17:42 Changeset [22661] by ghudson
Bump version since 1.5.1 is out. (Supercedes previous commit.)
17:37 Changeset [22660] by ghudson
Bump release number for build against JDK 1.5.0_12.
17:19 Changeset [22659] by rbasch
Trust the MIT identity provider (in the web authentication pilot) for HTTP/SPNEGO.
16:41 Changeset [22658] by amb
Adds krb5 forwards- and backwards-compatability to the discuss client and server.
16:13 Changeset [22657] by amb
Fix typo and neaten output.
16:12 Changeset [22656] by amb
Updates to run the proprietary X driver install/maintenance script at boot.
15:47 Changeset [22655] by amb
Properly turn on DontZap if a ServerFlags section already exists. Remove permissions entry for DRI.
15:46 Changeset [22654] by amb
Install proprietary ATI drivers on PUBLIC=true machines.


19:24 Changeset [22653] by rbasch
Apply Sun patch 119059-30.


09:20 Changeset [22652] by rbasch
Update to
09:19 Changeset [22651] by rbasch
Update Firefox (to


13:26 Changeset [22650] by rbasch
Apply two more Sun security patches.
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