17:36 Changeset [24346] by broder
In afs-config: * Remove the processed CellServDB and CellAlias from version control, and always generate them at build time. (Because svn always updates timestamps, the .debathena files were never getting regenerated)
17:00 Changeset [24345] by broder
In afs-config: * Bump debhelper compatibility level (no other changes needed).
16:50 Changeset [24344] by broder
In afs-config: * CellServDB update from /afs/athena/service/CellServDB: remove old athena.mit.edu DB server.
13:01 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by mitchb
debathena-ops-ack, from jdreed (diff)
12:16 Changeset [24343] by broder
In counterlog: [ Jonathan Reed ] [ Evan Broder ] * Bump debhelper and standards versions (no change required).
12:08 Changeset [24342] by broder
Bump reactivate's debhelper compatibility level.
12:05 Changeset [24341] by broder
In reactivate: * Bump standards version (no changes required).
11:57 Changeset [24340] by broder
In reactivate: * Reboot on update if we haven't rebooted for the bind-mount fix from 2.0.8 already.
11:46 Changeset [24339] by broder
In afs-config: * Update standards version (no changes required).
11:41 Changeset [24338] by broder
In afs-config: * CellServDB update from /afs/athena/service/CellServDB: add new athena.mit.edu DB server.


14:50 Changeset [24337] by jdreed
Run dpkg --configure -a each time (trac (#407)
14:12 Ticket #404 (Research and report regression in OO.o) closed by jdreed
worksforme: This works fine through printers.mit.edu to a Dell 5110cn with …
09:51 Changeset [24336] by jdreed
Replace "machtype" with lsb_release -sc as per Trac #491, and add dependency on lsb-release package
09:48 Changeset [24335] by jdreed


10:43 Changeset [24334] by broder
In the installer, verify the apt signing key with SHA512 instead of SHA1.
10:28 Changeset [24333] by rbasch
Add /usr/bin to the PATH in reactivate's init script.
10:02 Changeset [24332] by rbasch
In reactivate: * Fix the check to determine whether we have already bind-mounted /media. (Trac: #493) * Clean up the per-user files cached locally by the new gdm. (Trac: #527)
01:04 Changeset [24331] by broder
Update installer's sha1sum for archive keyring.
00:53 Changeset [24330] by broder
Add the new archive signing key to the build-server scripts, so that build chroots pick it up.
00:44 Changeset [24329] by broder
Update debathena-archive-keyring's standards version.
00:43 Changeset [24328] by broder
In archive-keyring: * Squash some debhelper-related Lintian warnings.
00:40 Changeset [24327] by broder
In archive-keyring: * Remove the old "Debian-Athena" signing key (997D6B23) from the keyring.


23:54 Changeset [24326] by broder
Punt more references to unsupported releases.
23:51 Changeset [24325] by broder
Etch is dead. May it toss and turn in its grave forever.


13:12 Changeset [24324] by broder
Start building for Lucid by default.
12:50 Changeset [24323] by broder
In moira: * There is no "lib" section - it's "libs".


15:54 Changeset [24322] by broder
In moira: * New SVN snapshot.
14:56 Changeset [24321] by rbasch
In xsession: * Prevent debathena-nocalls from being set as the default session in gdm's cached dmrc, as well as in the home directory file.
13:22 Ticket #527 (Clean up new gdm's caching of dmrc files) created by rbasch
The new gdm in karmic tries to cache dmrc and face files in …
02:14 Changeset [24320] by broder
In moira: * Drop patch install-headers, which was incorporated upstream.
02:03 Changeset [24319] by broder
New Moira snapshot from SVN.


