19:55 Changeset [23255] by rbasch
Add the build-server/sources.list.d file for intrepid.
19:40 Changeset [23254] by andersk
NOTES: Actually, installing an initial package isn't necessary.
18:50 Changeset [23253] by rbasch
In the NOTES section on adding a new suite, when installing the initial meta package, use reprepro's "--ignore=wrongdistribution" option.


13:10 Changeset [23252] by broder
In alpine-config: * Use config-package-dev
03:52 Changeset [23251] by andersk
Collapse --schedule-only dist-upgrade; --download-only install into --download-only dist-upgrade.
03:44 Changeset [23250] by andersk
In auto-update: * Use aptitude --download-only install to force the aptitude conflict resolver to make a decision before we decide whether to let it proceed. * Abort the upgrade if somehow the scheduled solution still involves breaking any packages.


16:48 Changeset [23249] by rbasch
Remove the debathena-samba-config package: The configuration it applied is useful for Samba servers only, and the samba-common package's postinst script can break the divert/symlink mechanism used by our configuration package system.


18:30 Changeset [23248] by rbasch
In the NOTES section on setting up a build server, document the need to install the sbuild and schroot backports on Hardy.
00:23 Changeset [23247] by price
-cluster-software -> -extra-software{,-nox} Per discussion on athena10@, renamed debathena-cluster-software to debathena-extra-software and split out debathena-extra-software-nox as a subset metapackage.


19:19 Changeset [23246] by broder
Explicitly depend on new version of python-hesiod in pyhesiodfs
19:18 Changeset [23245] by broder
In pyhesiodfs, use the syslog instead of printing to stderr
19:09 Changeset [23244] by broder
Pull changes to python-hesiod from upstream - sort filsys entries by priority


23:13 Changeset [23243] by price
equivs package to make barnowl installable on intrepid Thanks to Andrew Farrell (afarrell) for finding the bug and writing the original version of this package.


18:55 Ticket #112 (split debathena-cluster-software: -extra-software, -extra-software-nox) created by price
Per discussion on athena10@, we're moving away from lockers in order to …
17:42 Changeset [23242] by price
remove debathenify-krb5, obsolete since we put -54 in renew long ago
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