23:51 Changeset [23816] by broder
In discuss: * Always build our discuss with krb5.
23:50 Changeset [23815] by broder
In discuss: * Assorted changes to make discuss work with any combination of krb4 and krb5 (including neither).
22:06 Changeset [23814] by geofft
auto-update: don't parse non-production releases for debathena.clusterinfo.list We don't have intrepid-proposed-proposed any more, but we do risk intrepid-proposed intrepid-proposed. It's not fatal but is worth avoiding for cleanliness.
22:04 Changeset [23813] by broder
Undo r23808 - it has the unintended effect of making ATHENA_KRB5 equivalent to ATHENA_KRB5_REQUIRED.
22:03 Changeset [23812] by broder
In aclocal.m4, take advantage of the default behavior of AC_CHECK_LIB to add the library to set HAVE_LIBlibrary and add the library to LIBS.
21:10 Changeset [23811] by broder
Add various changes so that discuss will build without krb4.
19:50 Changeset [23810] by geofft
bump version because reprepro confuses me
19:36 Ticket #250 (zwgc fonts are too big) created by jhawk
Under debathena, zwgc uses fonts that are too large. /etc/zwgc_resources …
19:25 Changeset [23809] by geofft
reactivate: print su warning before the password prompt (not after)
18:51 Changeset [23808] by broder
Athena aclocal.m4: If software supports krb5, build with it by default
18:48 Changeset [23807] by broder
In discuss: * Use HAVE_KRB4 and HAVE_KRB5 instead of KERBEROS and KERBEROS5.
18:47 Changeset [23806] by andersk
In athrun: [ Evan Broder ] [ Anders Kaseorg ] * Better bash completion.
18:27 Changeset [23805] by broder
Slight typo in the handling of discuss's dependencies.
18:24 Changeset [23804] by broder
In discuss: * Squash some lintian warnings by switching from ${Source-Version} to ${source:Version} and ${binary:Version}
18:18 Changeset [23803] by broder
In discuss: * Add one-character aliases to discuss. Patch by Ben Kaduk. (Trac: #238)
16:37 Changeset [23802] by broder
In athrun's bash_completion: You can never have enough quotes.
16:34 Changeset [23801] by broder
In athrun: * Add bash tab completion for athrun. (Trac: #150)
15:37 Changeset [23800] by broder
Add libgl1-mesa-dev to debathena-thirdparty-libraries. (Trac: #234)
15:21 Changeset [23799] by broder
In alpine-config, add the whitespace back to the folder-collections value.
15:10 Changeset [23798] by broder
In alpine-config: * Add old MH and Pine folders to folder-collections. (Trac: #220)
14:33 Changeset [23797] by broder
Add workstation to the installer as a valid flavor.
14:05 Changeset [23796] by broder
In dotfiles: * Kill off unnecessary quilt build-dep.
14:03 Changeset [23795] by broder
In dotfiles: * Fix the packaging to install the bash versions of env_setup and env_remove
13:42 Ticket #244 (tex-config may not configure tex completely) closed by broder
fixed: Moved fix to production
13:42 Ticket #241 (debathena-counterlog needs to depend on debathena-machtype) closed by broder
fixed: Moved fix to production.
12:47 Changeset [23794] by broder
In archive-keyring: * Use the standard debhelper postinst template.
12:29 Changeset [23793] by broder
In archive-keyring: * Don't try to repeatedly delete the old keys, and actually fail if it fails to remove. * Add the new Debathena signing key (0D8A9E8F) to the keyring.


16:13 Ticket #249 (Update Debathena signing key away from 1024-bit DSA) created by broder
The primary Debathena archive signing key is 1024-bit DSA. According to …
11:29 Changeset [23792] by broder
Fix some typos and misorderings in kerberos-config.


19:17 Changeset [23791] by rbasch
In firefox-extension: * Use a correct rule to make the ubufox.js transform script executable.
16:28 Changeset [23790] by rbasch
In firefox-extension: * Make sure the ubufox.js transform script is executable.
03:05 Changeset [23789] by geofft
reactivate: Try a more plausible approach
02:55 Changeset [23788] by geofft
reactivate: Build-Depends are nice things.
02:40 Changeset [23787] by geofft
In reactivate: * Display a warning about the login snapshots, once per session for sudo and every time you su.
01:39 Changeset [23786] by geofft
In auto-update: * Unrevert "Use the apt_release key", and fix the bugginess.
00:55 Changeset [23785] by geofft
debian/rules:12: *** missing separator (did you mean TAB instead of 8 spaces?). Stop. Yes, yes I did.
00:38 Changeset [23784] by geofft
Minor AppArmor fix in debathena-kerberos-config. Since it reads /etc/apparmor.d/* regardless of extension, we need to divert the original file into another directory (DEB_DELETE_FILES) and install a new one, rather than do the usual DEB_TRANSFORM_FILES trick that leaves a .debathena and .debathena-orig around.