01:13 Ticket #526 (returning from locked screen (saver) sometimes lies about focus) created by kaduk
About half the time tonight, when returning from screen saver (locked …


04:52 Ticket #497 (backport schroot to Karmic) closed by geofft


19:38 Ticket #525 (tty logins sometimes leak according to finger) created by geofft
[…] Note that this affects both debathena-finger and stock finger …


13:41 Ticket #524 (GUI for print job removal) created by geofft
We should either write a simple PyGTK app to display the current print …


23:21 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by andersk
14:09 Ticket #523 (Restore GUI browsing of course lockers) created by jdreed
The foot menu (and Dash) had a browsable tree of course lockers (or at …
11:39 Ticket #522 (rgb.txt missing in Jaunty) created by jdreed
Programs which want to look at the rgb database (like, say, "showrgb") get …


15:40 Changeset [24318] by broder
Now that DebianImportFreeze has passed, prep for building Lucid packages.
15:32 Ticket #521 (chsh.moira doesn't take -s) created by broder
The Moira chsh doesn't take a -s argument to specify a shell on the …
15:30 Ticket #520 (chsh(1) is made of lies) created by broder
The chsh(1) manpage (which is the one that comes with the passwd package) …


04:08 Ticket #519 (mention access control docs at end of install-debathena.sh) created by geofft
It took me like five clicks to get to …


00:49 Changeset [24317] by geofft
In reactivate: * /lib/init/mount-functions.sh is gone as a side effect of Karmic increasingly _actually_ using Upstart, so stop using it and just implement the (very small) logic we wanted from it ourselves. * Add a two-minute timeout to postinst code that could be an infinite loop in appropriately unfortunate circumstances.
00:20 Ticket #518 (Kill lpr2 with fire) created by jdreed
Unless release-team or consultdev objects, I will soon replace lpr2 with a …


15:35 Ticket #517 (syslog if auto-update fails) closed by geofft
15:35 Ticket #517 (syslog if auto-update fails) created by geofft
and coordinate with ops so they pick up the logs and report on that …
15:34 Ticket #516 (syslog if auto-update fails) created by geofft
and coordinate with ops so they pick up the logs and report on that …
12:39 Ticket #485 (make sure 6.824 isn't using the Athena 9 install script) closed by broder
01:05 Ticket #515 (tweak thirdparty dependencies for lucid and amd64) created by geofft
thirdparty was tweaked for Karmic i386. We should verify installability …
01:02 Changeset [24316] by geofft
In reactivate: * Permit (possibly-backported) upstream schroot at a version that includes our patches as an alternative to the debathena-schroot dependency.


22:02 Changeset [24315] by geofft
schroot: Fix an FTBFS by restoring an empty directory. Yaaargh git.
21:27 Changeset [24314] by geofft
In schroot: * Merge with Debian unstable; remaining changes: - Backport to Karmic, and adjust build-deps.
16:49 Ticket #514 (Update /usr/prototype_user/welcome for the 21st century) created by jdreed
This file is super crufty and should be updated. Updating it by April …
15:44 Ticket #513 (Add fortune-mod to -extra-software-nox) created by jdreed
I use this in documentation as an example of a command which generates …


15:30 Changeset [24313] by rbasch
In cluster-login-config: * On new-gdm platforms only, remove the xsessions .desktop files for xterm and gnome-failsafe sessions (formerly disabled in gdm's configuration).
10:49 Changeset [24312] by broder
In cupsys-config: * Lengthen BrowseInterval and BrowseTimeout to reduce unnecessary load on CUPS servers when things aren't changing.
04:41 Ticket #403 (mitmailutils should use krb5) closed by geofft
fixed: mitmailutils was moved to production a little while back; Evan also …
02:03 Changeset [24311] by geofft
In cupsys-config: * Flush remote.cache, because CUPS isn't good at realizing that you switched BrowsePoll hosts and so it should forget the old server's queues.
02:03 Changeset [24310] by geofft
Initial release of debathena-nmh-config (Trac: #74)


