13:23 Changeset [23167] by ghudson
In auto-update: * Fix a bug causing nothing to happen during updates.
13:00 Changeset [23166] by ghudson
In athinfod: * Add upgrade-status query.


17:30 Changeset [23165] by andersk
Remove debathena- from afuse-automounter and pyhesiodfs directories.
15:09 Changeset [23164] by ghudson
Add debathena-counterlog to clients metapackage.
15:06 Changeset [23163] by ghudson
Add debathena-counterlog package.


13:15 Changeset [23162] by ghudson
Document debathena-syslog-config in the cluster packages section of NOTES.
13:14 Changeset [23161] by ghudson
Add debathena-syslog-config to cluster metapackage.
13:13 Changeset [23160] by ghudson
Add new package to configure central syslogging.


12:40 Changeset [23159] by ghudson
In auto-update: * Allow hesiod cluster info to repoint debathena apt repository.


14:28 Changeset [23158] by ghudson
Document the cluster packages in NOTES.


03:16 Changeset [23157] by geofft
In printing-config: * Add awareness of the default printer, specified by the PRINTER environment variable or via Hesiod cluster information.


17:02 Changeset [23156] by ghudson
In auto-update: * Tie into reactivate's new login chroots (when installed). * athena-auto-update is now only invoked by cron. * auto updates can now run during logins. * Reboot when necessary if no one is logged in.
17:02 Changeset [23155] by ghudson
In reactivate: * Rewrite to use login chroots.


17:38 Changeset [23154] by andersk
build-openafs, upload-openafs: emoved in favor of debathenaify-openafs.


22:23 Changeset [23153] by ghudson
In larvnet: * Mark as architecture-independent.
21:45 Changeset [23152] by ghudson
In larvnet: * Remove accidental Debian version component.
01:31 Changeset [23151] by broder
Update pyhesiodfs to new version using python-hesiod
01:29 Changeset [23150] by broder
Add python-hesiod package for the new version of pyhesiodfs


16:36 Changeset [23149] by andersk
In discuss: * Fix some trivial typos.


19:28 Changeset [23148] by ghudson
In auto-update: * Improve diagnostic output for the log. * Remove the pid file when we are done. * Stop if aptitude update fails. * Set a path in the cron.d file so that it runs.
02:27 Changeset [23147] by andersk
Put schroot config in /etc/schroot/chroot.d if it exists.


15:40 Changeset [23146] by andersk
Set ARCH=x86_64 to fix building openafs-modules-2.6.25-2-amd64 on lenny-i386.
13:48 Changeset [23145] by ghudson
To avoid confusion, remove the word "locally" from the description of login in the install script. (The default security policy set up by debathena-login only allows local logins by unknown users, but the primary purpose of debathena-login is for Athena-ish remote access machines.)
13:45 Changeset [23144] by ghudson
Add reactivate and auto-update to the cluster metapackage.
13:40 Changeset [23143] by ghudson
Add first cut at reactivate and auto-update packages for cluster machines.
05:09 Changeset [23142] by andersk
Be specific about which .changes file to upload, since there can now be more than one.
04:50 Changeset [23141] by andersk
Build updated versions of existing openafs modules, too.
03:41 Changeset [23140] by andersk
Use fgrep -x, so as not to forget about -686 if -686-bigmem failed to build.
02:58 Changeset [23139] by andersk
The DEBATHENA_APT variable is more useful before it’s used than after.


16:51 Changeset [23138] by ghudson
Package desync.
16:51 Changeset [23137] by ghudson
Adjust desync build materials for installing desync in /usr/bin.
16:41 Changeset [23136] by ghudson
Move desync from athena/etc to athena/bin since it does not require being root to run.


17:55 Changeset [23135] by ghudson
Remove locker as an option in the Athena 10 install script.


22:24 Ticket #92 (Console user group membership/device access) created by quentin
Various devices in Debian (and presumably Ubuntu) have their access …


01:45 Ticket #91 (lprng-doc and modified lprng source should not go in debathena component) created by andersk
Currently the debathena component of the repository includes a modified …
00:25 Changeset [23134] by andersk
apt-get update in find-openafs-kernels.


23:32 Changeset [23133] by andersk
In libnss-nonlocal: * Correct the buffer size passed to realloc.
02:06 Changeset [23132] by ghudson
In dotfiles: * Adjust for new clusterinfo paths.
02:03 Changeset [23131] by ghudson
Add debathena-clusterinfo to cluster metapackage.
02:01 Changeset [23130] by ghudson
Add a new package debathena-clusterinfo to cache Hesiod cluster info for cluster machines.


14:51 Changeset [23129] by ghudson
In tmp-cleaner: * Use dh_installcron for cron job.
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