16:25 Changeset [23086] by broder
Update debathena-dotfiles to depend on the new debathena-mit-automounter
13:39 Changeset [23085] by ghudson
In the builder account setup instructions, add a .devscripts file; this is necessary to make equivs-build work.
12:53 Changeset [23084] by ghudson
There is a perl/AFS permissions issue which can interfere with multiple users using the same build area. The workaround is to chmod directories 777 if perl's File::Temp will be used in that directory. dpkg-source and equivs-build are affected. We have automated the workaround for dasource, but are working around it manually for equivs-build. In NOTES, document where the manual workaround is necessary.
12:40 Changeset [23083] by ghudson
In debathenify-openafs, add a few fail-out clauses at key points since the script does not use "set -e".


22:59 Changeset [23082] by broder
Adjust debathena-nsswitch-config, debathena-afs-config, and debathena-locker for addition of debathena-pyhesiodfs.
22:57 Changeset [23081] by broder
Add debathena-mit-automounter package to make it easier to switch our automounter of the week. Can potentially be used in the future to have multiple approved automounters.
22:56 Changeset [23080] by broder
Add debathena-pyhesiodfs package to replace insecure debathena-afuse-automounter
14:05 Changeset [23079] by ghudson
In autodebathenify, actually exit if a non-stale runfile exists.
11:16 Changeset [23078] by ghudson
In debathenificator, look for an existing package in the same section we plan to install the package in when we're done. The interface for setting a non-default section has changed; debathenify-lprng is adjusted accordingly.
11:10 Changeset [23077] by ghudson
Document the setup of athena10.mit.edu.


02:25 Changeset [23076] by tabbott
Improve config-package-dev documentation and examples.
02:25 Changeset in config-package-dev [5670913] by Tim Abbott <tabbott@…>
mastergeofftjdreed-docsmaster-plus-renamerenametrac-867-interpolatetrac1358Improve config-package-dev documentation and examples. git-svn-id: svn+ssh://svn.mit.edu/athena/trunk/debathena/debathena/config-package-dev@23076 728af825-273c-0410-89f9-f7d3b574a069


21:14 Changeset [23075] by broder
The evolution-data-server simply Provides: debathena-evolution-data-server; the package name isn't changed. Revert r23074, but increase the version number.
21:05 Changeset [23074] by broder
Move debathena-evolution-data-server package from debathena-system to debathena
00:24 Changeset [23073] by ghudson
In debathenificator, check the correct variable when filtering out debathena versions of source packages.


16:24 Changeset [23072] by ghudson
In daupload-release and sbuildhack, add support for a ./nobuild file specifying distributions not to build a package for. For now, nobuild files will live in the build parent directory and not be versioned.
16:00 Changeset [23071] by ghudson
In debathenificator: * Fix a typo in the default section name in the previous commit. * Filter out debathena versions of source packages when finding the latest version; the chroots can't see debathena-system but not all packages are going there any more.
14:25 Changeset [23070] by ghudson
In debathena-clients, prefer debathena-alpine-config when it exists, but fall back to debathena-pine when it doesn't.
14:24 Changeset [23069] by ghudson
Add a new package debathena-alpine-config. This should only be built on platforms where debathenify-alpine works (which will require a couple of pending changes to our scripts).
14:22 Changeset [23068] by ghudson
Add a debathenify script for alpine. Currently only works for hardy and lenny.


16:30 Changeset [23067] by broder
Move debathena-lprng to the debathena component from debathena-system because it is not replacing an upstream package
16:29 Changeset [23066] by broder
In debathenificator, allow a section other than debathena-system to be specified
11:37 Changeset [23065] by ghudson
Document a little dotfile configuration in the builder account setup notes.
11:36 Changeset [23064] by ghudson
In dasource, chmod build dir parents to mode 777 to make work around a bad AFS-perl interaction in dpkg-source.


12:59 Changeset [23063] by ghudson
In xsession: * Add warning dialog for mode 777 AFS homedirs. * Fix dotfile conflict header.


12:05 Ticket #76 (develop system of metapackages to handle openafs modules and kernel ...) closed by broder


14:47 Changeset [23062] by ghudson
In debathenificator, revert the most recent change and fix the problem a different way. Using reprepro introduced a locking problem which could cause packages to be erroneously rebuilt if someone happens to be doing an upload when autodebathenificator runs. Instead, go back to using dpkg-awk, and just run it twice--once looking for Source and once looking for Package.


23:48 Changeset [23061] by broder
More changes to debathena-cupsys-hack to handle the cupsys -> cups rename
23:09 Changeset [23060] by broder
Create debathena-cups metapackage to deal with lack of support for disjunction in sbuild.
22:18 Changeset [23059] by broder
Handle the rename of cupsys to cups in all CUPS-related Debian packages in debathena-cupsys-config, debathena-cupsys-hack, and debathena-printing-config.
14:53 Changeset [23058] by rbasch
In firefox-wrapper: * Use firefox's -remote option to ping a running instance, as the availability and location of mozilla-xremote-client varies between distributions and versions. * Use a zenity question dialog instead of a warning, since in later zenity versions the warning does not include a Cancel button. * Redirect fs output to /dev/null. * Add dependencies on zenity, debathena-attach. * Remove the dependency on lsb-release.


