14:05 Changeset [20606] by ghudson
Explicitly unblock signals after forking instead of restoring the signal mask, to compensate for bonobo-activation and liboaf starting us with SIGCHLD blocked.
13:45 Changeset [20605] by rbasch
When m64config fails to configure the card to 1152x900x76 at depth 24, and the card supports depth 24, try to configure it with that depth at the default resolution. If the monitor's supported resolutions are unknown, bypass confirmation to force the depth change.
13:39 Changeset [20604] by rbasch
Cosmetic change only: reformat using our standard spacing.
13:18 Changeset [20603] by ghudson
Run gnome-settings-daemon through bonobo so that we don't continue until all settings have been propagated. Fixes an Xft settings race which could cause the initial gnome-terminal to pick an inappropriate font.


21:21 Changeset [20602] by ghudson
Remove vestigial -n option.
21:21 Changeset [20601] by ghudson
Make zwgc windowgrams refuse keyboard focus.
21:20 Changeset [20600] by ghudson
Make console refuse keyboard focus.
21:19 Changeset [20599] by ghudson
Add a resource to turn off the input windowmanager hint, so that Jets programs can refuse keyboard focus.


10:47 Changeset [20598] by zacheiss
Add 'E' to getopt string.


17:01 Changeset [20597] by rbasch
Fix sendmsg() configuration on Solaris.
16:54 Changeset [20596] by rbasch
Run pkg-prune after updating an existing package, to remove old files.
16:52 Changeset [20595] by rbasch
Run pkg-update to install Athena packages, so that any old files are cleaned up.
16:44 Changeset [20594] by rbasch
Add pkg-update.sh, a script which runs pkgadd to install an Athena Solaris package, and, if updating an existing package, then runs pkg-prune to remove the package's old files.


15:11 Changeset [20593] by rbasch
When closing the connection, set the reference variable $client to undef instead of invoking the DESTROY method explicitly, since perl invokes that destructor automatically at exit, and a second invocation would touch memory which has already been freed. Setting the variable to undef causes perl to do its garbage collection at that point.


09:30 Changeset [20592] by rbasch
Add pkg-prune.sh, a script to prune old files from a package.


18:41 Changeset [20591] by ghudson
Fix the default date format so that "2001" doesn't show up as "201".


17:35 Changeset [20590] by rbasch
Capture any unexpected diagnostic output from the remote ping, and include it in a warning to the user in the lock file dialog. Also, add "-remote" to the recognized options which bypass the check for a running instance, since mozilla should give the same error as any ping failure.
16:22 Changeset [20589] by rbasch
Use "devfsadm -R <root>" to populate device entries correctly in the target root. This (undocumented) option ensures that the device numbers in the target match its name_to_major file.
16:18 Changeset [20588] by rbasch
The default drive on the Sun Fire V440 is c1t0d0.
16:16 Changeset [20587] by rbasch
Disable the brk check in check_for_leaks(). The diagnostic about the brk growing is somewhat disconcerting, and is not all that helpful in finding leaks.


19:06 Changeset [20586] by rbasch
Replace the Adobe Symbol font, which we do not have, with "Standard Symbols L" (a standard Red Hat font), to avoid a complaint about the missing font in Xft-enabled mozilla.
19:01 Changeset [20585] by rbasch
For Xft-enabled mozilla, we need to use a new set of TrueType fonts for MathML. So instead of running the infoagents add-mathml-fonts script, which adds the old fonts to the X server's font path, we now set the FONTCONFIG_FILE variable to point at a fonts.conf file in infoagents, which adds the TrueType fonts' directories to fontconfig's configuration, and then includes the system fonts.conf.
18:54 Changeset [20584] by rbasch
Enable Xft support.
18:51 Changeset [20583] by rbasch
Apply fix from upstream for broken remote command parsing in 1.7.


11:05 Changeset [20582] by rbasch
Use htmlview to browse URLs.


17:12 Changeset [20581] by rbasch
Apply fixes from Xft 2.1.2, to prevent Xft-enabled Mozilla from crashing on Solaris.
17:09 Changeset [20580] by rbasch
Copy the aliases from the Red Hat fonts.conf, since we are using the Red Hat fonts on Solaris.


14:26 Changeset [20579] by zacheiss
Build with tkinter module enabled.


18:28 Changeset [20578] by amb
Make the public workstation verification log remotely available.
18:28 Changeset [20577] by amb
Log verification output to a file for remote examination (via athinfo).
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