16:41 Changeset [14736] by ghudson
Create (rev 1.2) on athena-8_3-linux branch.
14:31 Changeset [14735] by zacheiss
remove S88sendmail so we don't run a sendmail daemon.
14:23 Changeset [14734] by ghudson
Buffer overrun fixes from the krb5 tree.
13:41 Changeset [14733] by ghudson
Add attach.conf to changed config files.
13:40 Changeset [14732] by ghudson
Fix a typo in an error message.
13:38 Changeset [14731] by ghudson
DESTDIR support.
13:38 Changeset [14730] by ghudson
Don't wrap in the middle of addresses.
13:37 Changeset [14729] by ghudson
Document -group changes we made to be compatible with old mh.
13:36 Changeset [14728] by ghudson
Initialize lifetime argument to the default (which is hardcoded in libkrb5, so we just have to be consistent), or we'll get krb4 tickets with indeterminate lifetime.
13:35 Changeset [14727] by ghudson
Make directories before installing into them.
13:34 Changeset [14726] by ghudson
Strip the Red Hat part of the kernel version. This may not be appropriate for all time, but it should make things more convenient for now.
13:22 Changeset [14725] by ghudson
Compile with AFS support, thus using access() instead of a stat test in the builtin test function.
12:00 Changeset [14724] by ghudson
Implement exponential backoff for finding servers.
11:59 Changeset [14723] by ghudson
Get subscriptions without defaults, to avoid re-subscribing the user to the default subs when they run znol.
11:57 Changeset [14722] by ghudson
Clean up by ruid on all platforms, not euid. Otherwise setuid processes don't get cleaned up.
11:49 Changeset [14721] by ghudson
Unset the location before cancelling subs, to avoid a window where a permanent ghost gets left behind.
11:47 Changeset [14720] by ghudson
Check the return value of getm(); it can be NULL if you give it an invalid address.


22:34 Changeset [14719] by rbasch
Remove job which cleans up core and dead.letter files -- it can hang when, for example, a zip disk is forcibly removed.


22:50 Changeset [14718] by ghudson
Make consistent with reality (rd parameter was missing in man page). Noticed by Greg Stark.
22:48 Changeset [14717] by ghudson
Get name right in return values section.


12:20 Changeset [14716] by ghudson
Buffer overrun fixes from the krb5 tree.
11:56 Changeset [14715] by ghudson
Buffer overrun fixes from the krb5 tree.


09:43 Changeset [14714] by rbasch
Remove the aklog for $HOME, superfluous now that Xsession is invoked directly by xlogin, with tokens.
09:40 Changeset [14713] by rbasch
Stat the correct component when descending the path to a directory.


18:27 Changeset [14712] by ghudson
Need to copy rc.conf if we're installing it.
17:44 Changeset [14711] by ghudson
Don't save the whole RPM list line as the filename; we don't want the epoch.
14:19 Changeset [14710] by tb
Fix typo in if test.
13:52 Changeset [14709] by ghudson
In rev 1.3 the wrong black was changed to red. Fix.
13:25 Changeset [14708] by ghudson
Make the resource parsing code more robust in a few ways. Previously xlogin would reference a null pointer if the resource list included a nonexistent file or trailing whitespace.
11:41 Changeset [14707] by tb
Initial version of this file (with no variables in it at all).
11:41 Changeset [14706] by tb
Better than just copying the file by hand is making it %config(noreplace).
11:41 Changeset [14705] by tb
We do want this file installed after all.


14:54 Changeset [14704] by rbasch
Make sure the window system is configured on.


18:08 Changeset [14703] by rbasch
Add /etc/capability.