23:49 Changeset [23057] by broder
Change debathena-clients to use the new debathena-printing-config package
22:54 Changeset [23056] by broder
Propogate changes to debathena-nmh made in SIPB's source tree.
19:44 Changeset [23055] by broder
Add a debathena-printing-config package, which distributes calls to the various BSD command line printing utils to the appropriate printing mechanism.
13:55 Changeset [23054] by ghudson
Add gnuplot, eclipse, and drcsheme to debathena-cluster-software based on discussion of what locker software is popular under Athena 9.4.
13:51 Changeset [23053] by ghudson
In locker-menu: * Remove Pro Engineer. * Add Tecplot, Applixware, and Acrobat Reader. * Add an informational link to the top of the menu.


19:12 Changeset [23052] by rbasch
In firefox-extension: * Bump the max version supported to 3.0.*. * Add a /usr/lib/firefox-3.0/extensions symlink.
12:51 Changeset [23051] by ghudson
In discuss: * Fix a crash bug in edsc on 64-bit platforms. * Fix date display in discuss on 64-bit platforms.
11:40 Changeset [23050] by ghudson
Document configuration for making builder able to access svn.mit.edu by default.
11:10 Changeset [23049] by ghudson
Restore "extend" aliases in standard cshrc for compatibility. It seems that accounts with RSI student customizations make use of it.


20:20 Changeset [23048] by andersk
Match temporary sbuild chroots with a more specific pattern.
00:16 Changeset [23047] by geofft
* athena/lib/zephyr/clients/zlocate/zlocate.1: Document -1 and -p in the man page.


01:10 Changeset [23046] by ghudson
Document the need for a .sbuildrc for developers. debathenify scripts no longer require schroots to be upgraded. Document the local builder account on build server, including autodebathenify setup.
01:09 Changeset [23045] by ghudson
Add a new script in the build server scripts called autodebathenify, which does automatic builds and uploads of packages under third/. Also add a cron job to invoke it hourly.
01:07 Changeset [23044] by ghudson
In all-schroots, properly iterate over $DEBIAN_CODES.


16:16 Changeset [23043] by ghudson
In debathenificator, fix the already-exists check to look for packages with no Source: line. (Packages whose names match their source package names do not have a Source: line; that would be too easy.) Since dpkg-awk doesn't do disjunctions, switch to using reprepro listfilter. This change has a number of subtle consequences but the result should work for our purposes.
10:44 Changeset [23042] by ghudson
In debathenify-cyrus-sasl2-mit, use a single chroot for all operations except sbuildhack, and run "apt-get update" inside it before starting. Also, fix the already-exists check to look in the correct section so we don't repeat unnecessary work.


13:02 Changeset [23041] by ghudson
In debathenificator, use a single chroot for all operations except sbuildhack, and run "apt-get update" inside it before starting. Eliminates the need to run "all-schroots upgrade-schroot" before using debathenificator.
10:36 Changeset [23040] by ghudson
In debathenify-openafs, use shell functions instead of multi-word variables to invoke commands in the chroot; it's marginally more clean and robust.


21:41 Changeset [23039] by ghudson
Specify the usual default for DEBATHENA_APT in debathenify-openafs.
13:55 Changeset [23038] by ghudson
Add a new package which installs a menu of popular locker software.
12:40 Changeset [23037] by ghudson
Add a new script debathenify-openafs, which builds openafs-modules packages as well as metapackages for the current kernel of the specified platform, and follows the debathenificator interface. meta/update-metapackage is superceded by this script and is removed in this commit. find-openafs-kernels, build-openafs, and upload-openafs are also superceded by this script but are not removed just yet.


11:10 Changeset [23036] by ghudson
In dotfiles: * Don't add sbin directories to user paths after all.


23:14 Changeset [23035] by ghudson
In authwatch: * Fix depends/recommends editing error in control.in.
16:47 Changeset [23034] by ghudson
In authwatch: * Recommend grenew since we tell users to run it.
16:45 Changeset [23033] by ghudson
In authwatch: * Refer to the correct grenew menu item for Athena 10.
16:41 Changeset [23032] by ghudson
In grenew: * Add a desktop item. * Describe the package correctly.
09:53 Changeset [23031] by ghudson
In xsession: * Add copyright file.


13:50 Changeset [23030] by ghudson
In dotfiles: * Restore the cdpath and prompt customizations for tcsh. * Eliminate the noclobber and ignoreeof customizations for bash. * Add /sbin and /usr/sbin to the path for both shell types.


23:45 Changeset [23029] by broder
Fix control.in on both debathena-pidgin-wrapper and debathena-evolution-wrapper so that they are actually architecture-independent.
13:09 Changeset [23028] by ghudson
Add debathena-xsession to the workstation metapackage.
13:09 Changeset [23027] by ghudson
Add a debathena-xsession package for graphical session integration.
13:04 Changeset [23026] by ghudson
In dotfiles: * quotawarn belongs in the xsession integration package; remove it.
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