14:12 Changeset [14858] by zacheiss
document -server flag.
13:41 Changeset [14857] by zacheiss
Redo argument parsing, and add a -server option for connecting to a server other than the one specified by the hesiod sloc entry for lert.
13:40 Changeset [14856] by zacheiss
Use the first daemon principal we find in our srvtab instead of hardcoding based on the server name in lert.h.
09:38 Changeset [14855] by ghudson
Ignore stale utmp entries when deciding whether to run reactivate.


23:54 Changeset [14854] by ghudson
Add os checking script.
23:54 Changeset [14853] by ghudson
Move os-checkfiles to packs/maint; still install it here.
23:53 Changeset [14852] by ghudson
Move os-checkfiles here, with some portability cleanups.
23:52 Changeset [14851] by ghudson
Run xss in default xsession.
23:51 Changeset [14850] by ghudson
Allow xscreensaver-button to control an already running xscreensaver process.
23:50 Changeset [14849] by ghudson
Suppress error message which we get spuriously at times.
23:49 Changeset [14848] by ghudson
Give our lpd.conf a different name, to avoid conflicting with the lprng build system.
23:48 Changeset [14847] by ghudson
Rearrange stuff so that ssh keys get nuked on public Linux machines.
23:47 Changeset [14846] by ghudson
Nuke ssh host keys on public machines Don't nuke /usr/local on public machines; Red Hat installs stuff there.


20:50 Changeset [14845] by jweiss
don't strip mit.edu from hostnames when delivering. fixes 17879 (and 17880) in bugs


16:34 Changeset [14844] by ghudson
For Solaris, add the SUNWdtbas package and apply the patches which modify it. It turns out xemacs has some CDE drag and drop support, and breaks without SUNWdtbas.
16:25 Changeset [14843] by ghudson
Add our version of htmlview, taking advantage of local netscape.
16:24 Changeset [14842] by ghudson
We need arch/share/lib. (This adds another 18MB or so to the amount of stuff brought local, but it's necessary, and we still fit in the 100MB we check for.)
16:06 Changeset [14841] by ghudson
Fix a couple of bugs noticed by jmorzins: don't try to cat .syncversion if it doesn't exist, and pull arch/share/bin local.
16:05 Changeset [14840] by ghudson
Install netscape.sh as netscape.
16:04 Changeset [14839] by ghudson
Security fix from the krb5 team.


16:40 Changeset [14838] by rbasch
Disable the R5000 cvt workaround. This is a temporary fix for the AFS problem on R5000 rev 1.x CPU's.


20:27 Changeset [14837] by rbasch
Re-enable midi startup on IRIX.
00:24 Changeset [14836] by ghudson
Quote $UPDATE_ROOT when passing it to drvconfig. Also cd to / if UPDATE_ROOT is empty.


23:13 Changeset [14835] by ghudson
Don't cd with no arguments or to the empty string. Eliminate the second cd; we're still there.
18:29 Changeset [14834] by ghudson
Nuke /usr/athena/info/dir files before creating the file list, or else they'll conflict.
16:11 Changeset [14833] by ghudson
Fix an oops.
15:56 Changeset [14832] by ghudson
We changed a couple of config files.
14:56 Changeset [14831] by jweiss
remove bitnet support, the mailhubs are desupporting it, and it's hurting users.
14:52 Changeset [14830] by ghudson
Always do the chmod last, since Linux will stript the setuid bit on an owner change if the caller of chown() does not have euid zero. (Which is fine for local filesystems, but not fine for AFS.)
14:50 Changeset [14829] by ghudson
Make the screen lock one minute after saving by default.
14:49 Changeset [14828] by ghudson
Point /usr/bin/netscape at /usr/athena/bin/netscape instead of installing an attachandrun script there.
14:49 Changeset [14827] by ghudson
/usr/athena/bin/netscape will now run the local copy of netscape if it is present, and will fall back to the infoagents locker if not.
14:48 Changeset [14826] by ghudson
Add cron job to bring netscape onto local disk nightly.
14:48 Changeset [14825] by ghudson
Add a script to bring netscape onto local disk nightly.
14:47 Changeset [14824] by ghudson
Fix bug in byte-swapping macros where the high bit of the low byte could get sign-extended and wipe out the zero bits in the high bytes of the result.
14:46 Changeset [14823] by ghudson
Do appropriate substitutions in Linux machtype script.
14:45 Changeset [14822] by ghudson
Invoke glib-config at runtime instead of assuming build-time values remain valid after installation.
14:45 Changeset [14821] by ghudson
Add new KDC in gnu.org.
14:44 Changeset [14820] by ghudson
Use strdup() instead of calling malloc() and assuming success.
14:44 Changeset [14819] by ghudson
Prevent buffer overruns when parsing ticket. It may still be possible to make this code run off the end of the data being read, but that is at most a denial of service attack.
14:43 Changeset [14818] by ghudson
Fix off-by-one errors in buffer overrun checks.
14:42 Changeset [14817] by ghudson
Put vi.recover directory in RPM.
12:36 Changeset [14816] by ghudson
Pull up 1.6-1.8 to athena-8_3 branch.


