11:41 Changeset [22798] by ghudson
* debathena/debathena/dotfiles: Copy packs/dotfiles back from the attic and import the Debathena packaging materials. The goal is to simplify this source tree by eliminating multi-OS concerns, but starting from the existing tree seems easiest.


21:49 Changeset [22797] by tabbott
- athena/bin/firefox-wrapper/firefox.sh: revert to running /usr/bin/firefox.debathena-orig (rather than $firefox_libdir/firefox) so that the script works on Debian.
21:18 Changeset [22796] by tabbott
Here are the changes that were supposed to be in r22794
21:09 Changeset [22795] by tabbott
Add a changelog to the last commit.
21:07 Changeset [22794] by tabbott
Make the firefox wrapper actually work * firefox.sh: Fix typo in test for distribution. * debian/rules: remove unecessary lsb_release code, now that the relevant distribution test is in firefox.sh. * debian/control.in: move lsb_release from build-depends to depends.


18:06 Changeset [22793] by tabbott
Move the dependency on debathena-lprng-no-server-config to a more reasonable place * meta/workstation/debathena-workstation.equivs: remove Depends: debathena-lprng-no-server-config * config/lprng-config/debian/control.in: Add Recommends: debathena-lprng-no-server-config


19:14 Changeset [22792] by rbasch
* athena/lib/firefox-extension/Makefile.in: Restore the setting of libdir (removed in r22776).


23:09 Changeset [22791] by ghudson
* debathena/third/common/debathenificator.sh: Make "./debathenify-foo source binary upload" work by returning rather than exiting when cmd_source decides not to act.
22:40 Changeset [22790] by ghudson
* debathena/third/cyrus-sasl2-mit/debian: Import from Debathena package. Based on the defunct Debian cyrus-sasl2-mit package materials, with substantial modification. * debathena/third/cyrus-sasl2-mit/debathena-cyrus-sasl2-mit: Debathenificator-style script to create the packages. Does not use the debathenificator back end since we're not directly modifying a native system package.


19:29 Changeset [22789] by rbasch
Add packaging for Debathena. * athena/bin/saferm/debian: New directory * athena/bin/saferm/debian/changelog: New file * athena/bin/saferm/debian/control: New file, generated from control.in * athena/bin/saferm/debian/control.in: New file * athena/bin/saferm/debian/copyright: New file * athena/bin/saferm/debian/rules: New file
13:31 Changeset [22788] by tabbott
debathena/NOTES: Correct typo in schroot PAM session workaround.


10:41 Changeset [22787] by ghudson
* debathena/NOTES: - Remove the documentation of SIPB Debathena procedures. - Add procedures for Athena 10 developers. - Clarify whether procedures are for devs or the release engineer. - Document a workaround for an schroot PAM session issue.
10:19 Changeset [22786] by ghudson
Factor out the creation of the orig tarball into a separate script. * debathena/scripts/daorig: New script to create orig tarball. * debathena/scripts/dasource: Use daorig.


11:33 Changeset [22785] by ghudson
* athena/lib/firefox-extension/debian/control.in, athena/lib/firefox-extension/debian/control: Require zip, not fastjar, since r22777 switched to using zip.
11:14 Changeset [22784] by ghudson
Eliminate the quilt patches for firefox-wrapper. * athena/bin/firefox-wrapper/Makefile.in: Install as firefox.debathena and let debathena-divert do the replacement. * athena/bin/firefox-wrapper/debian/patches: Remove. * athena/bin/firefox-wrapper/debian/rules: Remove patchsys-quilt invocation. Remove sed editing of script in the Ubuntu case since there is conditional logic to determine the library directory in the script. * athena/bin/firefox-wrapper/firefox.sh: Remove Solaris support. Set firefox_libdir to /usr/lib/iceweasel on Debian, /usr/lib/firefox otherwise. Fix up paths for Athena 10. After frobbing, execute system wrapper script instead of Firefox binary.
10:52 Changeset [22783] by ghudson
Eliminate the quilt patches for firefox-extension. Fold in no-titlemodifier.patch. firefox-extensions-paths.patch was already taken care of. * debian/patches/firefox-extension-paths.patch, debian/patches/no-titlemodifier.patch, debian/patches/series: Remove. * debian/rules: Remove patchsys-quilt invocation. * chrome/content/athena-xul, chrome/content/athena.dtd: Remove the title bar setting, which would be confusing for Iceweasel.


