11:11 Changeset [20520] by rbasch
Inaugurate the .athena versions of /etc/athena/athinfo.access and /etc/athena/local-lockers.conf from the 9.3.0 pkg directory if necessary, so we do not replace them needlessly.
11:08 Changeset [20519] by rbasch
For PUBLIC=false machines, replace an existing file which has not been modified locally.


15:13 Changeset [20518] by rbasch
Add mitmailmove, a perl script to move/copy messages between IMAP mailboxes.
15:10 Changeset [20517] by rbasch
Add the xkill-mozilla script to kill all mozilla instances running on the display, and invoke it at the end of Xsession, prior to destroying tokens, to prevent a stale lock file being left in place.


16:09 Changeset [20516] by ghudson
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r20515, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
16:09 Changeset [20515] by ghudson
Import redhat-fonts el3.


13:22 Changeset [20514] by ghudson
Don't build with nls support, since we don't want gmake to build differently depending on whether libintl has been installed.


19:25 Changeset [20513] by rbasch
Remove the hack adding a dependency on MIT-texinfo for any package containing an info file. We will deal with the dependency on install-info by invoking /usr/sfw/bin/install-info in the info class action scripts.
19:20 Changeset [20512] by rbasch
Look for the install-info executable in all of its possible locations, to be consistent with the install script.
19:18 Changeset [20511] by rbasch
Remove any existing target file before copying in the new file, so that we do not fail in overwriting a write-protected file. Look for the install-info executable in all of its possible locations, preferring the Solaris version in /usr/sfw/bin, in case the athena version's prerequisite software is not installed.


15:01 Changeset [20510] by rbasch
Suppress the bogus clientmessage warnings unless we are being verbose; sawfish seems to cause these messages when windows are minimized or unminimized.
14:38 Changeset [20509] by ghudson
Don't set the grenew windows GTK_WINDOW_POPUP; that means they don't get focus under sawfish, and thus you can't type in a password.
14:37 Changeset [20508] by ghudson
Source the system cshrc as well as login, and try the Linux paths as well as the Solaris ones. The primary motivation for this is to get LANG set under Linux (/etc/csh.cshrc is what reads it out of /etc/sysconfig/i18n) before gnome-terminal starts up, so that the default encoding is determined properly.
14:35 Changeset [20507] by ghudson
Add libgsf, a dependency of librsvg.


14:50 Changeset [20506] by rbasch
In openComposeWindow, when there is no attachment (i.e. the "send link" case), and the external.mailto preference is enabled, invoke the external mail application. (Our preference for the external application (evolution) over mozilla's integrated mail client trumps the inconsistency introduced with the cases where there is an attachment, e.g. "send page"; there is no interface for having the external application handle an attachment).
14:34 Changeset [20505] by rbasch
Quote mailbox names in commands sent to the IMAP server (space is a valid character in a mailbox name).
13:29 Changeset [20504] by rbasch
Remove /usr/athena/info/dir from the package database for various packages which erroneously installed the file in previous versions of 9.3.
13:26 Changeset [20503] by rbasch
Update for the new install: mount /usr/vice/cache instead of /var/usr/vice, and remove the /var and /usr entries (multi-partition installs are no longer supported).
13:22 Changeset [20502] by rbasch
Error out if the package directory does not have a .order-version file with size greater than 0.
13:15 Changeset [20501] by rbasch
Changes for the new Solaris install: * Exec finish-install-wrapper from /srvd (since finish-install will overwrite this script). * Run named and config_afs, so that the install can be completed. * Run sh instead of tcsh when the wrapper script cannot be found, since tcsh will not exist now until finish-install runs.
13:06 Changeset [20500] by rbasch
Changes for the new install for 9.3: * Build and install the "fastfs" and "to" binaries; both are needed in generating the miniroot, and fastfs needs to be installed in /srvd/install. * Change ${INSTALL_DEV} to the devices subdirectory of ${INSTALL}, so that a non-standard build does not need to set both values (used in generating the miniroot). * Remove athchanges. * Install the new finish-install-wrapper script. * Make the startup script executable.
12:58 Changeset [20499] by rbasch
Changes to the beginning of the install, in support of the reworked install for 9.3, including: * The startup script is run as an rc2 script, instead of via inittab, * Don't initialize /etc/myIPaddr; the rcS script takes care of that. * Miscellaneous clean-up, including more consistent spacing.
12:50 Changeset [20498] by rbasch
Rework finish-install for 9.3: * Add finish-install-wrapper.sh, to handle the tasks formerly done in the finish-update boot script (since the latter script may be overwritten during finish-install). * Install MIT non-core packages in finish-install. * Set rc.conf variables according to the install.vars file passed from the earlier stage of the install. * Copy the passwd/shadow/group files from AFS. * Perform other end-of-install tasks.
12:41 Changeset [20497] by rbasch
Rework the install for 9.3. Changes here include: * The minimum version to install is 9.0. * Remove all support for multi-partition installs. * Use getcluster and hesinfo to obtain the proper symlinks to the srvd, os, and install volumes. For custom installs, prompt for non-standard values for $SYSLIB and symlink paths. * For 9.3 (or later) custom installs, prompt for values for the PUBLIC, AUTOUPDATE, and RVDCLIENT rc.conf variables, * Use the new filesystem layout for 9.3 or later, i.e. mount /usr/vice/cache instead of /var/usr/vice. * Start afsd with the -afsdb option, so we do not have to maintain a CellServDB file in the miniroot. * For manual partioning, invoke format with the drive as an argument, to avoid entering the disk selection dialog (which errors out now that we run as an rc2 script). Run prtvtoc to display the partition map when format exits, and prompt for confirmation, in case the user tried to invoke the disk selection dialog. * Cosmetic change: Make spacing more consistent.
12:24 Changeset [20496] by rbasch
Rework the install for 9.3, including using pkgadd to install MIT packages, instead of running track. As in the update, packages are split into core and non-core, with only the former getting installed here; finish-install will install the non-core packages, and take care of most of the end-of-install tasks. Other changes include: * Run fastfs to enable delayed I/O on the target root filesystem. * Use the new filesystem layout, i.e. mount /usr/vice/cache instead of /var/usr/vice. * Don't redirect pkgadd error output when installing OS packages; install1.sh will now redirect both descriptors 1 and 2 to the log file. * Use /install/cdrom and /install/patches instead of /cdrom and /patches (install1.sh now sets these up correctly). * Use pkgadd -M (ignore the root's vfstab file). * Use /root/var/athena/install.vars to pass along needed parameters to finish-install. * Make sure we put the fully qualified and unqualified host names into /etc/inet/hosts, allowing for non-mit.edu names. * Run netparams, and use the masks file, from /srvd. * Cosmetic change: make spacing consistent.
12:09 Changeset [20495] by rbasch
Add source for fastfs, which is used to speed up the install by setting delayed I/O on the target root filesystem. Adapted from source which originally came from Usenet.
09:40 Changeset [20494] by rbasch
Handle /usr/athena/info files: remove any generated dir file in the install target, put all info files in the "info" class (whose action scripts will take care of updating the dir file), and add a dependency on MIT-texinfo, which contains the install-info executable.
09:33 Changeset [20493] by rbasch
Add MIT-gettext and MIT-libiconv as prerequisite packages, to ensure that install-info will run.
09:30 Changeset [20492] by rbasch
Add install/remove scripts for the info class, which take care of updating the dir file in the info directory.


