19:47 Changeset [23914] by geofft
Add wine to debathena-thirdparty (Trac: #311).


17:11 Ticket #318 (Extend nss-nonlocal to support whitelisting nonlocal groups and grplists) created by andersk


18:19 Ticket #317 (All mail clients must use SSL and the appropriate authentication method ...) created by jdreed
Because no one bothered to test hesiod before assuming it would work, we …
16:58 Changeset [23913] by andersk
In mitmailutils: * Replace test for EXCHANGE.MIT.EDU with test for *EXCHANGE*.
16:32 Ticket #316 (Check for IMAP.EXCHANGE.MIT.EDU instead of/in addition to EXCHANGE.MIT.EDU) created by andersk


21:39 Ticket #315 (debathena-ssh-server-config breaks ssh logins without a keytab) created by quentin
If you install debathena-ssh-server-config without having a keytab, ssh …
15:49 Changeset [23912] by amb
...set the preferred mirror in the other place, too. (Though arguably we shouldn't force this for non-cluster installs as we do now.)
15:31 Changeset [23911] by amb
Add an undocumented option to choose an ubuntu mirror for cluster installs. (Mostly for testing weird heisenbugs on some Dell hardware.)
15:29 Changeset [23910] by amb
Force UTC for the hardware clock.
01:45 Ticket #314 (bind mount more stuff) created by geofft
It seems desirable to bind-mount /var/log rather than to discard the …


15:40 Ticket #313 (stella should be able to ignore DNS) created by jdreed
Stella attempts to canonicalize the hostname before performing the moira …
13:04 Ticket #312 (Update Pine default collections for Exchange) created by jdreed
Now that the Exchange migration is back on, /etc/pine.conf should be …


12:50 Ticket #298 (get dpkg 1.15 into Ubuntu) closed by broder
fixed:  LP:393280 was closed today by cjwatson.
01:19 Ticket #188 (<Tab> doesn't switch from username to password field on login screen) closed by broder
fixed: The fix is now in production.


21:07 Changeset [23909] by geofft
Add expect to extra-software-nox.
19:53 Ticket #311 (Please add wine to extra-software) created by quentin
The version of wine in the wine locker does not run well on Debathena; …
18:54 Ticket #310 (Can't log in graphically if quota is exceeded) created by quentin
I just observed a user who wasn't able to log in because he had exceeded …


20:12 Ticket #297 (debathena-ssh-server-config should turn off GSSAPIStrictAcceptorCheck) closed by broder
fixed: Moved to production.
20:11 Ticket #296 (debathena-ssh-client-config should turn on GSSAPIKeyExchange) closed by broder
fixed: Moved to production.
20:09 Changeset [23908] by broder
In gdm-config: * Update the GDM theme to use pixmaps and text labels instead of buttons. Thanks to Jacob Morzinski for the patch. (Trac: #188)
12:58 Ticket #309 (Desync auto-update by editing /etc/cron.d/debathena-auto-update instead of ...) created by andersk
We’ve discovered that on recent Ubuntu, sleeping for extended periods …


12:18 Changeset [23907] by geofft
In afs-config: * CellServDB update from /afs/athena/service/CellServDB: removed soap.mit.edu, presumably in favor of AFSDB records.
00:41 Changeset [23906] by broder
In linerva: * Don't fail to run the initscript if /tmp/uscreens already exists.


10:42 Ticket #308 (Trac e-mail is entirely too noisy) created by geofft
Nobody will read this e-mail because we've all tuned them out. That's a …
10:42 Changeset [23905] by broder
In cluster-login-config: * Ignore failures to reload gdm or stop the tty gettys.


20:44 Changeset [23904] by broder
In cluster-login-config: * Reload gdm and kill the tty gettys so we don't need to reboot after installing. (Trac: #305)
19:11 Changeset [23903] by broder
In ssh-server-config: * Disable GSSAPIStrictAcceptorCheck. (Trac: #297)
19:05 Changeset [23902] by broder
In ssh-client-config: * Turn on gss-keyex. (Trac: #296)


11:17 Changeset [23901] by ghudson
In the ares upstream sources, plug some memory leaks found by Mark Manley.
01:08 Changeset [23900] by broder
In moira: * Universally stop building Moira with krb4 support.
00:51 Changeset [23899] by broder
In moira: * New CVS snapshot. * Drop krb4less-fix; it was incorporated upstream.


19:58 Changeset [23898] by broder
Add a template source.list file for Karmic build chroots.
19:56 Changeset [23897] by broder
Start the process of building packages for Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala.
16:50 Ticket #307 (the non-gdm tty "press ctrl-alt-f7 to log in" messages are gone in Jaunty) created by amb
This used to work under intrepid. It's probably something trivial.


