20:13 Changeset [23477] by geofft
In shell-config: * Default ATHENA_USER to USER. * Fix csh renew to use $ATHENA_USER.
16:57 Changeset [23476] by amb
Add some hooks for running this as part of a PXE install but without automatically taking debathena-cluster.


19:33 Changeset [23475] by rbasch
In xsession: * Use xdg's autostart facility to launch the initial gnome-terminal, so that it properly belongs to the GNOME session.
18:24 Changeset [23474] by rbasch
In cluster-login-config: * Set FlexibleXServers=0 in the gdm configuration, to disable user switching.
14:10 Changeset [23473] by broder
Add debathena-fingerd-config to debathena-login so that -login, -workstation, and -cluster machines run a fingerd


13:03 Changeset [23472] by rbasch
In reactivate: * Ignore failure to umount /media.


05:34 Changeset [23471] by andersk
* lenny is Debian 5.0, and released. (Remember to upgrade the lenny chroot before building packages against it.) * Add squeeze and jaunty (but don't enable them yet).


13:07 Changeset [23470] by tabbott
In gconf2-config: * Add jaunty and squeeze to list of release to upgrade from.


17:33 Changeset [23469] by amb
Don't explicitly install -thirdparty for the cluster install. Instead, the -cluster package will pull it in.
17:28 Changeset [23468] by amb
Removed libmotif-dev due to inventor-dev conflict. (The latter requires lesstif2-dev, which conflicts directly with libmotif-dev.)
17:00 Changeset [23467] by amb
* Added /dev/pts and /dev/shm to the bind-mount list such that matlab and mathematica can run. * Made /media a shared mount (which also required pre-bind-mounting it to itself) so that USB automounts are visible inside the chroot. * Reversed the order of unmounting such that it's more likely to succeed.
14:48 Changeset [23466] by amb
Punted djview entirely, as the dependencies of djvulibre-plugin are fairly obsolete. (If it's important, it can be re-added with some artificial conflicts.)
14:24 Changeset [23465] by amb
Version bump also considered useful.
14:22 Changeset [23464] by amb
Punted djview due to obsolete browser requirements. Punted inventor-dev and inventor-clients due to conflicts.


16:47 Changeset [23463] by wdc
Put in missing comma on jikes dependency.
16:16 Changeset [23462] by wdc
In thirdparty- sub-meta packages: languages, utilities, libraries, text: Correct typos to eliminate some failed dependencies Updated package names from Hardy to Intrepid equivalents.


20:44 Ticket #117 (debathena-workstation should notify on remote root logins) created by geofft
If I ssh to root at a remote debathena-workstation machine (or possibly a …
16:46 Ticket #95 (Names for session types need improvement.) closed by wdc
fixed: This problem has been fixed with a diversion of the default desktop to …
06:42 Changeset [23461] by andersk
In ssl-certificates: * Let the MIT CA be managed by update-ca-certificates. (This causes the CA to be added to /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt, and also lets Java use the CA.)


17:08 Ticket #116 (Hook whichlocker into command-not-found) created by broder
It shouldn't be too hard to generate a command-not-found database from the …


15:33 Changeset [23460] by amb
A bunch of updates for cluster installs. Except for the intrepid support, this should all be invisible to anyone fetching and running this interactively. - Add hooks for unattended cluster installs. (Automatic network config and some special-case display config.) - Add hook for installing debathena-thirdparty. (Currently not prompted for, though, since it's pretty broken.) - Add intrepid to supported distributions.


