changeset [14092] by jweiss
defauly UNIX perms for the top level dir of a new volume are 777 this sometimes hurts people who copy packs onto local disk


18:27 Changeset [14091] by mwhitson
We're not using xmore any more. Remove it.
14:12 Changeset [14090] by tb
prep files for Linux/Athena. These copy pieces of the athena source tree into a package for files which belong in a package but are not found in that packages own home in the athena source tree.
14:10 Changeset [14089] by tb
Specs files for Linux Athena RPMs.
14:09 Changeset [14088] by tb
Installed as /etc/sysconfig/athena, for generic athena configuration variables not already handled by rc.conf.
14:08 Changeset [14087] by tb
New RC scripts for Linux Athena.
14:05 Changeset [14086] by tb
Totally different for linux 8.3 than regular 8.3, because we use the newer (8.4) format for the file.
14:03 Changeset [14085] by tb
Pull up 1.3 and 1.4 into athena-8_3-linux branch.
14:01 Changeset [14084] by tb
Put IS logo in red, not black.
14:00 Changeset [14083] by tb
Spell `login.krb5' correctly.
13:58 Changeset [14082] by tb
Linux has no srvd, so check for / instead of /srvd. Use IS bitmap instead of fuzzball.
11:03 Changeset [14081] by danw
use a different header file for lert -n
09:40 Changeset [14080] by danw
add definition of ERR_FILE


23:56 Changeset [14079] by jweiss
kill off the daemos before we start updating also sleep some, since there is a problem that can cause a panic when certain daemons are killed (after a port scan puts the kernel into a weird state)
13:20 Changeset [14078] by ghudson
Rename null to empty, for clarity. Remove some XXX comments which don't seem to mean anything. Provide a format string to sprintf.
11:32 Changeset [14077] by danw
fix typo
11:06 Changeset [14076] by ghudson
Don't check for the file existing in resolve; ANY doesn't require that any more.
11:05 Changeset [14075] by ghudson
Revert to vendor branch state. ANY no longer requires our local hack.
11:04 Changeset [14074] by ghudson
Reimplement ANY without assuming that resolve functions will return ENOENT when the underlying file doesn't exist.
10:55 Changeset [14073] by danw
major code cleanup. one new feature: lert -z will put the header part of the message in @bold{} so people are more likely to notice it.


11:34 Changeset [14072] by danw
Documentation of licenses of packages in the source tree
11:32 Changeset [14071] by danw
recognize "spooling disabled" as meaning the printer is down too
11:31 Changeset [14070] by danw
Fix a attach.conf-parsing bug that made us lose the first letter of def_options


17:24 Changeset [14069] by danw
indent and comment style fixes (mostly)
17:24 Changeset [14068] by danw
fix warnings
10:32 Changeset [14067] by ghudson
Fix an oops.


17:10 Changeset [14066] by danw
split athena/bin/gms into athena/lib/gms, athena/bin/get_message, and athena/etc/messaged
17:08 Changeset [14065] by danw
moved to athena/lib/gms, athena/bin/get_message, and athena/bin/messaged
17:07 Changeset [14064] by danw
messaged, formerly in athena/bin/gms/message_daemon.c
17:06 Changeset [14063] by danw
get_message, formerly in athena/bin/gms
17:05 Changeset [14062] by danw
code shared between athena/bin/get_message and athena/etc/messaged, formerly in athena/bin/gms
17:04 Changeset [14061] by danw
Use group wheel for audio chowns, not SYS, since that's only defined #ifdef SOLARIS_MAE
17:02 Changeset [14060] by danw
add /etc/rc2.d/S21savecore, which runs savecore if SAVECORE is true in /etc/rc.conf
17:01 Changeset [14059] by danw


16:49 Changeset [14058] by danw
Fix two potential security holes that make traceroute usable as a packet flooder. From Bugtraq via NetBSD
16:48 Changeset [14057] by danw
On Solaris, chown /dev/audio and /dev/audioctl to the user at login time. (This is done in a reasonably generic way so other platforms could do this too.)
16:47 Changeset [14056] by danw
Don't chmod /dev/audio{,ctl} here: we'll do it in xlogin
16:46 Changeset [14055] by danw
Make "-" by itself in SuidCells mean "never make any cell setuid"
13:32 Changeset [14054] by danw
nuke unused SNMP variable


