15:55 Changeset [22679] by ghudson
Add Ubuntu single-package build script and supporting files. * ubuntu/build/build.sh: The build script. * ubuntu/build/aclocal.m4: Athena aclocal file, copied from packs/build. * ubuntu/build/install-sh, ubuntu/build/mkinstalldirs: Standard autoconf supporting scripts which rarely change between revs.


13:16 Changeset [22678] by amb
* athena/bin/getcluster/getcluster.c (main): Report public-linux cluster info for linux machines that don't have any other cluster info defined.
13:12 Changeset [22677] by amb
Add an "xconf" athinfo query to return the X configuration file on public machines. * packs/config/os/linux/athinfo.defs: Add new query. * ahtena/bin/athinfo/athinfo.1: Document new query.
12:53 Changeset [22676] by amb
* packs/maint/os/linux/fix-xconfig.sh: Switch public machines with the wide-screen Dell display to use 1680x1050 instead of the 1280x1024 default.
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