13:21 Ticket #115 (debathena-gdm-config should restart gdm when uninstalled) created by jdreed
A postrm script should be added that restarts gdm so that gdm doesn't …


13:42 Changeset [23459] by broder
In linerva-pam-config: * Include change to common-auth to allow logging in as root even if the KDC can't be reached


19:04 Changeset [23458] by rbasch
In reactivate: * Try to kill remaining user processes using any of the login chroot's bind mounts at session end. * Don't die upon failure to umount any of the bind mounts at session end; this should force a reboot after the umount of the chroot mountpoint fails.
17:26 Changeset [23457] by tabbott
In reactivate: * Configure locate's cron job to not walk /login.
16:45 Changeset [23456] by tabbott
In kerberos-config: * Add support for ATHENA.MIT.EDU being the default realm in /usr/share/kerberos-configs/krb.conf.template, as it is in kerberos-configs >= 1.22.


17:35 Changeset [23455] by wdc
Greeter says "Athena" instead of "Athena 10" Additional nigglies about copyright and ownership.
00:08 Changeset [23454] by amb
Added helpful note about adding the athena10 repository key when setting up an Athena 10 builder server.


20:00 Changeset [23453] by wdc
Replaces debathena theme with a slightly prettier one.
18:46 Changeset [23452] by geofft
uncommitted changes from /mit/debathena/bin that appear to move us to Intrepid
12:02 Changeset [23451] by amb
Fixed package name.
02:10 Changeset [23450] by andersk
In libnss-nonlocal: * Only exclude glibc-private for new enough libc6, because old dpkg-shlibdeps does not support -x.
01:33 Changeset [23449] by broder
Change quotawarn to warn when 100M short of quota, instead of when at 90%.


20:04 Changeset [23448] by broder
Punt support for verbose_login in xsession.bash, since it's not used anywhere else.
19:56 Changeset [23447] by broder
Bring back initial xterm code from Athena 9.


15:28 Changeset [23446] by amb
Fixes and updates to control file generation: - fix spacing problem with control.in existence test - ignore return value of the control file generation, since it's certainly to report harmless errors - explicitly die if there's no control file present
13:38 Changeset [23445] by amb
Fix bug in directory-name rewriting code to deal with both control and control.in.
13:22 Changeset [23444] by amb
Thirdparty software metapackages. (Mostly for cluster machines, but the subsets may be useful to some.)


03:01 Changeset [23443] by andersk
In libnss-nonlocal: * Force exclusion of glibc-private dependency. This is necessary for libnss-nonlocal to build and install with libc6 2.9 in Ubuntu Jaunty and Debian experimental, which now generates an invalid dependency on glibc-private for uses of private glibc symbols.


19:55 Changeset [23442] by tabbott
In rs: * Remove BSD license 4th clause, as per <ftp://ftp.cs.berkeley.edu/pub/4bsd/README.Impt.License.Change>.
19:53 Changeset [23441] by tabbott
In lam: * Remove BSD license 4th clause, as per <ftp://ftp.cs.berkeley.edu/pub/4bsd/README.Impt.License.Change>.
19:29 Changeset [23440] by tabbott
dasource: Use the daorig in $basedir, not PATH.
19:04 Changeset [23439] by tabbott
In emacs-config: * Remove unnecessary customizations.
18:53 Changeset [23438] by tabbott
In dotfiles: * Set $EMAIL in the system dotfiles.
15:56 Changeset [23437] by tabbott
In reactivate: * Fix typo in schroot configuration (environment_filter should be environment-filter).


00:32 Ticket #114 (Testing closing tickets with TracZephyrPlugin) closed by broder
00:32 Ticket #114 (Testing closing tickets with TracZephyrPlugin) created by broder


23:21 Ticket #94 (Improve visual appearance of Athena Login Greeter) closed by broder
duplicate: I'd vote that this is an Athena 10 issue, not a Debathena issue. I'm going …
16:43 Changeset [23436] by amb
Correctly deal with packages that have debian/control.in but not debian/control.


01:09 Changeset [23435] by andersk
Use a valid UTF-8 copyright symbol.
00:38 Changeset [23434] by price
libpam-krb5-config: Athena 10 Project -> Debathena Project
00:28 Changeset [23433] by price
libpam-krb5-config: fix debian/copyright
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