18:23 Changeset [22772] by ghudson
Creating an LVM snapshot can corrupt kernel memory; see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.22/+bug/196784 for details. That's kind of alarming, but in practice we mostly only see this in the form of corrupting the page cache for the files we put into /tmp when running debathenificator. Work around this problem by setting up the temporary directory after creating the session chroot. * debathena/third/common/debathenificator.sh: Set up $tmpdir after creating the session chroot.


03:10 Changeset [22771] by ghudson
* debathena/third/common/debathenificator.sh: Use explicit session creation and destruction to avoid the need for an su inside the chroot.


23:01 Changeset [22770] by ghudson
dpkg-source no longer includes a "Description" header in source changes files, but reprepro still requires it. Until reprepro is fixed, workaround the problem with an ignore option. Also see: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=465831 * debathena/third/common/debathenificator.sh: Pass --ignore=missingfield to reprepro.
22:14 Changeset [22769] by tabbott
The last checkin broke 'adduser <user> <group>' where <group> is a local group and <user> is a nonlocal user. *debathena/config/nsswitch-config/debian/adduser.debathena: Check which mode adduser is running in by parsing its arguments, and don't set NSS_NONLOCAL_IGNORE in the 2-argument adduser mode.
21:27 Changeset [22768] by tabbott
Make it possible to add new users/groups with the same name as Athena users and groups. * debathena/libnss-nonlocal/: If NSS_NONLOCAL_IGNORE is set, pretend that nonlocal information doesn't exist. * config/nsswitch-config/debian/: Divert and wrap adduser, useradd, groupadd, addgroup, dpkg to set NSS_NONLOCAL_IGNORE when adding new accounts both manually and when installing new packages.


18:12 Changeset [22767] by ghudson
* debathena/scripts/dasource: Tighten up the pattern used to look for checkouts, since binary package names may match $pkgname-*.
17:13 Changeset [22766] by tabbott
Use -I.svn rather than -I in dasource so that it works on etch.
16:55 Changeset [22765] by ghudson
* debathena/third/debathenificator.sh: The user's shell may not exist in the chroot, so pass --shell=/bin/sh to the su command. Also, the user's .devscripts may not be findable in the chroot (or may not be set up at all), so pass -sa -us -uc -i -I.svn to debuild -S as we do in dasource.


15:41 Changeset [22764] by ghudson
* debathena/NOTES: Add overall instructions on bootstrapping an apt repository. Need "$interval 0" in approx config on a gutsy build host. Fix typo in lvremove instructions. Add instructions on setting up a build area.
15:21 Changeset [22763] by ghudson
* debathena/third/common/debathenificator.sh: Allow apt repository location to be overridden by $DEBATHENA_APT.


15:59 Changeset [22762] by ghudson
Make authwatch build with sbuild. * athena/bin/authwatch/debian/control.in: Add dependencies on libgtk2.0-dev and pkg-config.


03:17 Changeset [22761] by andersk
Explicitly allow root and (on Ubuntu) admin in addition to nss-local-users.
03:16 Changeset [22760] by andersk
Guard against multiple inclusions.


23:34 Changeset [22759] by tabbott
The last nsswitch commit was an intermediate version. Here's the version that actually works.
23:14 Changeset [22758] by tabbott
In nsswitch-config: * Use debathena-replace-conffiles interface from config-build-common 3.7. This should make this actually build.
23:12 Changeset [22757] by tabbott
A new version of debathena-config-build-common that fixes several problems with the DEBATHENA_REPLACE_CONFFILES interface.
21:08 Changeset [22756] by andersk
* pam_mktemp.c: Accept dir, not dir*. * debian/control.in: Clarify description.
19:40 Changeset [22755] by andersk
Bug fixes and cleanups. (1.3 was never released due to critical bugs.)


19:18 Changeset [22754] by tabbott
Set hardy tag to a beta value, since Hardy isn't released yet.
18:18 Changeset [22753] by tabbott
Fix debathena-lprng-config so that lpc and other authenticated operations work. * lpd.conf.debathena: Add pass_env=KRB5CCNAME


14:33 Changeset [22752] by ghudson
Fix a debthena-athena-libraries build failure on dapper-amd64. * debathena/meta/athena-libraries/debian/rules: Don't run aptitude with no arguments.