11:47 Changeset [14053] by ghudson
IRIX has POSIX regexp support now; rx is no longer needed.
10:12 Changeset [14052] by tb
Pull up 1.8 into athena-8_3-linux branch.
10:07 Changeset [14051] by tb
Pull up 1.2 into athena-8_3-linux branch.
10:04 Changeset [14050] by tb
Pull up 1.9 into athena-8_3-linux branch.
10:03 Changeset [14049] by danw
Don't symlink "banner" to ifhp, because we install our own banner program from third/lprng/athena


23:26 Changeset [14048] by ghudson
Pull up 1.5 to athena-8_3-linux branch.
23:26 Changeset [14047] by ghudson
Pull up 1.5 to athena-8_3 branch.
23:25 Changeset [14046] by ghudson
Add a sync after updating the network config files, to decrease the chance that the machine reboots before their contents are written out. This is a temporary hack, but very non-disruptive.


10:29 Changeset [14045] by ghudson
Don't build mems; it wasn't building right anyway.
10:26 Changeset [14044] by ghudson
Remove one-year-old sources check.


15:16 Changeset [14043] by danw
don't free static memory
15:12 Changeset [14042] by danw
Open stdin, stdout, and stderr at startup if they're closed, rather than requiring them to exist. Makes "zwgc -subfile -" work again.


11:32 Changeset [14041] by danw
enable warnings
11:31 Changeset [14040] by danw
remove configure-rebuilding rule


15:50 Changeset [14039] by danw
add leim, and notes about the emacs/leim interdependency
14:46 Changeset [14038] by ghudson
/usr/tmp -> /var/tmp
10:57 Changeset [14037] by tb
Use correct (/usr/athena/etc/login.krb5) name for the Kerberos login program, not /bin/login.
10:18 Changeset [14036] by tb
"Pull up" removal of file into athena-8_3-linux branch.
10:16 Changeset [14035] by tb
Pull up new files into athena-8_3-linux branch.
10:16 Changeset [14034] by tb
Pull up 1.2 into athena-8_3-linux branch.
10:14 Changeset [14033] by tb
Pull up 1.3 into athena-8_3-linux branch.
10:10 Changeset [14032] by tb
We aren't using newsyslog on Linux/Athena, so drop this config file.
10:03 Changeset [14031]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'athena-8_3-linux'.
10:03 Changeset [14030] by tb
CellServDB, ThisCell, cacheinfo: New files; these are the canonical Linux versions. Check in new kernel modules from Transarc for kernel versions 2.2.10, 2.2.3, and 2.2.5-15.
09:55 Changeset [14029] by tb
Pull up 1.9 into athena-8_3-linux branch.
09:54 Changeset [14028] by tb
Specify exactly which PERL to use so that the pathname gets embedded properly in the installed script.
09:53 Changeset [14027] by tb
Pull up 1.2 into athena-8_3-linux branch.
09:52 Changeset [14026] by tb
Time services conflict with the athena inetd.conf, so turn them off.


15:27 Changeset [14025] by danw
clean up warnings and build with WARN_CFLAGS. (Can't use ERROR_CFLAGS because of lex/yacc usage.) Also, include a prototype for initialize_foo_error_table in the output .c file so it can be compiled with WARN_CFLAGS and ERROR_CFLAGS
15:18 Changeset [14024] by danw
define lsbindir if it's not defined, and AC_SUBST it
15:05 Changeset [14023] by danw
block HUP, INT, QUIT, and TERM while writing to attachtab files to try and prevent attachtab corruption


11:00 Changeset [14022] by danw
make -f work correctly
10:59 Changeset [14021] by danw


10:42 Changeset [14020] by ghudson
openwin and SIG_IGN/SIG_DFL keep us from winning with ERROR_CFLAGS.
10:41 Changeset [14019] by ghudson
Clean up more warnings.


11:23 Changeset [14018] by ghudson
Need pty.h for openpty() on Linux. Clean up warnings.


10:29 Changeset [14017] by ghudson


07:53 Changeset [14016] by ghudson
Fix typo.


08:22 Changeset [14015] by ghudson
Fix typo in timeout.1 installation.


19:03 Changeset [14014] by ghudson
Clean up warnings.
19:02 Changeset [14013] by ghudson
Nuke nanny stuff for IRIX; it was only breaking the build, now that nanny is gone.
19:01 Changeset [14012] by ghudson
Fix DESTDIR support.
13:33 Changeset [14011] by mwhitson
remove athena/bin/xmore
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