10:38 Changeset [21167] by rbasch
Remove the setting of history to 20; the default history size of 100 is more reasonable.
10:37 Changeset [21166] by rbasch
Remove the setting of HISTSIZE to 20; the default history size of 500 is more reasonable.


20:27 Changeset [21165] by ghudson
Pull up 1.34 to athena-9_3 branch.
17:19 Changeset [21164] by zacheiss
Only set soft coredumpsize limit, so that the user can increase it if they want to.
12:57 Changeset [21163] by rbasch
Install Solaris kernel patch 117171-12.
02:00 Changeset [21162] by zacheiss
Fixes for recent crashes caused by Windows clients making many connections to a fileserver. Pullups from OpenAFS 1.2.13.


07:18 Changeset [21161] by ghudson
Build pkgconfig on Linux, so that builds with the standard user environment can find Athena libraries with pkginfo information.


09:37 Changeset [21160] by rbasch
Fix substitution of the PATH variable on Sun.


12:17 Changeset [21159] by ghudson
Fix up path-setting, and use the native compiler if present for "all" as well as "prepare".


12:12 Changeset [21158] by ghudson
Revert accidental pullup on athena-9_3 branch.
00:14 Changeset [21157] by ghudson
Point athena-9_3 branch build scripts at source-9.3 locker.
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