22:45 Changeset [22719] by tabbott
In gdm-config: * New version using graphical theme. * Use gdm.conf-custom instead of gdm.conf when it exists in order to support Ubuntu.
22:38 Changeset [22718] by tabbott
In pam-config: * Only set XAUTHORITY in /etc/pam.d/ssh due to gdm problems. * Correctly clean auto-generated debian/access.conf.debathena * Replace pam_xauthority.so with more general pam_mktemp.so * Use pam_mktemp.so to create/set ATHENA_SESSION_TMPDIR * Use nss_nonlocal 1.3 to give better /etc/security/access.conf default for private workstations: access is allowed if and only if the user has a local account on the system
22:35 Changeset [22717] by tabbott
In nsswitch-config: * require libnss-nonlocal (>=1.3~) for the nss-local-users group.
22:25 Changeset [22716] by tabbott
Set maintainers for PAM/NSS modules in debathena section to debathena@mit.edu.
22:23 Changeset [22715] by tabbott
libpam-mktemp is a new module generalizing libpam-xauthority and is intended to replace it; it can also be used to handle ATHENA_SESSION_TMPDIR.
22:12 Changeset [22714] by tabbott
In libnss-nonlocal: * Have initgroups() only add nonlocal groups to nonlocal users. * If a group called nss-local-users exists, add local users to it. * If a group called nss-nonlocal-users exists, add nonlocal users to it. * Create nss-local-users and nss-nonlocal-users at installation.
01:58 Changeset [22713] by andersk
Fall back to port 2100 if getservbyname fails. * discuss/include/config.h.sed: Define DISCUSS_FALLBACK_PORT. * discuss/server/rpproc.c, discuss/libds/res_module.c: Use DISCUSS_FALLBACK_PORT.


12:29 Changeset [22712] by ghudson
* debathena/scripts/dasource: If updating an existing checkout, clean out any changed or stray files so that the orig tarball reflects what is in the repository.


17:07 Changeset [22711] by ghudson
* debathena/scripts/packages: Add debathena-build-common.
17:07 Changeset [22710] by ghudson
Add a new package debathena-build-common containing rules to build Athena source directories.


18:15 Changeset [22709] by ghudson
* athena/xcluster/net.c: Fall back to hardcoded port if getservbyname fails. Patch by broder.


15:55 Changeset [22708] by tabbott
In ssh-client-config: * Eliminate all GSSAPIAuthentication lines in /etc/ssh/ssh_config before adding the right version, to avoid duplicates.
15:42 Changeset [22707] by tabbott
In afs-config: * Restart AFS so AFS comes up correctly at installation, but don't let installation fail if AFS can't restart because it was already running.
12:56 Changeset [22706] by ghudson
* debathena/scripts/dasource: Build unsigned source packages. Handle Debian version components by creating an original tarball without the debian subdir. Add comments for clarity.
00:15 Changeset [22705] by tabbott
Note these changes only affect debathena-standard configurations.


16:54 Changeset [22704] by ghudson
* debathena/scripts/dasource: New script to create source checkouts and packages. * debathena/scripts/packages: New supporting file mapping package names to pathnames.


14:59 Changeset [22703] by ghudson
Snapshot the source materials for the manual-config packages, from /mit/debathena/packages/manual-config.
14:56 Changeset [22702] by ghudson
Snapshot the scripts used to build OpenAFS kernel modules, from /mit/debathena/packages/third/openafs.


11:20 Changeset [22701] by ghudson
Remove trunk/CVSROOT, a vestige from the CVS conversion.
03:24 Changeset [22700] by ghudson
Allow apt repository location to be specified with $DEBATHENA_APT. The default value is the old hardcoded location /mit/debathena/apt. * debathena/scripts/dadch, debathena/scripts/daequivsupload, debathena/scripts/daupload-release: Set default value of $DEBATHENA_APT and use it in place ot /mit/debathena/apt.


16:44 Changeset [22699] by ghudson
Snapshot the Debathena materials for Athena packages into "debian" subdirs of the relevant Athena sources, pulling from /mit/debathena/packages/athena. Some big caveats: - Six Debathena packages are excluded because the current Athena 10 project plan does not call for building them: config-console console, dotfiles, glue, olc, and xscreensaver. (dotfiles and glue will be replaced with new Debathena-specific packages.) - Debathena does not cover all Athena packages which are called for to be built; Debian directories for these packages will have to be created. - Some of the packages contain patches, managed by quilt. The plan is to review and apply (or otherwise address) these patches and eliminate them. - The debian/rules files for Debathena packages are designed for use with the result of the athena-tarball script (from /mit/debathena/packages/athena/bin which I don't currently plan to import), and will not work with the raw source directories. The plan here is to write a CDBS extension package containing rules to handle raw Athena source directories, and then modify the rules files appropriately.
15:44 Changeset [22698] by ghudson
Snapshot some of the Debathena third-party package materials. This commit only covers the packages which use the debathenificator framework (bash, tcsh, krb5).


00:41 Changeset [22697] by andersk
* Eschew /bin/athena paths. * Trivial argument order change for consistency.
00:22 Changeset [22696] by andersk
Select the Noninteractive debconf frontend in the build chroots.


13:34 Changeset [22695] by ghudson
Move directories from trunk to attic if we do not expect to build them for Athena 10 and do not believe we are the upstream source code maintainer of the relevant Debian package.


16:19 Changeset [22694] by ghudson
* debathena/meta/common: Snapshot common materials used by equivs-built meta packages, from /mit/debathena/packages/meta/common.
15:59 Changeset [22693] by ghudson
* debathena/meta: Snapshot config package sources from /mit/debathena/packages/meta.
13:12 Changeset [22692] by ghudson
Document build server scripts. * debathena/scripts/build-server/policy-rc.d, debathena/scripts/build-server/make-chroot: Comment.


12:20 Changeset [22691] by ghudson
* debathena/scripts/upgrade-schroot: When passed multiple arguments, use each argument in turn, rather than the first argument several times.
12:19 Changeset [22690] by ghudson
* debathena/scripts/all-schroots: Clarify source vs. ephemeral chroots.


14:15 Changeset [22689] by ghudson
* debathena/NOTES: New file documenting contents and current Debathena procedures.


11:53 Changeset [22688] by ghudson
Add leading comments documenting (hopefully correctly) the scripts snapshotted from /mit/debathena/bin. * debathena/scripts/dadch, debathena/scripts/clean-schroot, debathena/scripts/da, debathena/scripts/daequivsupload, debathena/scripts/upgrade-schroot, debathena/scripts/daupload-release, debathena/scripts/sbuildhack, debathena/scripts/all-schroots: Comment.


13:23 Changeset [22687] by ghudson
Snapshot scripts from /mit/debathena/bin and /mit/debathena/machines/awesome-build-server.
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