19:27 Changeset [14702] by ghudson
Add a missing fi.
19:11 Changeset [14701] by ghudson
Add dead files cleanup.
17:57 Changeset [14700] by ghudson
/etc/athena, not /dev/athena.
17:56 Changeset [14699] by ghudson
Add update_ws man page.
16:46 Changeset [14698] by ghudson
Revert to BIND 8.1 configuration.
14:53 Changeset [14697] by ghudson
Add DESTDIR support in selfautofix invocation.
12:37 Changeset [14696] by ghudson
Move config installation back to %build.
11:21 Changeset [14695] by ghudson
Document update_ws.
11:21 Changeset [14694] by ghudson
Add support for ST39120A disks.
11:19 Changeset [14693] by ghudson
Get rid of no-longer-valid cpp link.
11:18 Changeset [14692] by tb
Revert preceding erroneous checkin.
11:17 Changeset [14691] by ghudson
We don't need this file.
11:16 Changeset [14690] by tb
syncconf.sh: Implement AFSSRV and AFSCLIENT.
11:14 Changeset [14689] by tb
No longer inaugurated as a config file; look in the spec files for athena-base and athena-ws now.
11:14 Changeset [14688] by tb
athena-afs: New rc.conf variables AFSSRV, AFSCLIENT, AFSADJUST. athena-base: Inaugurate rc.conf by hand instead of as a config file. athena-ws: Boilerplate rc.conf variables are now here instead of athena-base. all: Don't set rc.conf variables in a %trigger-in; just %post is now ok.
11:13 Changeset [14687] by tb
No longer fetch an rc.conf master.
11:08 Changeset [14686] by tb
Implement the AFSADJUST /etc/athena/rc.conf variable.
11:07 Changeset [14685] by ghudson
Stop installing the nanny script.
10:37 Changeset [14684] by ghudson
No need for sigvec check for AFS any more.
10:33 Changeset [14683] by ghudson
Don't generate an OS statfile any more; we're distributing the OS using native tools.
10:27 Changeset [14682] by ghudson
Don't track /os any more; we're not distributing the os volume that way.
10:25 Changeset [14681] by ghudson
Eliminate trailing space in the IS image list.
10:03 Changeset [14680] by rbasch
Don't move /core.
09:23 Changeset [14679] by ghudson
In Solaris 7, there is a tool "dumpadm" which controls whether savecore runs at boot. Use that tool via syncconf to implement the SAVECORE rc.conf variable instead of installing a modified savecore init.d script.


23:26 Changeset [14678] by ghudson
SAVECORE will be propagated by syncconf now.
11:29 Changeset [14677] by rbasch
Get rid of xdm /etc/rc?.d/[KS]* symlinks.
11:22 Changeset [14676] by ghudson
Specify font resolutions.
10:25 Changeset [14675] by rbasch
mkdir ATHLOGINDIR, not ATHRETCDIR. Correct Xsession mode typo (755, not 655).
10:23 Changeset [14674] by rbasch
Install Xsession in ATHLOGINDIR, not ATHRETCDIR.
10:21 Changeset [14673] by rbasch
Install Xsession in ATHLOGINDIR, not ATHRETCDIR. Fix typo in mkdir of ATHLOGINDIR.
10:18 Changeset [14672] by rbasch
Remove exec_script() diagnostic when the exec fails, since it may be legitimate for the script not to exist.


15:57 Changeset [14671] by ghudson
Check for conflicts properly.
11:12 Changeset [14670] by ghudson
Hack app-defaults to be back in /usr/athena/lib/X11.
10:50 Changeset [14669] by miki
File used by the update process, after AFS is added
10:50 Changeset [14668] by miki
Added update2.sh to be installed in /srvd/install. This file is used by the second stage of the update process
10:35 Changeset [14667] by miki
Two new files - oschanges, os-link-2.6 are added to /srvd/install to help the install/update process
10:34 Changeset [14666] by miki
New file needed by install/update to adjust after adding pkges (add few files locally, remove some harmful files)
10:33 Changeset [14665] by miki
New file needed by the update process to remove all links to /os before adding new pkgs


20:54 Changeset [14664] by zacheiss
Attempt to authenticate to NFS filesystems we attach. Don't report the attach failed if locker_attach() returns EALREADY.
10:07 Changeset [14663] by tb
New program and an RC script to run it automatically at boot.
10:06 Changeset [14662] by tb
athena-ws: install syncconf program. all: Move several %post scripts into %triggerin areas when we use them to bash config files that belong to other packages.
09:51 Changeset [14661] by rbasch
Add Xreset and Xstartup scripts for xlogin.
09:51 Changeset [14660] by ghudson
From kolya: disallow Hesiod environment vars.
09:47 Changeset [14659] by rbasch
Implement invocation of reset and startup scripts, which can be used to grant and reclaim ownership of user (e.g. audio) devices.


15:10 Changeset [14658] by ghudson
Fix a typo.
11:08 Changeset [14657] by rbasch
Install in $lbindir instead of $bindir.
11:02 Changeset [14656] by rbasch
Force ln to overwrite an existing .saved file.