13:33 Changeset [14815] by ghudson
Reference xss-button.
12:27 Changeset [14814] by miki
More "y" needed to install SUNWcsu in the update case.


01:59 Changeset [14813] by jweiss
from kolya, fix quoting for consistency, and so nroff doesn't lose that line


00:02 Changeset [14812] by ghudson
Merge with gtk 1.2.8.


23:58 Changeset [14811]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'gtk-1_2_8'.
23:58 Changeset [14810] by ghudson
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r14809, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
23:58 Changeset [14809] by ghudson
Import of gtk+ 1.2.8
23:55 Changeset [14808]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'glib-1_2_8'.
23:55 Changeset [14807] by ghudson
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r14806, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
23:55 Changeset [14806] by ghudson
Import of glib 1.2.8


18:34 Changeset [14805] by ghudson
Remove a doubled quote. Fix echo statements (was using System V style).
18:24 Changeset [14804] by ghudson
Fix typo in sed command.
15:37 Changeset [14803] by ghudson
$$SRVD, not ${DESTDIR}. Again.
15:25 Changeset [14802] by ghudson
$$SRVD, not ${DESTDIR}.
15:08 Changeset [14801] by ghudson
After installing tetex, configure the paper size and precompile some commonly used bitmap fonts.
14:18 Changeset [14800] by ghudson
We changed /etc/inet/inetd.conf for Solaris. (And the 8.4.0 OS update changed it as well.) Repair some Solaris OS packages which didn't install properly in 8.4.0 or 8.4.1.
14:14 Changeset [14799] by ghudson
Remove /var/sadm/install/contents before adding packages for 8.4, or pkgadd will get confused about some directories not existing.
14:11 Changeset [14798] by ghudson
Log pkgadd error output to /var/athena/update.pkglog instead of discarding it. Use /install/cdrom and /install/patches instead of just /cdrom and /patches, which only exist in the miniroot environment.
14:05 Changeset [14797] by jweiss
replace file with a solaris 7 version (with stuff we don't want commented out)
13:59 Changeset [14796] by ghudson
Remove some new version state files.
13:57 Changeset [14795] by ghudson
Remove version state files in case they got left around after the last update. (Could happen if the update was interrupted, and did happen after 8.4.0/8.4.1 on Solaris due to a bug.)


11:26 Changeset [14794] by rbasch
Remove the pid file upon exit.


11:43 Changeset [14793] by ghudson
Don't rely on the miniroot as much. Don't pass -R "" to patchadd; it's stupid and can't deal.


16:10 Changeset [14792] by tb
Fix typo in redirection.
14:42 Changeset [14791] by tb
Fix typo in sed commands.
10:36 Changeset [14790] by ghudson
Fix typo.
10:05 Changeset [14789] by ghudson
Don't depend on SUNPLATFORM being defined.


23:00 Changeset [14788] by tb
Anchor sed regexps properly.
16:29 Changeset [14787] by ghudson
Don't use files named ?.help. They cause trouble.
14:02 Changeset [14786] by ghudson
Control when to run oschanges using a different variable.
14:02 Changeset [14785] by ghudson
Control when we run oschanges using a separate variable. Run oschanges from the right place.
14:01 Changeset [14784] by ghudson
Remove some additional rc scripts we don't want.
14:00 Changeset [14783] by ghudson
We don't need these files any more.
14:00 Changeset [14782] by ghudson
Clean up old approach we took to some Sun config files which differed between sun4m and sun4u.
13:59 Changeset [14781] by ghudson
Document the OSCHANGES variable.
13:59 Changeset [14780] by ghudson
Repair /usr/lib/cpp if we updated from 8.3 to 8.4.0 already and it's broken. Re-run the oschanges script; it changed, and it didn't get run in the 8.4.0 update due to a pathname mismatch. Update sendmail.cf; the OS update clobbers it, and we forgot to put it in the config file list for 8.4.0.
13:54 Changeset [14779] by ghudson
We don't actually need to define SUNPLATFORM. Set OSCHANGES for both platforms; we now need to set this variable when we modify the OS (or when the oschanges script changes). Nuke /usr/lib/cpp and /usr/ccs/lib/cpp and let SUNWsprot replace them.
12:53 Changeset [14778] by tb
Change how we specify the %files list; saying / is just not kosher so do it with a proper find command and %files -f. athena-ws: also turn on DontZap in the X configuration.
12:53 Changeset [14777] by tb
Change how we specify the %files list; saying / is just not kosher so do it with a proper find command and %files -f.
12:42 Changeset [14776] by ghudson
Revert to Athena 8.2 configuration.


13:39 Changeset [14775] by ghudson
Install the list of links to OS for the update to delete. (Omitted this in the last rev.)
11:41 Changeset [14774] by rbasch
Set DNS timeout to 5 seconds (default is 2 seconds).


20:12 Changeset [14773] by ghudson
Add semicolons so shells can eval the output.
19:43 Changeset [14772] by ghudson
Nail down the size of the tktfilename field in the rkinit_info structure, since the structure gets sent over the wire. This isn't a very good fix, but it solves the problem we're having, and a good fix is too much work right now.


17:58 Changeset [14771] by ghudson
Add -b flag to getcluster. Noticed by jweiss.
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