15:43 Changeset [20491] by zacheiss
Replace BFSZ with GMS_MAX_MESSAGE_SIZE so that the client and server have the same idea of what the maximum message size is.
15:42 Changeset [20490] by zacheiss
Remove BFSZ, since it was redundant with GMS_MAX_MESSAGE_SIZE.


18:14 Changeset [20489] by rbasch
Ignore the local and fallback files when the "-h <hostname>" option is given.
18:12 Changeset [20488] by rbasch
Kill xscreensaver at session end, so that it does not try to restart when we send it SIGHUP.


22:41 Changeset [20487] by ghudson
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r20486, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
22:41 Changeset [20486] by ghudson
Import libgsf 1.8.2.


17:31 Changeset [20485] by ghudson
al_acct_create no longer takes a cryptpw parameter.
17:29 Changeset [20484] by ghudson
Eliminate the unused cryptpw parameter from al_acct_create.
17:29 Changeset [20483] by ghudson
Bring the ooffice locker local.
17:29 Changeset [20482] by ghudson
Invoke xscreensaver with proper name.
17:26 Changeset [20481] by ghudson
The pixels/npixels return variables to xscreensaver_logo are not optional.
17:25 Changeset [20480] by ghudson
Re-support -no-start-locked, since xscreensaver-button uses it.
17:24 Changeset [20479] by ghudson
Must echo after success or the next message will overwrite ours.
17:24 Changeset [20478] by ghudson
Fix syntax error.
17:23 Changeset [20477] by ghudson
Support $G_USE_HOME_FOR_HOMEDIR to make $HOME override the passwd entry homedir, in case people really want that.
17:20 Changeset [20476] by ghudson
Increase screensaver geometry width to 3200 pixels to account for multi-headed displays.
17:19 Changeset [20475] by ghudson
Remove smmsp from the group file as well as the passwd file.
12:44 Changeset [20474] by rbasch
Quote the mailbox name argument in the EXAMINE command, so we handle names containing a space.
12:42 Changeset [20473] by rbasch
Add jfb to the frame buffers getting a 24-bit default visual.
12:36 Changeset [20472] by rbasch
Remove the hack setting up the /usr/vice -> /var/usr/vice symlink in the install target; new installs will have a saner filesystem layout. Accordingly, adjust the hack of the prototype to recognize /usr/vice instead of /var/usr/vice paths.
12:31 Changeset [20471] by rbasch
Delete the /usr/vice directory entry, so we do not clobber the symlink to /var/usr/vice on machines with the older filesystem layout. Remove the edits for the various /usr/vice/etc config files; those files do not belong to the package.
12:21 Changeset [20470] by rbasch
Add packages for the jfb device driver, in support of the SunBlade 1500's XVR-600 graphics accelerator.


22:40 Changeset [20469] by zacheiss
Add init script to start samba at boot time.
22:39 Changeset [20468] by zacheiss
Add init script to start samba daemons at boot time.
22:39 Changeset [20467] by zacheiss
Add SMBSRV variable.
22:39 Changeset [20466] by zacheiss
Add SMBSRV variable to rc.conf and install an init script to start samba daemons at boot time.


17:06 Changeset [20465] by rbasch
Remove duplicate reference to expand(1).
14:05 Changeset [20464] by zacheiss
Run save_cluster_info at boot time, instead of only out of reactivate.
14:04 Changeset [20463] by zacheiss
Clean up /var/server/usr, since mkserv doesn't update it or care about it anymore.
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