17:29 Changeset [17539] by rbasch
Be properly defensive about select() returning EINTR.
17:25 Changeset [17538] by rbasch
In crypto_exec_with_passwd(), check for select() returning an error before examining the returned descriptor sets.
17:22 Changeset [17537] by rbasch
Correct the test for select() returning EINTR.


14:37 Changeset [17536] by rbasch
Merge with krb5 1.2.5.
14:34 Changeset [17535] by rbasch
Revert to vendor branch state following merge with krb5 1.2.5.
12:58 Changeset [17534]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'krb5-1_2_5'.
12:58 Changeset [17533] by rbasch
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r17532, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
12:58 Changeset [17532] by rbasch
Import of Kerberos 5 release 1.2.5


15:41 Changeset [17531] by amb
Quiet grep output from a startup test.


21:16 Changeset [17530] by ghudson
Pull up 1.11 to athena-9_0 branch.
17:47 Changeset [17529] by rbasch
Name the shared library file correctly.


10:27 Changeset [17528] by ghudson
voldump is no longer necessary.


14:33 Changeset [17527] by ghudson
We now have athena-openmotif, not athena-motif.
14:32 Changeset [17526] by ghudson
Shell.3 conflicts with perl.
14:31 Changeset [17525] by ghudson
Look in /usr/athena/lib/X11 for system.mwmrc.
10:43 Changeset [17524] by ghudson
Copy from athena-motif.
00:25 Changeset [17523] by ghudson
Things which require motif now require openmotif instead.
00:18 Changeset [17522] by ghudson
Replace motif with openmotif, on a trial basis.
00:18 Changeset [17521] by ghudson
New spec file.


21:58 Changeset [17520]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'openmotif-2_2_1'.
21:58 Changeset [17519] by ghudson
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r17518, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
21:58 Changeset [17518] by ghudson
Import openmotif 2.2.1.


16:38 Changeset [17517] by rbasch
Fix parsing of argument array.


17:03 Changeset [17516] by ghudson
Put only MIT mail inbox in summary. Can't do a count, unfortunately.
16:21 Changeset [17515] by ghudson
Switch to new default mail client, using a dialog to ask which the user prefers.
16:20 Changeset [17514] by zacheiss
Make h_Lookup_r hold hosts it returns so they can't be deleted out from under us.
16:18 Changeset [17513] by ghudson
New spec file.
16:18 Changeset [17512] by ghudson
Add a front-end script to avoid screwing users of sipb pine.
16:17 Changeset [17511] by ghudson
Put MH and Pine mail folders into the folder collections. Suppress welcome message. Formatting adjustment.
16:16 Changeset [17510] by ghudson
Point inbox shortcut at MIT mail inbox.
16:15 Changeset [17509] by ghudson
New program to put up a dialog about the new mail client.


11:23 Changeset [17508] by rbasch
Increase spawn_wait_ms (esd startup timeout) from 100 to 999 msecs. This is the maximum value currently supported by the code.
09:39 Changeset [17507] by miki
create /usr/vice before track 9afsd changed its location from /etc to /usr/vice/etc


16:46 Changeset [17506] by rbasch
Revert to using gcc on IRIX -- we no longer need to work around the emacs problem on IRIX, and changing compilers did not work anyway.
16:44 Changeset [17505] by rbasch
Revert the switch to the native compiler on IRIX -- we no longer need to work around the emacs build problem, and changing compilers did not work anyway.
16:42 Changeset [17504] by rbasch
Remove configure.athena -- we no longer need to work around the emacs problem on IRIX, and switching to the native compiler did not work anyway.
16:37 Changeset [17503] by rbasch
Revert the change to set LD_BIND_NOW for the IRIX build; this workaround is no longer needed, now that the real problem has been fixed (see src/buffer.c, revision 1.2).
14:28 Changeset [17502] by rbasch
Declare ospeed so that it is sized correctly -- speed_t (4 bytes) on Linux, and short (2 bytes) elsewhere.
14:15 Changeset [17501] by rbasch
Don't track /usr/gcc local.
14:13 Changeset [17500] by rbasch
In mmap_enlarge(), don't use the mmap() MAP_FIXED flag. This can replace any existing mapping for the address range (including program text, data, etc.). On IRIX, without MAP_FIXED, the given address is used as a hint; Linux and Solaris currently do not use mmap() for buffers.
09:41 Changeset [17499] by ghudson
New spec file.
09:38 Changeset [17498] by ghudson
Oops, fix requires line for gnome-media.
09:36 Changeset [17497] by ghudson
Add gnome-media package.
09:35 Changeset [17496] by ghudson
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r17495, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
09:35 Changeset [17495] by ghudson
Import gnome-media 1.2.3.
08:26 Changeset [17494] by ghudson
We can't run oafd's subprocesses under dustbuster, since they have no tty (because oafd wants to be a session leader), and for non-X sessions we need the tty to dustbust. Instead, we have modified dustbuster to use kill a process group instead of just the child process, which should take care of oafd's children as well as oafd itself. Since oafd wants to be a session leader and not a process leader, give dustbuster the new "-S" option to use setsid() insead of setpgid().
08:22 Changeset [17493] by ghudson
Start child as process leader, and kill process group to terminate. Right now, this is only relevant to oafd, which spawns subprocesses; the other programs we dustbust don't fork. Add option to start child as session leader instead, since oafd wants to run that way. (Starting it as a process leader would cause its setsid() call to fail.)


10:06 Changeset [17492] by ghudson
Pull up from emacs mainline: compute width properly for fixed-width string fields and multibyte string arguments, or buffer overflow (and consequent abort) may result.
10:04 Changeset [17491] by ghudson
Make sshd not dependent on /usr/athena/lib.