17:02 Ticket #512 (sftp subsystem should not return stdout/stderr from dotfiles) created by geofft
(this should be discussed with upstream OpenSSH) Surely there must be …
01:52 Ticket #478 (mh-smail calls send -msgid, which doesn't work) closed by geofft
fixed: This was moved to production on January 21.
01:41 Ticket #429 (gdm-config should set /apps/gdm/simple-greeter/disable_user_list) closed by geofft
fixed: I've moved the most recent gdm-config to production, which presumably …
01:35 Ticket #430 (gdm-config should skin post-2.20 gdms) closed by geofft


23:58 Ticket #159 (~/.pinerc sometimes refers to mit.edu/hesiod/imap?) closed by geofft
fixed: Done in r24295 several days ago. I've moved this alpine-config to …
23:58 Ticket #413 (alpine-config: ${ATHENA_USER:-$USER} doesn't work) closed by geofft
fixed: Moved to production.
23:50 Ticket #488 (kerberos-config needs to set allow_weak_crypto) closed by geofft
fixed: Evan moved this to production on January 25.
10:52 Ticket #370 (Update pyhesiodfs snapshot to add /mit/.locker support) closed by broder
wontfix: Even if /mit/.git is the only actual risky behavior we know about here, …


22:01 Changeset [24309] by geofft
In linerva: * Use nc -q0 (quit on 0 seconds of stdin being closed, rather than only when nc gets a signal) so that we don't leak nc processes every time someone visits http://linerva.mit.edu/.


21:21 Changeset [24308] by broder
Promote from-config to a dependency of clients.
19:27 Changeset [24307] by broder
Promote mitmailutils back to a dependency in clients, dotfiles, xsession. We had previously dropped it to a recommendation in all three of those packages to address the fact that it was uninstallable on Karmic and Squeeze, due to a dependency on libsasl2-krb4-mit. Now that mitmailutils uses GSSAPI/krb5, the libsasl2-krb4-mit dependency is gone, and it's installable everywhere.
19:06 Changeset [24306] by geofft
In locker-software: * Run xstata instead of stata, so that it works at all (since stata does not spawn an xterm). * Run matlab -desktop instead of matlab, so you get something more than an xterm.
13:17 Changeset [24305] by broder
Now that mitmailutils use GSSAPI/krb5, cyrus-sasl2-mit isn't needed.
12:03 Changeset [24304] by amb
Switch default upstream repo to mirrors.mit.edu.


22:51 Changeset [24303] by broder
Document the fact that we don't want common-session running as part of schroot.
17:39 Ticket #511 (Firefox saves downloads to ~/Desktop with no option to save elsewhere) created by geofft
If you get a file with Content-Disposition: attachment or similar such …


20:12 Changeset [24302] by geofft
thirdparty-libraries: Also add fuse-utils This is pulled in by the GNOME desktop and by pyHesiodFS, but it's easy enough to be robust to the strange future in which both GNOME and Athena dump FUSE but 6.824 doesn't.
19:02 Ticket #510 (CUPS errors silently if PDF->PS conversion fails) created by kevinr
I printed the attached PDF, generated by Google Chrome (a dev snapshot). …
16:22 Ticket #509 (printing-config wrappers don't always use LPROPT) created by broder
I'm reopening this bug, since geofft commandeered it from me originally. …
14:52 Ticket #508 (Restore legacy LaTeX packages) created by jdreed
A number of LaTeX packages are missing on Debathena, including some that …