17:41 Changeset [22751] by ghudson
* debathena/scripts/daupload-release: Fix typo.


15:45 Changeset [22750] by ghudson
* debathena/scripts/all-packages: New script to output package names in dependency order.
15:32 Changeset [22749] by ghudson
* debathena/config/gnome-config: Remove for now; this package has not been deployed and is in an unfinished state.
12:48 Changeset [22748] by ghudson
Fixes for r22739. * debathena/scripts/da, debathena/scripts/daequivsupload, debathena/scripts/daupload-release, debathena/scripts/all-schroots: Use "." instead of "source". The latter is a csh-ism and will not work in /bin/sh on (at least) Gutsy. debathena/scripts/sbuildhack, debathena/scripts/SbuildHack.pm: Pass the NMU tag in as an environment variable, since the useful value of $0 is long gone by the time we execute a shell command inside the sbuild perl script, making it hard to find debian-versions.sh.


22:47 Changeset [22747] by ghudson
* debathena/meta/libreadline: Snapshot from Debathena.
22:46 Changeset [22746] by ghudson
* debathena/meta/libreadline: Remove. This was accidentally committed as a file rather than a directory.


18:04 Changeset [22745] by ghudson
* debathena/scripts/gen-packages: New file to generate packages. * debathena/scripts/dasource: Expect to find packages in cwd. * debathena/scripts/packages: Remove.
12:26 Changeset [22744] by ghudson
* debathena/NOTES: Add step to apply new 10mount.patch to get AFS mounted inside build chroots.
12:22 Changeset [22743] by ghudson
* debathena/NOTES: Update build server notes to point at the Athena 10 apt repository, and to reference debian-versions.sh instead of all-schroots.
10:44 Changeset [22742] by ghudson
* debathena/scripts/dasource: Fix the handling of invalid options.
00:32 Changeset [22741] by ghudson
Add libpam-mktemp.


23:51 Changeset [22740] by tabbott
revert minor change while debugging last checkin.
23:30 Changeset [22739] by tabbott
Centralize database of Debathena supported codenames and their tags into a new script, debian-versions.sh. Many scripts can be cleaned up substantially once we drop sarge support.
18:57 Changeset [22738] by tabbott
Build server should mount /afs inside schroots. Though in the current Lenny schroot, there's a better change.
12:36 Changeset [22737] by ghudson
* debathena/scripts/packages: Add authwatch.


21:07 Changeset [22736] by tabbott
Package authwatch for Debathena.
13:26 Changeset [22735] by ghudson
Remove quilt patch for getcluster since it was applied upstream in CVS. * athena/bin/getcluster/debian/patches: Remove. * athena/bin/getcluster/debian/rules: Don't need quilt any more. * athena/bin/getcluster/debian/changelog: Bump version. * athena/bin/getcluster/debian/control: Regen (no quilt deps).
12:03 Changeset [22734] by ghudson
* debathena/debathena/build-common: Remove; we decided to go with a transform step (debathena/scripts/daconfiscate) instead of a custom rules file for un-autoconfiscated Athena sources.


16:25 Changeset [22733] by tabbott
Include transform_afs.conf.debathena.


21:33 Changeset [22732] by tabbott
* debathena/config/config-build-common/debathena-divert.mk: Actually make debathena-divert.mk divert everything in DEBATHENA_REPLACE_CONFFILES (before I only had divert.sh.in added to every package with a nonempty DEBATHENA_REPLACE_CONFFILES).
18:24 Changeset [22731] by tabbott
In pam-config: * Make access.conf.append mimic Athena workstations more closely.
13:15 Changeset [22730] by ghudson
* debathena/scripts/daupload-release: Factor out the base of the source changes file into a variable so that we don't have to keep calculating it.