23:00 Changeset [14655] by zacheiss
INFO_DIR needs to point at /usr/athena/share now.
22:13 Changeset [14654] by mwhitson
Add fstype "LOC", which symlinks local filesystem trees.


16:57 Changeset [14653] by ghudson
dm needs a config file.
14:41 Changeset [14652] by ghudson
Oops, kludge using install step, not build step.
13:22 Changeset [14651] by ghudson
Revert revision 1.3; it's inadequate to make the dir file go away, so we have to hack around the problem in the RPM.
13:21 Changeset [14650] by ghudson
Remove the /usr/athena/info/dir file during the build step. (It's really hard to get the tetex build not to create it, and it conflicts with other files.)
10:23 Changeset [14649] by ghudson
Bring back the change from rev 1.2.
00:46 Changeset [14648] by ghudson
Add back the dist target for the new build system.
00:45 Changeset [14647] by ghudson
Revert to what we have in athena 8.3 (i.e. BIND 8.1).


01:33 Changeset [14646] by ghudson
More DESTDIR support: set up paths properly when invoking programs.


11:53 Changeset [14645] by ghudson
Define SUNPLATFORM for setup-swap-boot.
10:32 Changeset [14644] by tb
Don't fail to write pidfile correctly for pids > 999999.


00:22 Changeset [14643] by ghudson
Install in lbindir.


18:53 Changeset [14642] by ghudson
We keep afsd in /etc.
18:42 Changeset [14641] by ghudson
Support -a option, but still let auto_update to work.
16:40 Changeset [14640] by ghudson
nanny cleanup. /etc/init.d/axdm should arguably go into DEADFILES, but we haven't prepared a list of dead files yet, and this way will work for the alpha release.
15:08 Changeset [14639] by ghudson
Don't install a dir file.
14:44 Changeset [14638] by ghudson
Don't install the krb5 libss.
13:43 Changeset [14637] by ghudson
M-x tabify tabified some space pairs after sentence-ending periods. Fix.


19:31 Changeset [14636] by rbasch
Set the default video rate on the Indy as well as the O2.
19:28 Changeset [14635] by rbasch
Install inittab.
17:45 Changeset [14634] by ghudson
Merge local change from src/kadmin/passwd: don't install the krb5 version of kpasswd, since we're still using the krb4 version in the release.
17:26 Changeset [14633] by ghudson
Add rpmupdate to files list.
17:10 Changeset [14632] by ghudson
Hardcode /usr/athena/bin/perl; we don't want to use the build-time path.
16:53 Changeset [14631] by ghudson
Fix typo.
16:51 Changeset [14630] by ghudson
Add attachandrun. attach requires athena/lib/athdir. athena/lib/rkinit needs to be named athena-librkinit, since there is an athena/bin/rkinit.
15:24 Changeset [14629] by ghudson
The new RPM list file format can have epochs after the filenames. Cope with that.
14:13 Changeset [14628] by ghudson
Install new setup-swap-boot script.
14:04 Changeset [14627] by ghudson
Set MINIROOT=true for Solaris. We may need to set other variables; I'm not sure yet.
10:44 Changeset [14626] by ghudson
For AFS 3.6, int32 -> afs_int32


22:31 Changeset [14625] by rbasch
Include all of the standard IRIX options in starting the X server. Specify the font path for xlogin.
22:29 Changeset [14624] by rbasch
Add inittab, which respawns dm on the textport.
16:58 Changeset [14623] by ghudson
Update for AFS 3.6: int32 -> afs_int32, u_int32 -> afs_uint32 Also, before() and dump_volume() are supposed to return int.
16:58 Changeset [14622] by ghudson
Update for AFS 3.6: int32 -> afs_int32