19:50 Changeset [24301] by geofft
mitmailutils: Update libsasl dependency from krb4 to krb5
19:32 Ticket #507 (pursue upstream bugs in Cyrus IMAP) created by geofft
1. As described in Trac #403, if you get a long IMAP response while SASL …
19:26 Changeset [24300] by geofft
In mitmailutils: * Switch from Hesiod to using *.mail.mit.edu so we can use GSSAPI authentication (Trac: #403). * Because of a Cyrus SASL bug (documented in that ticket) regarding parsing long encrypted responses, set maxssf to zero to send mail in the clear. This isn't as terrible as it sounds because mail travels in the clear on the public Internet anyway, and a bunch of client programs (Pine on Athena 9, for instance) don't use encryption, and the major use of mitmailutils is `from` and `mailquota` anyway. Patch based on one from Jonathan Reed <jdreed@mit.edu>.
14:32 Changeset [24299] by geofft
thirdparty-*: Stop talking about Athena 10
14:32 Changeset [24298] by geofft
thirdparty-utilities: Add dosemu per alexp's request
14:32 Changeset [24297] by geofft
thirdparty-libraries: Add libcv and python-psycopg2 (per alexp's request and ack, respectively)
13:10 Changeset [24296] by amb
Temporary hack for testing karmic installs.
11:15 Ticket #263 (debathena-afs-config: update-cellservdb has no manpage) closed by geofft
10:58 Changeset [24295] by geofft
In alpine-config: * Don't rewrite ~/.pinerc with sed if we're going to end up not changing it.
10:53 Ticket #506 (installing kerberos-config on a Karmic live cd confuses AppArmor) created by geofft
I've seen strange failures with the ability for certain programs (like ntp …
10:01 Ticket #447 (Update login session options for new gdm in karmic) closed by geofft
fixed: (1), (2), and (3) all work for me, and also I moved this package to …
09:46 Changeset [24294] by broder
Stick the ".debathena" before the ".jpg" or ".png" in gdm-config. This means that things like gnome-open and open (on OS X) will know what to do with our images.
09:42 Changeset [24293] by broder
Set the svn:mime-type on things that are images. This way we don't get massive binary blobs in our e-mail.
09:34 Changeset [24292] by geofft
In gdm-config: * Make half an attempt at skinning the new gdm (Trac: #430).
08:33 Ticket #505 (Identify Debathena on the login screen) created by geofft
This is vaguely a repeat of #158 for new-style GDM In particular, we …


22:38 Changeset [24291] by geofft
In finger: * Change ^ 100 to ^ 0100, since this code appears to be intended to do something to sanitize control characters. Setting bit 0100 (01000000) for characters under 32 converts them to the corresponding uppercase ASCII letter (e.g., ^A to A); XORing them with decimal 100 (01100100) is meaningless. * Pass through characters that are not in the ASCII set unsanitized. This allows .plans and .projects with UTF-8 text to be displayed.
16:13 Ticket #504 (investigate sporadic reports of disappearing jobs) created by geofft
A couple of people have mentioned to me that they print jobs and they …
16:12 Ticket #503 (cups-lpq doesn't tell you about the most recent completed job) created by geofft
[…] If your job prints quickly, it becomes confusing as to whether it …
16:09 Ticket #502 (cups-lpq doesn't tell you where a printer is) created by geofft
[…] If we ever end up writing our own lpq or fixing lpstat or …
13:53 Changeset [24290] by broder
Add libfuse-dev to thirdparty-libraries. (This is so that 6.824 can drop its impressively sketchy script to globally install FUSE on cluster machines)
12:01 Ticket #501 (Dotfiles should check for a case-insensitive value of "true" for "fallback) created by jdreed
When determining whether or not to run zwgc on the dialups, the dotfiles …
11:27 Ticket #500 (Get the dialup patched sshd into upstream) created by jdreed
See #495 for context. Ops has a patch to ssh to fallback to …
11:25 Ticket #495 (The new ssh/ticket delegation user experience is terrible) closed by jdreed
fixed: sshd has been patched on the dialups. Fixed.
11:24 Ticket #233 (3D apps mostly suck on 745s with radeon drivers) closed by jdreed
wontfix: We decided at release-team we really don't want to start drinking the …
11:19 Ticket #206 (Define behavior around zwgc and remote X11 sessions) closed by jdreed
fixed: Done.  http://kb.mit.edu/confluence/x/0gZa


12:05 Ticket #499 (attach man page should reflect reality) created by jdreed
Despite #227, we should update the man page to note that the majority of …
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