22:27 Ticket #82 (afuse broken in Lenny) closed by tabbott
fixed: We stopped using afuse.
13:43 Changeset [23116] by ghudson
Special-case gdm-config in gen-packages to handle the SIPB/Athena10 fork.
12:33 Changeset [23115] by ghudson
In gdm-config (athena10 fork): * Say "Welcome to Athena 10" instead of "Welome to Debathena".
12:31 Changeset [23114] by ghudson
Fork gdm-config by copying it to gdm-config-athena10.
07:16 Changeset [23113] by andersk
In libnss-nonlocal: * Replace the magic buflen hack with explicit iteration over the nss chain, so that getpwent/getgrent works with nscd enabled. * Fix some memory leaks. * Autotoolfiscate. * Code cleanup.


13:08 Changeset [23112] by ghudson
Add debathena-tex-extras to clients metapackage. It doesn't depend on a tex distribution so it won't bloat the system.


00:08 Changeset [23111] by ghudson
Add debathena-ntp-config or debathena-chrony-config to clients metapackage.


12:55 Changeset [23110] by amb
Add postinstall service restart hooks to the ntp and chrony config packages.
11:45 Changeset [23109] by ghudson
Bump version of clients metapackage.
11:45 Changeset [23108] by ghudson
Add debathena-emacs-config to clients metapackage.
11:44 Changeset [23107] by ghudson
In emacs-config: * Prune heavily.


18:35 Changeset [23106] by amb
Emacs customizations, mostly copied from the Athena 9.4 version.


17:17 Changeset [23105] by amb
Splits debathena-time-config (which had fatal build issues and didn't cleanly deal with switching between time clients) into separate config packages for ntp and chrony, also installing canned files instead of transformations.
14:57 Changeset [23104] by ghudson
In evolution-wrapper: * Fix a typo.
14:02 Changeset [23103] by amb
A configuration package to switch machines using ntp or chrony to use the MIT time server.
13:56 Changeset [23102] by ghudson
The cluster metapackage now exists, so remove the statement in NOTES that it doesn't.
13:55 Changeset [23101] by ghudson
Add a new metapackage for cluster machines, building on the workstation and cluster-software packages. The new tmp cleaner package is the inaugural cluster-specific Athena 10 functionality.
13:53 Changeset [23100] by ghudson
Add hostinfo and saferm to the clients metapackage.
13:47 Changeset [23099] by ghudson
Add a new package containing the tmp cleaner cron job.


21:01 Changeset [23098] by ghudson
In evolution-wrapper: * Recommend and check for debathena-libcamel-krb4.
15:58 Changeset [23097] by ghudson
In debathenify-evolution-data-server, make the libcamel package provide debathena-libcamel-krb4 so that we can recommend that in debathena-evolution-wrapper.


15:17 Changeset [23096] by ghudson
Add debathena-locker-menu to workstation metapackage.
14:01 Changeset [23095] by ghudson
Import the moira package from SIPB Debathena.
12:15 Changeset [23094] by ghudson
Document the maintenance of autodebathenify.


13:36 Changeset [23093] by ghudson
Make a home for the Athena 10 install script and check it in.


16:00 Changeset [23092] by ghudson
In evolution-wrapper: * Don't assume krb4 support in the wrapper; use it if we have it. * Recommend debathena-evolution-data-server instead of requiring.
15:31 Changeset [23091] by ghudson
In alpine-config: * Pull in alpine; recommend the debathenified version.
13:54 Changeset [23090] by ghudson
Document how to keep the apt repository up to date.
13:43 Changeset [23089] by ghudson
Add sendbug to the clients metapackage.
13:42 Changeset [23088] by ghudson
Package sendbug. Also change it substantially: * It no longer tries to determine the machine version since we don't have those any more. * It no longer uses nmh. * It supports a --gnome option, in which case it will use zenity and gnome-text-editor instead of text prompts and $EDITOR. The package includes a panel menu entry to invoke sendbug with the --gnome flag.
11:08 Changeset [23087] by ghudson
In gen-packages, filter out config-package-dev's example packages.


16:25 Changeset [23086] by broder
Update debathena-dotfiles to depend on the new debathena-mit-automounter
13:39 Changeset [23085] by ghudson
In the builder account setup instructions, add a .devscripts file; this is necessary to make equivs-build work.
12:53 Changeset [23084] by ghudson
There is a perl/AFS permissions issue which can interfere with multiple users using the same build area. The workaround is to chmod directories 777 if perl's File::Temp will be used in that directory. dpkg-source and equivs-build are affected. We have automated the workaround for dasource, but are working around it manually for equivs-build. In NOTES, document where the manual workaround is necessary.
12:40 Changeset [23083] by ghudson
In debathenify-openafs, add a few fail-out clauses at key points since the script does not use "set -e".


22:59 Changeset [23082] by broder
Adjust debathena-nsswitch-config, debathena-afs-config, and debathena-locker for addition of debathena-pyhesiodfs.
22:57 Changeset [23081] by broder
Add debathena-mit-automounter package to make it easier to switch our automounter of the week. Can potentially be used in the future to have multiple approved automounters.
22:56 Changeset [23080] by broder
Add debathena-pyhesiodfs package to replace insecure debathena-afuse-automounter
14:05 Changeset [23079] by ghudson
In autodebathenify, actually exit if a non-stale runfile exists.
11:16 Changeset [23078] by ghudson
In debathenificator, look for an existing package in the same section we plan to install the package in when we're done. The interface for setting a non-default section has changed; debathenify-lprng is adjusted accordingly.
11:10 Changeset [23077] by ghudson
Document the setup of athena10.mit.edu.


