09:54 Changeset [22550] by rbasch
Enable the delete menu item by default in nautilus.


09:13 Changeset [22549] by rbasch
Install Sun patch 119059-17.


15:21 Changeset [22548] by rbasch
Remove the Firefox language pack extensions, to work around the excessive delay at start-up caused by the repeated rewriting of the user's extensions cache file when she runs Firefox on a different machine from the previous run.


14:08 Changeset [22547] by rbasch
Use nawk instead of awk on Solaris (old awk bombs on the check of which type of profile lock is held).
14:07 Changeset [22546] by ghudson
Don't try to remove the top-level directory we're searching in. Remove the ps_data check; it is no longer needed (and was broken).
14:06 Changeset [22545] by ghudson
Change the way we handle the kernel-smp module so that we can downgrade kernel modules in a release without breaking SMP machines.
14:05 Changeset [22544] by ghudson
Allow users to turn off quota warning dialogs by setting skip_quotawarn.


14:29 Changeset [22543] by rbasch
Make the text in warning, error, question, and info dialogs selectable, so that users can cut and paste it.


21:35 Changeset [22542] by ghudson
From jhawk: add back the domain_realm mappings for the WIN.MIT.EDU realm.


10:16 Changeset [22541] by jweiss
error checking so that we don't put up bogus warnings if we don't get output from quota or mailquota (such as if the user's post office is not contactable)
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