13:18 Changeset [20681] by rbasch
Put $(LDFLAGS) first in ALL_LDFLAGS; in particular, put it before LD_SWITCH_SYSTEM_TEMACS, which, on Solaris, puts the X libraries path in the runtime search path. This causes the runtime linker to use the tiff library in /usr/openwin/lib, instead of the correct library in /usr/athena/lib, resulting in a crash when a TIFF image is read.


18:28 Changeset [20680] by rbasch
Remove the (incomplete) setting of MANPATH; we maintain a complete default setting in /etc/man.config.


12:52 Changeset [20679] by rbasch
On Solaris, add /usr/sfw/bin and /usr/sfw/man to the PATH and MANPATH, respectively.
12:50 Changeset [20678] by rbasch
Add /usr/sfw/bin and /usr/sfw/man to the PATH and MANPATH, respectively.
12:49 Changeset [20677] by rbasch
Add /usr/sfw/bin to the PATH.


17:13 Changeset [20676] by zacheiss
Punt athstatic.
17:07 Changeset [20675] by zacheiss
Set sysname list to the value of $ATHENA_SYS and $ATHENA_SYS_COMPAT.
16:51 Changeset [20674] by rbasch
Don't write past the end of the fields array in split_line().
16:50 Changeset [20673] by rbasch
Don't write past the end of the fields array in split_line_lha().
16:49 Changeset [20672] by rbasch
Don't write past the end of the fields array in split_line(). Run "gtar" instead of "tar", applying the upstream "fix" for requiring GNU tar.
12:35 Changeset [20671] by rbasch
Accept message IDs as optional command line arguments. Add --key as an alternate for --search-key. Change send_command() to accept a format string and arguments.
09:49 Changeset [20670] by rbasch
Change "awk -F ." to "awk -F.", as required by the Solaris awk, when parsing the package version to get the major, minor, and revision numbers.


09:35 Changeset [20669] by rbasch
Remove the existing lom drivers before the update, so that the SUNWlomr i.drivers install script reinstalls them properly. This works around a problem in the case where none of the drivers has changed; the script gets confused in this case and ends up blowing away the drivers.
09:27 Changeset [20668] by rbasch
Add mitmailappend to the build.
09:24 Changeset [20667] by rbasch
On Linux, use the invariant path to the java plugin directory in the j2sdk package.


16:44 Changeset [20666] by rbasch
Add mitmailappend, a command which appends a message to an IMAP mailbox.
16:40 Changeset [20665] by rbasch
Change send_command() to accept a format string and arguments, as does Cyrus::IMAP->send(), so that any '%' in the command string is handled properly.
16:30 Changeset [20664] by rbasch
Fork to run the unlock command, especially since we exit after the command finishes.
16:17 Changeset [20663] by rbasch
Add triggers handling changes to the j2sdk rpm: maintain an invariant symlink pointing at the latest version, and make sure that path is set as the choice in the alternatives system for the java and javac link groups.


22:55 Changeset [20662] by ghudson
Move 9.3.12 to 9.3.14 to fix a release fubar.
15:20 Changeset [20661] by zacheiss
Patches for MIT krb5 security advisories 2004-002 and 2004-003.
15:18 Changeset [20660] by zacheiss
Patches to fix krb5 security advisories 2004-002 and 2004-003.
12:00 Changeset [20659] by rbasch
Bug fix: use the correct copy command ("COPY" or "UID COPY") when retrying the copy after creating the target mailbox.


09:20 Changeset [20658] by rbasch
Bomb out on a usage error. Remove "-n" from the usage blurb; that option no longer exists.


01:40 Changeset [20657] by zacheiss
Use get_init_creds() API instead of get_in_tkt() API, so that we can not pass in a prompter function. Prevents ftp session from hanging when PASS command with no arguments is sent.


08:04 Changeset [20656] by rbasch
Remove setting of LD_ASSUME_KERNEL; it was only needed for older versions of Java.
07:59 Changeset [20655] by rbasch
From Xft 2.1.2: Don't walk off the end of the font hash table in XftCharIndex().
07:57 Changeset [20654] by rbasch
From Xft 2.1.2: Note reduction in memory use in XftFontDestroy().


13:47 Changeset [20653] by rbasch
Apply fix from Xft 2.1.2, to ensure enough memory is allocated for font information using either glyph numbering scheme.
09:04 Changeset [20652] by rbasch
Check the ticket state when the warning dialog gets an expose event. This will force the dismissal of the warning in the case where xscreensaver renews tickets in unlocking the screen.


16:19 Changeset [20651] by rbasch
Add the directories containing the native Solaris Asian language TrueType fonts.
16:17 Changeset [20650] by rbasch
Install the native Solaris Asian Language TrueType font packages.
16:05 Changeset [20649] by rbasch
Note that we deliberately do not include TrueType (*.ttf) font files due to licensing issues.
16:00 Changeset [20648] by rbasch
desync local-lockers over 4 hours instead of 2, to help reduce the chance of overloading file servers.


02:18 Changeset [20647] by zacheiss
Assorted security patches.


18:44 Changeset [20646] by ghudson
Add examples of how to properly configure software for lockers. Remove the suggestions on volume management since even the biggest of lockers fit handily in a single AFS volume these days.
17:49 Changeset [20645] by rbasch
Change the default application for application/msword documents to OpenOffice.
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