19:14 Ticket #248 (AFS should support machine-local UNIX sockets) created by geofft
Lots of programs want to open temporary sockets in your homedir to talk to …
14:42 Ticket #247 (Intrepid->Jaunty upgrade wants to clobber /etc/gconf/2/path.debathena) created by jdreed
debathena / upgrade / jdreed 14:36 (Jonathan Reed) I have a …
13:26 Changeset [23783] by broder
In counterlog: * Depend on debathena-machtype. (Trac: #241)
01:08 Changeset [23782] by broder
In dotfiles: * Implement setup for bash. (Trac: #104)
01:04 Changeset [23781] by broder
In dotfiles: * Remove VISUAL, term, and xresize from the standard dotfiles. (Trac: #151)


19:48 Changeset [23780] by rbasch
In firefox-extension: * Override the ubufox homepage setting (Trac #143). * Remove setting of font.mathfont-family preference.
19:27 Changeset [23779] by rbasch
Add the debathena-maybe-ubufox package, a helper package that depends on ubufox if it is available on the platform; it will be used in building debathena-firefox-extension (Trac #143).
16:44 Changeset [23778] by broder
Punt thirdparty from workstation for now, since it's uninstallable on most distributions that aren't Intrepid/Jaunty.
16:35 Ticket #246 (The mail icon in the panel should do something clever based on chpobox ...) created by jdreed
In the event that we cannot seamlessly transition our existing mail …
16:16 Changeset [23777] by broder
In tex-config: * Be sure to generate all format files (including creating missing ones). (Trac: #244)


16:34 Ticket #245 ( breaks 3partysw license managers) created by alexp
On Apr 3, 2009, at 6:07 PM, Anders Kaseorg wrote: >>> zippy …
11:23 Ticket #244 (tex-config may not configure tex completely) created by jesstess
Some further investigation is needed, but it seems like tex-config (or …


14:21 Changeset [23776] by broder
Make thirdparty a recommendation of workstation, and a hard dependency of cluster.
11:53 Ticket #243 (openafs support should take advantage of dkms) created by broder
Now that there's dkms support for openafs in Jaunty, we should figure out …


14:52 Ticket #242 (view_home setting in .owlconf gets overridden) closed by kchen
invalid: Resolving invalid, because this went to the wrong trac instance.
14:51 Ticket #242 (view_home setting in .owlconf gets overridden) created by kchen
In my .owlconf's owl::startup, I have: owl::comamnd('set view_home std'); …
12:20 Ticket #241 (debathena-counterlog needs to depend on debathena-machtype) created by mitchb
Pretty self-explanatory. This should not be able to happen: …
06:29 InterMapTxt edited by broder
06:28 InterMapTxt edited by broder
06:28 InterMapTxt edited by broder
06:23 InterMapTxt edited by broder
06:14 NetworkManager edited by geofft
06:13 Changeset [23775] by broder
Make erlang-doc-html a recommendation of thirdparty-languages, since it can't be installed alongside erlang-base due to Trac #236.
06:10 Changeset [23774] by geofft
Add moreutils to extra-software-nox.
06:06 Changeset [23773] by broder
Bump the version number of debathena-cluster in order to build the change in the last revision.
06:04 Changeset [23772] by broder
Remove from debathena-cluster those dependencies that were added to debathena-workstation.
06:01 Changeset [23771] by broder
Create the new debathena-workstation, moving some of the dependencies of debathean-cluster into it. (Jira: ATN-18)
05:58 Ticket #240 (notify users they're in a chroot on sudo/su) created by geofft
As I wrote to debathena@ on March 12, > We noticed on zephyr today that …
01:34 Changeset [23770] by broder
Name the equivs files for metapackages consistently.
00:06 Ticket #239 (Firefox 3 against AFS homedirs has bad performance) created by broder
We should figure out if there's anything we can do about this. In …


23:59 InterMapTxt edited by broder
02:08 Ticket #238 (add one-character aliases to discuss) created by kaduk
Add 'n' as an alias for 'next', and 'back' and 'b' as aliases for 'prev' …


20:28 Ticket #237 (Use icedtea6-plugin for Java) created by andersk
In theory, debathena-extra-software would like to include the open-source …
19:50 Changeset [23769] by broder
In extra-software, switch back to using the Sun Java plugin, instead of icedtea.