02:25 Changeset [23076] by tabbott
Improve config-package-dev documentation and examples.
02:25 Changeset in config-package-dev [5670913] by Tim Abbott <tabbott@…>
mastergeofftjdreed-docsmaster-plus-renamerenametrac-867-interpolatetrac1358Improve config-package-dev documentation and examples. git-svn-id: svn+ssh://svn.mit.edu/athena/trunk/debathena/debathena/config-package-dev@23076 728af825-273c-0410-89f9-f7d3b574a069


21:14 Changeset [23075] by broder
The evolution-data-server simply Provides: debathena-evolution-data-server; the package name isn't changed. Revert r23074, but increase the version number.
21:05 Changeset [23074] by broder
Move debathena-evolution-data-server package from debathena-system to debathena
00:24 Changeset [23073] by ghudson
In debathenificator, check the correct variable when filtering out debathena versions of source packages.


16:24 Changeset [23072] by ghudson
In daupload-release and sbuildhack, add support for a ./nobuild file specifying distributions not to build a package for. For now, nobuild files will live in the build parent directory and not be versioned.
16:00 Changeset [23071] by ghudson
In debathenificator: * Fix a typo in the default section name in the previous commit. * Filter out debathena versions of source packages when finding the latest version; the chroots can't see debathena-system but not all packages are going there any more.
14:25 Changeset [23070] by ghudson
In debathena-clients, prefer debathena-alpine-config when it exists, but fall back to debathena-pine when it doesn't.
14:24 Changeset [23069] by ghudson
Add a new package debathena-alpine-config. This should only be built on platforms where debathenify-alpine works (which will require a couple of pending changes to our scripts).
14:22 Changeset [23068] by ghudson
Add a debathenify script for alpine. Currently only works for hardy and lenny.


16:30 Changeset [23067] by broder
Move debathena-lprng to the debathena component from debathena-system because it is not replacing an upstream package
16:29 Changeset [23066] by broder
In debathenificator, allow a section other than debathena-system to be specified
11:37 Changeset [23065] by ghudson
Document a little dotfile configuration in the builder account setup notes.
11:36 Changeset [23064] by ghudson
In dasource, chmod build dir parents to mode 777 to make work around a bad AFS-perl interaction in dpkg-source.


12:59 Changeset [23063] by ghudson
In xsession: * Add warning dialog for mode 777 AFS homedirs. * Fix dotfile conflict header.


12:05 Ticket #76 (develop system of metapackages to handle openafs modules and kernel ...) closed by broder


14:47 Changeset [23062] by ghudson
In debathenificator, revert the most recent change and fix the problem a different way. Using reprepro introduced a locking problem which could cause packages to be erroneously rebuilt if someone happens to be doing an upload when autodebathenificator runs. Instead, go back to using dpkg-awk, and just run it twice--once looking for Source and once looking for Package.


23:48 Changeset [23061] by broder
More changes to debathena-cupsys-hack to handle the cupsys -> cups rename
23:09 Changeset [23060] by broder
Create debathena-cups metapackage to deal with lack of support for disjunction in sbuild.
22:18 Changeset [23059] by broder
Handle the rename of cupsys to cups in all CUPS-related Debian packages in debathena-cupsys-config, debathena-cupsys-hack, and debathena-printing-config.
14:53 Changeset [23058] by rbasch
In firefox-wrapper: * Use firefox's -remote option to ping a running instance, as the availability and location of mozilla-xremote-client varies between distributions and versions. * Use a zenity question dialog instead of a warning, since in later zenity versions the warning does not include a Cancel button. * Redirect fs output to /dev/null. * Add dependencies on zenity, debathena-attach. * Remove the dependency on lsb-release.


23:49 Changeset [23057] by broder
Change debathena-clients to use the new debathena-printing-config package
22:54 Changeset [23056] by broder
Propogate changes to debathena-nmh made in SIPB's source tree.
19:44 Changeset [23055] by broder
Add a debathena-printing-config package, which distributes calls to the various BSD command line printing utils to the appropriate printing mechanism.
13:55 Changeset [23054] by ghudson
Add gnuplot, eclipse, and drcsheme to debathena-cluster-software based on discussion of what locker software is popular under Athena 9.4.
13:51 Changeset [23053] by ghudson
In locker-menu: * Remove Pro Engineer. * Add Tecplot, Applixware, and Acrobat Reader. * Add an informational link to the top of the menu.


19:12 Changeset [23052] by rbasch
In firefox-extension: * Bump the max version supported to 3.0.*. * Add a /usr/lib/firefox-3.0/extensions symlink.
12:51 Changeset [23051] by ghudson
In discuss: * Fix a crash bug in edsc on 64-bit platforms. * Fix date display in discuss on 64-bit platforms.
11:40 Changeset [23050] by ghudson
Document configuration for making builder able to access svn.mit.edu by default.
11:10 Changeset [23049] by ghudson
Restore "extend" aliases in standard cshrc for compatibility. It seems that accounts with RSI student customizations make use of it.


20:20 Changeset [23048] by andersk
Match temporary sbuild chroots with a more specific pattern.
00:16 Changeset [23047] by geofft
* athena/lib/zephyr/clients/zlocate/zlocate.1: Document -1 and -p in the man page.
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