16:32 Ticket #306 (Installing on the 755s hangs after downloading the stock ubuntu packages) created by jdreed
When we install on the 755s (via PXE or hackboot), we see the following …
15:41 Ticket #305 (cluster-login-config should kick gdm and init) created by jdreed
-> debathena / cluster-login-config / broder 15:39 (Evan Broder) …
13:49 Ticket #304 (evolution should default to the MIT mail account, not the local mail) created by quentin
I've seen >5 users now be confused by seeing "On This Computer" as the …


14:54 Ticket #303 (Figure out Ubuntu release upgrades for clusters) created by broder
We know that (or at least hope that) we'll be switching to Ubuntu Karmic …


20:53 Changeset [23896] by broder
Remove mgp from thirdparty-graphics at alexp's request.
15:37 Ticket #302 (Write zephyr notification hook for apt repo) created by broder
reprepro supports running hooks on uploads. It'd be really cool to use …
15:22 Ticket #301 (Create policy-rc.d in installer when run from d-i) created by broder
Since the debian-installer doesn't still have a /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d when …


21:59 Ticket #300 (pts-aware ls) created by geofft
ls -l, and possibly friends like stat(1), should identify users and …
21:49 Ticket #299 (groups 101 and 1000 should be less silly) created by geofft
It's probably totally trivial for PXE-installed systems (cluster or not) …
04:43 Changeset [23895] by geofft
Attept to make colors work in the PXE installer.
04:08 Ticket #298 (get dpkg 1.15 into Ubuntu) created by geofft
We believe dpkg 1.15 fixes an issue with stacked diversions of conffiles …
03:38 Ticket #297 (debathena-ssh-server-config should turn off GSSAPIStrictAcceptorCheck) created by broder
I have yet to hear a reason for why this is on by default other than to …
03:32 Ticket #296 (debathena-ssh-client-config should turn on GSSAPIKeyExchange) created by broder
Is there any reason not to turn this on?
03:01 Ticket #260 (PXE installer: make danger as obvious as possible) closed by broder
fixed: The PXE installer now puts the text "ERASING your ENTIRE DISK" in bold …
02:14 Changeset [23894] by broder
Add semicolons to the commands in linerva's logcheck transform script
02:11 Changeset [23893] by broder
In linerva: * Finish punting our DNS config.
02:04 Ticket #295 (Test ticket for F11 zephyr debugging) closed by mitchb
01:28 Ticket #295 (Test ticket for F11 zephyr debugging) created by mitchb
This is a test ticket; please ignore.
00:31 Changeset [23892] by broder
In linerva: * Since linerva doesn't deliver mail to root@localhost, let's make it a little more likely that logcheck mail makes it to us.
00:28 Changeset [23891] by broder
In linerva: * Let mlocate be setgid.


23:32 Changeset [23890] by broder
In linerva-pam-config: * Actually add the /etc/pam.d/common-session.debathena.debathena that keeps root out of a PAG.
23:08 Changeset [23889] by broder
In linerva-pam-config: * Don't put root in a PAG. It just makes life more complicated.
22:31 Changeset [23888] by broder
In linerva: * Install debathena-dns-config instead of configuring it ourselves.
21:10 Changeset [23887] by broder
Add packages people have requested to debathena-linerva-master.
19:06 Changeset [23886] by broder
In linerva (and all other packages, but especially here), LVM is installed in the lvm2 package.
19:03 Changeset [23885] by broder
In linerva, lvm is /not/ an essential package, so we /do/ have to build-dep on it.
19:00 Changeset [23884] by broder
In linerva, login is an essential package, so we don't need to build-dep on it.
18:57 Changeset [23883] by broder
In linerva, don't forget the .debathena suffix in DEB_TRANSFORM_FILES.
18:30 Changeset [23882] by broder
In moira: * New upstream release * Build and install libmoira as a shared library. (Trac: #70) * Drop most of the krb4 patch - it's been incorporated upstream. * Install the Moira development headers by patching the relevant Makefiles, instead of in the debian/rules file.
18:05 Changeset [23881] by broder
In linerva: * Up the default CPU limit to 12 hours. * Run logcheck every 5 minutes, instead of every minute. * Turn off GSSAPIStrictAcceptorCheck. - Also use DEB_TRANSFORM_FILES for sshd_config. * Add a "helpful" error message when people try to su. * Only look for LVM PVs in /dev/md*.
14:24 Ticket #265 (debathena-counterlog: athena-counterlog should be in /usr/lib) closed by broder
fixed: This was moved to production a few days ago
00:40 Changeset [23880] by andersk
In libnss-nonlocal: * Also build a biarch lib32nss-nonlocal or lib64nss-nonlocal package.


20:49 Changeset [23879] by geofft
Unbreak debathena-thirdparty-simulation on Jaunty. If you're unlucky enough to find libctl 3.0.3-2 without the -1ubuntu1 fix somewhere like Debian, this package won't install too well, but thirdparty is pretty broken anyway on any release that's not the current cluster one.
15:45 Ticket #294 (Installer should force NTP sync and hwclock sync, and have a working ntpd ...) created by jdreed
After today's reinstall, about half the cluster was left with workstations …
13:38 Ticket #293 (Decide what software should be on the Live CD) created by xavid
Currently the live CD doesn't have any of -extra-software{,nox} on it, and …
13:15 Ticket #292 (debathena-cluster should turn sound off differently) created by jdreed
We should investigate a way to disable sound on the cluster machines that …
13:03 Milestone Summer 2009 Deployment completed
13:03 Ticket #230 (Cluster users get notifications because they're sudoers) closed by broder
12:59 Ticket #291 (mail-icon-config should know about some common external mail providers) created by broder
Now that we have email-icon-config, it would be a really cool enhancement …
12:58 Ticket #246 (The mail icon in the panel should do something clever based on chpobox ...) closed by broder
12:57 Ticket #289 (Greeter should stop saying Athena 10) closed by broder
12:23 Changeset [23878] by amb
Remove install logging until it works.
07:05 Ticket #282 (Java breaks new Live CD -workstation installs) closed by xavid
fixed: Fixed in a similar way to the PXE installer.
02:58 Changeset [23877] by amb
Log the install-debathena.sh output for posterity.
01:19 Changeset [23876] by amb
Fix variable name typo in the conditional that preseeds the Sun license acceptance.
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