01:26 Changeset [23768] by geofft
In ldap-config: * Fix location of the MIT CA certificate, which moved in debathena-ssl-certificates 1.3.


16:32 Ticket #236 (erlang-base conflicts erlang-doc-html on jaunty) created by broder
erlang-base conflicts with erlang-doc-html (<< ${Upstream-Version}), even …
15:54 Ticket #235 (Debathena Live CD installs an initrd that enables compcache.) created by xavid
15:51 Ticket #169 (Live CD adjustments for debathena-login-graphical) closed by xavid
08:06 Changeset [23767] by broder
Fix some typos in kerberos-config.
07:45 Changeset [23766] by broder
In kerberos-config, depend on debathena-maybe-apparmor instead of apparmor directly. (Trac: #174)
07:44 Changeset [23765] by broder
Create debathena-maybe-apparmor package as part of fixing Trac #174.
07:26 Changeset [23764] by broder
In cupsys-config: * Disable browsing. It's not needed for BrowsePoll to work, and confusingly causes other print servers to show up in the GUI. (Trac: #229)


15:28 Ticket #234 (Add libgl1-mesa-dev to debathena-thirdparty) created by wdc
Thirdparty software from ansoft maintained by others has a silly …
15:19 Ticket #233 (3D apps mostly suck on 745s with radeon drivers) created by jdreed
See ATN-57 (attached in PDF) for context. 3D applications have window …
14:57 Ticket #232 (Provide a supportable Ubuntu configuration of TSM) created by wdc
Alexp has done the work of figuring out how to get TSM 5.4 working under …
14:38 Ticket #231 (Gnucash breaks gconf configurations) created by wdc
If gnucash is started with the "Update Search Path" option, a seemingly …
14:30 Ticket #230 (Cluster users get notifications because they're sudoers) created by broder
Users of some (maybe all?) cluster machines get presented with an system …
14:28 Ticket #229 (CUPS should not scan the local network for printers) created by geofft
CUPS by default scans the local network for printers. While this seems at …
14:17 Ticket #228 (add should extend the environment a lot more than it currently does) created by jdreed
Discussion on -c debathena on 3/12 suggests that it would be cool if add …
14:14 Ticket #227 (Improve semantics of attach/detach and add) created by jdreed
After discussion on Athena10 list and via IM, broder has proposed …
14:12 Ticket #104 (Make "setup" command work for bash) reopened by jdreed
At a more recent release-team, we agreed to implement setup for bash, …
10:44 Ticket #226 (Investigate state of open-vm-tools under Jaunty and determine whether to ...) created by jdreed
This is a continuation of ATN-42, in which vmware tools (and …


20:35 Ticket #225 (install-debathena.sh should create a log for debugging purposes) created by jdreed
Currently the machinery in the PXE installer creates …
20:29 Ticket #224 (Cluster installer should check for sufficient disk space) created by jdreed
The cluster installer should, among other things, check for sufficient …
20:25 Ticket #223 (Make "noarch" sysname and inform locker maintainers) created by jdreed
With {i386,amd64}_deb60, the sysname list is beginning to get clunky, and …
20:11 Ticket #222 (Package and install Citrix client on cluster machines) created by geofft
The client for citrix.mit.edu should be installed on cluster machines and …
20:09 Ticket #221 (Replace the default zephyr client with something libnotify-based) created by jdreed
For the future, we should look into replacing the default zephyr …
13:01 Ticket #220 (debathena-alpine-config should enable the MH and Old Pine folder ...) created by jdreed
Or we should provide a trivial way of enabling it on a per-user basis …
11:57 Ticket #219 (Document the brokenness of binaries linked against /lib/ld-linux.so.1) created by jdreed
See ATN-41 for details. Running old binaries (ez, for example) produces …
11:25 Ticket #218 (Ensure that NetworkManager and static IPs works and is documented) created by jdreed
We should ensure that Ubuntu's docs are correct regarding how to configure …
11:08 FuturePlans created by jdreed


