17:59 Changeset [22534] by ghudson
Move the exception list processing to a file in the config directory.
17:58 Changeset [22533] by ghudson
Reorganize the code to make it easier to factor out the exception list processing.
17:56 Changeset [22532] by ghudson
Default to using outgoing.mit.edu for mail to mit.edu addresses, even for unauthenticated mail. Determine whether or not to do direct delivery in sendmail-relay-select, not in the sendmail wrapper.
17:50 Changeset [22531] by ghudson
Use rxkad 2b authentication to get tokens, unless use-krb4 is specified in attach.conf.
17:29 Changeset [22530] by rbasch
Create /etc/group.local.
17:15 Changeset [22529] by rbasch
Add a version script to update the Firefox package from mozilla.org.
17:13 Changeset [22528] by rbasch
Add .desktop files for ivview and freewrl.
17:12 Changeset [22527] by rbasch
On Linux, parse the correct (version-dependent) library directory path from Red Hat's wrapper, now that we are switching to a RHEL RPM; fall back to using the most recently modified directory containing a firefox binary. Rework the lock file logic, so that a) we handle an old symlink-based lock left by a pre-1.5.0 firefox, and b) we never proceed to start firefox without disposing of the relevant lock(s).
17:05 Changeset [22526] by rbasch
Add attachandrun scripts for ivview and freewrl.


17:08 Changeset [22525] by rbasch
Open the lock file read-only, since we are not setting a lock. Also remove the extraneous mode parameter in the open().
17:06 Changeset [22524] by rbasch
Invoke mozilla-xremote-client via run-mozilla.sh, so that the environment is set up properly.


13:15 Changeset [22523] by ghudson
Allocate the correct amount of memory for command-line messages.
13:12 Changeset [22522] by ghudson
Replace clean_tmp_areas.sh with a perl script which avoids cleaning files owned by logged-in users.


19:37 Changeset [22521] by ghudson
Fix some rules for installing files from the source tree.
19:29 Changeset [22520] by ghudson
Fix various warnings.
19:27 Changeset [22519] by ghudson
Rename krb5_context variable to v5context for sanity.
19:17 Changeset [22518] by ghudson
Add gaim-encryption package.
19:14 Changeset [22517] by ghudson
Add a quota warning dialog, replacing the mailquota invocation.


19:14 Changeset [22516] by rbasch
Remove /srvd/patch from the PATH on Linux.
19:10 Changeset [22515] by rbasch
Add an attachandrun script for realplay.
19:08 Changeset [22514] by rbasch
Add realplay to the MIME handling system.
15:21 Changeset [22513]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'gaim-encryption-2_38'.
15:21 Changeset [22512] by ghudson
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r22511, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
15:21 Changeset [22511] by ghudson
Import gaim-encryption 2.38.


19:38 Changeset [22510] by rbasch
Remove the setting of startup.homepage_override_url. The preference will continue to be set to point here, though, thus causing firefox to skip the override entirely, as we intend.


15:54 Changeset [22509] by ghudson
From Daniel Richard G: Use ${srcdir} when installing files from the source directory.
15:53 Changeset [22508] by ghudson
Properly quote function names in definitions.


09:52 Changeset [22507] by rbasch
Include inet6 as well as inet sockets in "listeners" output.
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