13:43 Changeset [22729] by ghudson
* debathena/NOTES: Document build server setup.
13:40 Changeset [22728] by ghudson
* debathena/scripts/build-server/packages: Alphabetize. Add approx. Remove cvs and rpm since they were used for dealing with Athena 9.4 materials.
13:37 Changeset [22727] by ghudson
Support volume groups other than "dink" on build servers. * debathena/scripts/clean-schroots, debathena/scripts/build-server/make-chroot: Allow VG environment variable setting to override the hardcoded /dev/dink.


21:34 Changeset [22726] by ghudson
* debathena/scripts/dasource: Don't create an orig archive if the package version contains no Debian component. We were checking that prior to r22720 but that check was removed due to confusion on my part. We need it for the config and meta packages which are Debian-native.
21:30 Changeset [22725] by tabbott
Make debathena-workstation only include packages that exist. I'm not bumping the version number because it's never been built before.
21:13 Changeset [22724] by tabbott
In ldap-config: * Use new debathena-replace-conffiles interface.
21:12 Changeset [22723] by tabbott
In afs-config: * Use new debathena-replace-conffiles system. * Correctly remove afs.conf.debathena on clean.
21:12 Changeset [22722] by tabbott
In nsswitch-config: * Use debathena-replace-conffiles interface.
21:09 Changeset [22721] by tabbott
In config-build-common: * Add new debathena-replace-conffiles.mk, a more user-friendly wrapper for debathena-check-conffiles.mk and debathena-divert.mk. * Change debathena-check-conffiles.mk to allow checking md5sums of packaged files which are not marked as configuration files (e.g. /etc/adduser/adduser.conf). * Change debathena-divert.mk to not set DEBATHENA_DIVERT_SUFFIX unless it is not already set. * Change debathena-divert.mk to support adding Provides: and Conflicts: lines for each diverted configuration file. * Change debathena-divert.mk to divert everything in DEBATHENA_REPLACE_CONFFILES.
14:17 Changeset [22720] by ghudson
Create an autoconfiscation transform step for Athena source trees before the orig archive is created. * debathena/scripts/mkinstalldirs, debathena/scripts/install-sh: Copies from automake 1.10 so that we aren't dependent on a specific version of automake. * debathena/scripts/aclocal.m4: The Athena aclocal.m4, resurrected from the attic. * debathena/scripts/daconfiscate: New script to copy in boilerplate and generate configure for Athena source directories. * debathena/scripts/dasource: Invoke daconfiscate for athena packages. Also, avoid creating conflicting orig archives by (1) leaving alone an existing orig archive and (2) searching the apt repositories for an orig archive before generating one.


22:45 Changeset [22719] by tabbott
In gdm-config: * New version using graphical theme. * Use gdm.conf-custom instead of gdm.conf when it exists in order to support Ubuntu.
22:38 Changeset [22718] by tabbott
In pam-config: * Only set XAUTHORITY in /etc/pam.d/ssh due to gdm problems. * Correctly clean auto-generated debian/access.conf.debathena * Replace pam_xauthority.so with more general pam_mktemp.so * Use pam_mktemp.so to create/set ATHENA_SESSION_TMPDIR * Use nss_nonlocal 1.3 to give better /etc/security/access.conf default for private workstations: access is allowed if and only if the user has a local account on the system
22:35 Changeset [22717] by tabbott
In nsswitch-config: * require libnss-nonlocal (>=1.3~) for the nss-local-users group.
22:25 Changeset [22716] by tabbott
Set maintainers for PAM/NSS modules in debathena section to debathena@mit.edu.
22:23 Changeset [22715] by tabbott
libpam-mktemp is a new module generalizing libpam-xauthority and is intended to replace it; it can also be used to handle ATHENA_SESSION_TMPDIR.
22:12 Changeset [22714] by tabbott
In libnss-nonlocal: * Have initgroups() only add nonlocal groups to nonlocal users. * If a group called nss-local-users exists, add local users to it. * If a group called nss-nonlocal-users exists, add nonlocal users to it. * Create nss-local-users and nss-nonlocal-users at installation.
01:58 Changeset [22713] by andersk
Fall back to port 2100 if getservbyname fails. * discuss/include/config.h.sed: Define DISCUSS_FALLBACK_PORT. * discuss/server/rpproc.c, discuss/libds/res_module.c: Use DISCUSS_FALLBACK_PORT.
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