15:24 Changeset [22782] by ghudson
* debathena/scripts/upgrade-schroot: Fix location of #!/bin/sh header.
13:39 Changeset [22781] by ghudson
* athena/lib/firefox-extension/Makefile.in: Install in the location expected by the Debathena packaging materials. Reverts r22776.
13:28 Changeset [22780] by ghudson
Import Debathena packaging materials for firefox-extension and firefox-wrapper.
13:13 Changeset [22779] by ghudson
* athena/bin/firefox-wrapper: Move from attic back to trunk.


19:16 Changeset [22778] by tabbott
Start zhm when NetworkManager sets a new IP address.
18:04 Changeset [22777] by rbasch
* athena/lib/firefox-extension/Makefile.in: Package up the chrome jar file properly: specify the files explicitly, and use "zip -0" instead of "jar" to create the archive, since we do not need a manifest and do not want to compress.
17:51 Changeset [22776] by rbasch
* athena/lib/firefox-extension/Makefile.in: Install directly under the Firefox extensions directory, for Athena 10.


16:57 Changeset [22775] by ghudson
* debathena/third/openafs/hacked-arch/arch, debathena/third/openafs/genchanges.sh: Import supporting files I failed to include previously. * debathena/third/openafs/build-openafs: Use current working directory to find supporting files. Also fix a syntax error in a conditional. * debathena/third/openafs/upload-openafs: Allow apt repository location to be overridden with $DEBATHENA_APT.


15:52 Changeset [22774] by rbasch
* athena/lib/firefox-extension/defaults/preferences/athena.js: Remove the setting of "network.negotiate-auth.gsslib", to revert to using the native GSSAPI library.
13:33 Changeset [22773] by ghudson
* debathena/scripts/gen-packages: Add a -c flag to scan a checkout instead of the repository, which is much faster but reliant on the up-to-dateness of the checkout.


18:23 Changeset [22772] by ghudson
Creating an LVM snapshot can corrupt kernel memory; see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.22/+bug/196784 for details. That's kind of alarming, but in practice we mostly only see this in the form of corrupting the page cache for the files we put into /tmp when running debathenificator. Work around this problem by setting up the temporary directory after creating the session chroot. * debathena/third/common/debathenificator.sh: Set up $tmpdir after creating the session chroot.


03:10 Changeset [22771] by ghudson
* debathena/third/common/debathenificator.sh: Use explicit session creation and destruction to avoid the need for an su inside the chroot.


23:01 Changeset [22770] by ghudson
dpkg-source no longer includes a "Description" header in source changes files, but reprepro still requires it. Until reprepro is fixed, workaround the problem with an ignore option. Also see: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=465831 * debathena/third/common/debathenificator.sh: Pass --ignore=missingfield to reprepro.
22:14 Changeset [22769] by tabbott
The last checkin broke 'adduser <user> <group>' where <group> is a local group and <user> is a nonlocal user. *debathena/config/nsswitch-config/debian/adduser.debathena: Check which mode adduser is running in by parsing its arguments, and don't set NSS_NONLOCAL_IGNORE in the 2-argument adduser mode.
21:27 Changeset [22768] by tabbott
Make it possible to add new users/groups with the same name as Athena users and groups. * debathena/libnss-nonlocal/: If NSS_NONLOCAL_IGNORE is set, pretend that nonlocal information doesn't exist. * config/nsswitch-config/debian/: Divert and wrap adduser, useradd, groupadd, addgroup, dpkg to set NSS_NONLOCAL_IGNORE when adding new accounts both manually and when installing new packages.


18:12 Changeset [22767] by ghudson
* debathena/scripts/dasource: Tighten up the pattern used to look for checkouts, since binary package names may match $pkgname-*.
17:13 Changeset [22766] by tabbott
Use -I.svn rather than -I in dasource so that it works on etch.
16:55 Changeset [22765] by ghudson
* debathena/third/debathenificator.sh: The user's shell may not exist in the chroot, so pass --shell=/bin/sh to the su command. Also, the user's .devscripts may not be findable in the chroot (or may not be set up at all), so pass -sa -us -uc -i -I.svn to debuild -S as we do in dasource.


15:41 Changeset [22764] by ghudson
* debathena/NOTES: Add overall instructions on bootstrapping an apt repository. Need "$interval 0" in approx config on a gutsy build host. Fix typo in lvremove instructions. Add instructions on setting up a build area.
15:21 Changeset [22763] by ghudson
* debathena/third/common/debathenificator.sh: Allow apt repository location to be overridden by $DEBATHENA_APT.
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