14:19 Changeset [17490] by rbasch
Only get k4 creds when we have successfully gotten k5 creds, or when the user has specified k4 only. Treat initialization errors as fatal, instead of overloading the got_k[45] variables.
02:02 Changeset [17489] by ghudson
Link Athena libraries static to avoid system packs dependency.


18:06 Changeset [17488] by ghudson
Put nautilus back in for IRIX, since it is fixed now.
18:01 Changeset [17487] by ghudson
Add a placebo sendmail on Linux to make emacs and nmh happy.
18:01 Changeset [17486] by ghudson
Sync with Red Hat. Remove backspace hack, keeping only the eight-bit-input hack. (Removing the backspace hack doesn't seem to solve the xterm/tty mismatch; backspace still produces DEL due to *backarrowKey: false. I'm wondering if the tty erase setting being ^H is our fault somehow; need to investigate with stock Red Hat installation.)
17:58 Changeset [17485] by ghudson
Don't strip binaries. We like symbols. Mmm, symbols. Don't adjust the prng commands file; we can't get a good idea about whether a command works or what its entropy is from within the chroot environment.
17:23 Changeset [17484] by ghudson
OS update replaces sendmail.cf and root crontab; replace them back.


18:17 Changeset [17483] by miki
Changes for : we do not install Sparc/4 anymore we get the info abot the gateway, netmasks and netaddr using /etc/athena/netparams need to copy afs kernel module for 32 and 64 bits
18:15 Changeset [17482] by miki
New version for Athena 9.1
13:53 Changeset [17481] by zacheiss
Disable IPv6 support. Solaris maps "localhost" to both the IPv6 loopback (::1) as well as, but we don't enable any IPv6 interfaces, so using "localhost" as your nameserver times out.
13:52 Changeset [17480] by zacheiss
Our ticket filed are named based on the pid of the sshd process; we don't want them to use mktemp() style filenames.
13:51 Changeset [17479] by zacheiss
Add 's' and 'S' to getopt string to support SSHD=switched behavior.
13:50 Changeset [17478] by zacheiss
Need to run choose_afsdoptions() to start afsd with correct arguments.


19:54 Changeset [17477] by zacheiss
Regenerate to pick up local mods.
15:16 Changeset [17476] by amb
Added checks before including non-existent fstab.h under irix, and acquisition of definition of MOUNT_TABLE_PATH from where irix really puts it.
15:14 Changeset [17475] by amb
Add build support under irix by adding checks for fstab.h, which are used in libnautilus-private/nautilus-volume-monitor.c.
15:14 Changeset [17474] by amb
Generated from new configure.in; build support under irix.


13:10 Changeset [17473] by zacheiss
Renamed athena-sshd.rc to athena-opensshd.rc.
13:10 Changeset [17472] by zacheiss
sshd -> opensshd.
13:09 Changeset [17471] by zacheiss
exit 0 from %post stanza like we do in build-package.


23:44 Changeset [17470] by ghudson
Fix some format string mismatches found by gcc.
15:26 Changeset [17469] by zacheiss
/etc/init.d/afs -> /etc/init.d/openafs
15:26 Changeset [17468] by zacheiss
/etc/init.d/afs -> /etc/init.d/openafs /etc/sysconfig/afs -> /etc/sysconfig/openafs
13:25 Changeset [17467] by ghudson
Remove class HS stuff; it doesn't work with modern BIND and we don't really care about it any more.
12:33 Changeset [17466] by ghudson
Fix syntax error.
01:54 Changeset [17465] by ghudson
Fix link order.
01:53 Changeset [17464] by ghudson
isspace wants an unsigned char argument.
01:53 Changeset [17463] by ghudson
Fix install option order.


23:41 Changeset [17462] by ghudson
Disable nautilus on IRIX for now, until it builds there.
11:08 Changeset [17461] by ghudson
Fix krb5 library link order.


11:42 Changeset [17460] by ghudson
Supercedes Garry's change (I submitted this in October 2000, but failed to check it in). On platforms with /os, we want to h2ph /os/usr/include, not /usr/include. Garry's approach would work fine, except on IRIX our symlink farm has some dangling links, which causes errors.


18:47 Changeset [17459] by ghudson
Put back the die() when running transactions fails.
18:30 Changeset [17458] by ghudson
Don't let stock %post scriptlet fail.
18:16 Changeset [17457] by ghudson
Materials for Solaris 8 update.
18:16 Changeset [17456] by ghudson
Use UPDATE_ROOT where appropriate.
18:02 Changeset [17455] by ghudson
Pull up use of "rpmbuild" to Athena 9.0 branch, so we can build 9.0 packages against Red Hat 7.2 rpm stuff for staging rpmupdate. Won't hurt other uses.
16:59 Changeset [17454] by ghudson
Don't install kpasswd; we like the krb5 one.
16:06 Changeset [17453] by ghudson
Fix requirements.
10:18 Changeset [17452] by zacheiss
Include unistd.h for lseek prototype and SEEK_* macros


13:10 Changeset [17451] by ghudson
Configure with sysconfdir=/etc so that we don't have to move named.conf et al.
13:10 Changeset [17450] by ghudson
Don't track over the /usr/vice symlink.
13:09 Changeset [17449] by ghudson
Don't track over the /usr/vice symlink. Track krb5 libraries local so that /bin/login works without AFS.
13:09 Changeset [17448] by ghudson
Make access checks consistent, so that ruid 0 isn't denied access to ticket files not owned by root.
13:08 Changeset [17447] by ghudson
Use correct keyword for launchers.
09:51 Changeset [17446] by zacheiss
Tighten up glob of ssh related files to remove so we don't remove /etc/ssh_config or /etc/ssh_prng_commands.
09:49 Changeset [17445] by zacheiss
Remove a startup message no one has ever cared about.
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