20:12 Ticket #217 (athena-auto-update should use flock(1)) created by andersk
Since aptitude --download-only schedules the packages for installation, …
17:14 Ticket #216 (Make Trac the endpoint for bugs@mit.edu) created by jdreed
bugs@… should feed directly into Trac for the Fall. There may still …
16:05 Ticket #147 (athdir doesn't work in compatibility mode (ie: linuxbin)) closed by jdreed
15:42 Ticket #215 (debathena-cluster on Jaunty doesn't give you a window manager) created by jdreed
Apparently users do not get a window manager when they log in.
15:07 Ticket #214 (/etc/{bash.bashrc,csh.cshrc}.debathena should not set environment ...) created by andersk
Right now /etc/profile.debathena and /etc/bash.bashrc.debathena both …
12:25 Ticket #213 (Craft a policy on the implications of each metapackage and what software ...) created by jdreed
We started to do this over e-mail (Subject: the impact of each …


17:36 Ticket #194 (Determine whether the "universe" repository is supported on LTS releases) closed by broder


17:38 NetworkManager created by andersk
07:49 Ticket #209 (maple / java problem on 64 bit machines) closed by broder
fixed: Because we're still not cool enough to attach incoming e-mail as comments, …
00:53 Ticket #212 (wireless LAN doesn't start at graphical login screen) created by geofft
Ubuntu doesn't start the wireless network until a user has logged in, …
00:15 RecentlyClosedTickets edited by andersk
Use TicketQuery?. (diff)
00:08 Ticket #152 (debathena-cluster (and -workstation) should enable popcon) reopened by price
[price:] > This is a surprise. What was the reasoning here? If a package …


22:38 RecentlyClosedTickets created by broder
21:27 Ticket #211 (No documentation on the PXE installer) created by broder
The "Installing Debathena" page should talk about the PXE installer for …
21:00 Ticket #152 (debathena-cluster (and -workstation) should enable popcon) closed by broder
wontfix: The conclusion of release-team seemed to be that we shouldn't turn this on …
19:43 Changeset [23763] by broder
Typo in the cyrus-sasl2-mit debathenification script. Spelling, yeah. I can do that!
19:20 Changeset [23762] by broder
Always pass --ignore=wrongdistribution to reprepro, to deal with uploading to -proposed and -development.
19:05 Changeset [23761] by broder
Add quoting to the debathenification script for cyrus-sasl2-mit in case that package's version number ever has a + or some other metacharacter in it.
19:00 Changeset [23760] by broder
When testing to see if a debathenified package has been built already, anchor the version number at the beginning and the end.
18:56 Changeset [23759] by broder
Don't try to grab a tag for debathenified packges until we know what release we're dealing with.
18:52 Changeset [23758] by broder
Update debathenified packages to check for exact version matches. Previously, these packages wouldn't check the release-specific tag, so that if the tag changed (i.e. from ~ubuntu9.04~0.1 to ~ubuntu9.04 when Jaunty released), debathenified packages wouldn't get rebuilt.


23:54 Changeset [23757] by geofft
debian-versions.sh: Jaunty has been released! (Supposedly.)
23:36 Changeset [23756] by geofft
In afs-config: * More updates to the CellServDB, it seems. Virtualizing our grand.central.org is the gist of it.
23:24 Changeset [23755] by broder
Revert the last commit for the time being because apparently it doesn't work as well as I thought.
22:55 Changeset [23754] by broder
In afs-config: * Add an "update" target to debian/rules to grab updates to the CellServDB and CellAlias files.
10:16 Ticket #210 (Make Evolution work with Exchange) created by jdreed
Anders notes that Jaunty includes the following: […] We should test …


14:02 Ticket #204 (debathena-printing-config missing dependency on python-hesiod) closed by broder
fixed: Moved to production last night.
14:02 Ticket #195 (Sync our moira package from the moiradev locker) closed by broder
14:01 Ticket #198 (debathena-moira FTBFS on Squeeze) closed by broder
fixed: Moved to production last night.
13:17 Changeset [23753] by broder
Punt Dapper and Gutsy from the installer script.
03:05 Changeset [23752] by geofft
NOTES is badly in need of an update. Help it a bit. There's still some confusion about where the repo is and whether debuild or builder has access to it.
02:30 Ticket #100 (debathena-chrony-config should use transform-files) closed by broder
fixed: We just punted Dapper, so this ticket has actually been fixed.
02:29 Ticket #99 (debathena-ntp-config should use transform-files) closed by broder
fixed: We just punted Dapper, so this ticket has actually been fixed.
01:14 Changeset [23751] by broder
Stop building for Dapper and Gutsy!
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