23:40 Changeset [14621] by ghudson
athena-ws needs rpmupdate.c for the update system.
18:32 Changeset [14620] by ghudson
Recognize Solaris 2.7. (Use the 2.6 config file; seems to work fine.)
18:31 Changeset [14619] by ghudson
Nuke getpeername() prototype which conflicts with system's on Solaris 7.
18:05 Changeset [14618] by ghudson
Don't lose if inet_aton is prototyped but not defined.
18:05 Changeset [14617] by ghudson
inet_aton lives in libresolv on Solaris.
17:04 Changeset [14616] by ghudson
rep conflicts with a program in sawmill, and it's not too useful.
17:03 Changeset [14615] by ghudson
Get rid of rep. It conflicts with a program in sawmill (which we may have in 8.5 or so) and probably no one uses it.
16:29 Changeset [14614] by ghudson
Regenerate to get aclocal.m4 fix.
15:56 Changeset [14613] by ghudson
Base configuration afs3.6 2.0
15:50 Changeset [14612] by ghudson
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r14611, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
15:50 Changeset [14611] by ghudson
Base configuration afs3.6 2.0
15:43 Changeset [14610] by ghudson
Sync with AFS 3.6.
15:40 Changeset [14609] by ghudson
Only present as a symlink in AFS 3.6.
15:35 Changeset [14608] by ghudson
Base configuration afs3.6 2.0
15:29 Changeset [14607] by ghudson
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r14606, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
15:29 Changeset [14606] by ghudson
Base configuration afs3.6 2.0
14:50 Changeset [14605] by ghudson
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r14604, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
14:50 Changeset [14604] by ghudson
Base configuration afs3.6 2.0
14:37 Changeset [14603] by ghudson
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r14602, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
14:37 Changeset [14602] by ghudson
Base configuration afs3.6 2.0
11:42 Changeset [14601] by ghudson
Add miniroot support for Solaris. Mostly written by miki, cleaned up by me.
11:41 Changeset [14600] by ghudson
Add miniroot support for Solaris.
11:40 Changeset [14599] by ghudson
Need DESTDIR for a couple of directories.
11:40 Changeset [14598] by ghudson
Communicate DESTDIR to installman.
11:19 Changeset [14597] by ghudson
Revert local change; it's not necessary (and breaks) in perl 5.6.0. Will revert this file to vendor branch.


18:47 Changeset [14596] by ghudson
Make the gcc version checking macro work on gcc 2.95 version strings.
18:46 Changeset [14595] by ghudson
We can't use ERROR_CFLAGS for this package; Solaris 7 can't compile curses-using programs cleanly.
18:45 Changeset [14594] by ghudson
PZERO went away in Solaris 7. Recent beta versions of top seem to just not subtract it out.
18:44 Changeset [14593] by ghudson
Since we're not editing config.sh, we can configure all in one step. This works around a bug where ./Configure -S dies if we don't have a tty.
18:42 Changeset [14592] by ghudson
Restore group file from /srvd at reactivate time, along with passwd and shadow file.
17:18 Changeset [14591] by rbasch
Test for failure to open the passwd file in update_passwd_local().
10:09 Changeset [14590] by tb
Pull up 1.5 (but not 1.4) into athena-8_3-linux branch.
10:07 Changeset [14589] by tb
Pull up 1.4 into athena-8_3-linux branch.
10:03 Changeset [14588] by tb
Execute || tests correctly.
09:38 Changeset [14587] by rbasch
Add support for IRIX capabilities.


18:06 Changeset [14586] by ghudson
Merge the local change from rev 1.2 (communicate DESTDIR to installperl). I'm not sure why I thought it was unnecessary in rev 1.3; it seems to be necessary now.
13:12 Changeset [14585] by ghudson
Fix merge of local changes; we missed fastcwd.


23:15 Changeset [14584] by ghudson
Oops, don't "make depend" during the all step.
23:14 Changeset [14583] by ghudson
The gcc subdir depends on texinfo to build.
22:02 Changeset [14582] by ghudson
Keep app-defaults in /usr/athena/lib/X11/app-defaults for now.
19:07 Changeset [14581] by ghudson
Put -lwrap before confLibs in case libwrap depends on system libraries.
17:50 Changeset [14580] by rbasch
Look up and set user capabilities on IRIX.
17:42 Changeset [14579] by rbasch
Look up and set user capabilities on IRIX. Add use_cache parameter to try_convert524(), set when we have forwarded tickets; when not set, use creds in my_creds. Also added some clean-up. Don't call krb5_cc_destroy() for xtra_creds when the latter is NULL. Set forwarded_v5_tickets instead of got_v5_tickets when have_v5_tickets() returns true.
13:50 Changeset [14578] by ghudson
Disable rules for rebuilding shipped files.
12:28 Changeset [14577] by ghudson
gcc now comes with a bunch of supporting libraries; bootstrapping it is a bit more complicated.


17:19 Changeset [14576] by ghudson
Propagate local changes (this file was third/gcc/Makefile.in).
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