20:52 Changeset [24865] by geofft
Bump Squeeze prerelease tag to rebuild for freeze


11:45 Ticket #722 (tilde-lockername broke in Lucid for non-user lockers) closed by geofft
wontfix: We made a decision some time back to stop debathenifying tcsh and bash to …
10:16 Ticket #722 (tilde-lockername broke in Lucid for non-user lockers) created by jdreed
If this isn't fixable, we should document it as a known issue, since it is …


15:33 Ticket #557 (Update PXE installer for Lucid) reopened by amb
The PXE setup should really be installing Lucid directly, not via Jaunty. …
14:18 Changeset [24864] by amb
Log install-debathena.sh output to /var/log/athena-install.log.


21:28 Ticket #600 (PAM should tell you if you're over quota) closed by jdreed
21:28 Ticket #715 (Bring back tty-mode in an xterm login option (a la F2)) closed by jdreed
21:27 Ticket #710 (LPRng printing broken) closed by jdreed
18:48 Ticket #721 (mit-printing-config lpq sometimes tracebacks on Jaunty) created by jdreed
[…] Further investigation reveals: […] Further investigation is …


09:06 Ticket #720 (printing-config's lprm doesn't honor "-" as a job specifier) created by jdreed
You can specify "-" to remove all jobs. Printing-config's lprm doesn't …
09:04 Ticket #719 (Passing invalid arguments to printing-config wrappers causes traceback) created by jdreed
(See sipb,lprm,* from 16:38 on Tuesday for context) If I pass an invalid …


15:21 Ticket #718 (Move debathena's trac to demeter) created by jdreed
because we don't have a ticket for this.
11:39 Changeset [24863] by jdreed
In dotfiles: * Be a bit clearer when .attachrc exists but .attachrc.bash doesn't


14:37 Ticket #717 (CUPS truncates usernames at 7 characters) created by jdreed
We're running into this bug again: […] Mark Manley saw a version of …


16:08 InterMapTxt edited by geofft
add release-team (diff)


13:39 Ticket #716 (Firefox writes entirely too much to AFS homedirs) created by jdreed
Firefox becomes unusable when there's a network outage, because it spends …


14:50 Ticket #715 (Bring back tty-mode in an xterm login option (a la F2)) created by jdreed
Athena 9 had the option to use a "terminal style login session", which …
14:37 Changeset [24862] by jdreed
Refer to the right session name when advising the user
13:16 Changeset [24861] by jdreed
In xsession: * Add an Athena-specific tty-mode login session that will get you an xterm
13:08 Changeset [24860] by jdreed
Make message a bit easier to read
13:03 Changeset [24859] by jdreed
In xsession: * Make the 'xterm' login session actually useful * Warn about quota early in the session so users know why logins fail.


21:30 Ticket #714 (webmail.mit.edu and Firefox warn-on-redirect don't work well) created by geofft
There's a somewhat-questionable feature in Firefox in preferences, "Warn …
17:49 Ticket #713 (Login without customizations should be more insistent) created by jdreed
I don't know how feasible it is, but it would be nice if logging in …
17:45 Ticket #712 (We need a way to show ~/.xsession-errors to the user) created by jdreed
Upstream is clearly not interested in doing anything useful with …
13:41 Ticket #711 (debathena-moira-update-server should be part of -workstation) created by jdreed
I assert that this should be part of workstation. It was under Athena 9.
13:31 WorkflowPolicy edited by jdreed
13:30 WorkflowPolicy edited by jdreed
13:30 WorkflowPolicy edited by jdreed
13:29 WorkflowPolicy edited by jdreed
13:28 WorkflowPolicy created by jdreed
11:50 Changeset [24858] by jdreed
add Trac closer
11:49 Ticket #710 (LPRng printing broken) created by jdreed
[…] The problem is this block: […] An invocation like `lpr …
11:48 Changeset [24857] by jdreed
In printing-config: * Test system and argstyle, when adding zephyr args so as not to break * Modify tests to account for the fact that we're now calling common.find_queue twice


15:10 Ticket #709 (debathena-thunderbird-config is broken) created by jdreed
Users are reporting (and I can reproduce) that starting Thunderbird …
10:41 Changeset [24856] by jdreed
In printing-config: * Test system, not argstyle, when adding zephyr args so as not to break LPRng queues


19:48 Ticket #708 (Consider disabling DontZap) created by jdreed
Ctrl-Alt-Backspace is handy in the clusters when all else fails. However, …
16:36 Ticket #706 (GIMP is gone from cluster machines) closed by jdreed
15:48 Ticket #707 (Inform the user that we're trying to log them in) created by jdreed
If AFS is being flaky or the network sucks, the workstation will sit at …
15:38 Ticket #706 (GIMP is gone from cluster machines) created by jdreed
Ubuntu pulled GIMP from Lucid by default, and thus it vanished from the …


17:18 Ticket #663 (Document Viewer isn't in the Applications menu) closed by jdreed
17:04 Ticket #705 (Condense common GDM applet Python code) created by jdreed
The GDM applets (debathena-branding, debathena-kiosk, etc) all use …
02:53 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by geofft
02:37 Ticket #704 (revamp the website) created by geofft
I made this mockup some time ago:  http://debathena.geofft.scripts.mit.edu/
02:32 Ticket #703 (find a way to keep "Recent News" up to date) created by geofft
Apparently, we recently upgraded W20-575 to Debathena on Jaunty and are …
02:32 Ticket #702 (installer should use debconf) created by geofft
So, we have this thing that asks you for some questions and then installs …


14:41 Ticket #701 (reactivate should not unnecsssarily spam .xsession-errors) created by jdreed
Currently, when we restart CUPS inside the chroot, it spams …
12:45 Ticket #700 (debothena should run somewhere else) created by geofft
There's a nifty zephyr bot that will expand Trac ticket numbers into …
11:33 Ticket #699 (Consider installing human-theme) created by jdreed
This will allow people to revert to the Jaunty look and feel. Also, it's …


14:11 Changeset [24855] by amb
Use our known static address after kexec instead of using DHCP again.
10:03 Ticket #698 (New users are ending up with corrupted FF profiles) created by jdreed
We've seen a dramatic increase in the number of "SSL is disabled" tickets. …


20:03 Changeset [24854] by geofft
In saferm: * Make saferm largefile-compatible (Trac: #664).
19:54 Ticket #624 (send announce e-mail about cluster upgrade, 64-bit) closed by jdreed
18:37 Debathenification created by jdreed
18:23 Ticket #538 (Document the autodebathenification process in the wiki) closed by jdreed
wontfix: So, I guess what I really meant here was "Document the debathenification …


23:35 Ticket #697 (Make installation on 10/half networks suck less) created by jdreed
2-032 and 38-370 had > 50% failure rates for the upgrade, because they're …
14:20 Ticket #696 (Can't login without mouse) created by kcarnold
For Athena 9 and the the Jaunty Debathena, you could type username, Enter, …


08:25 Milestone Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) completed
07:56 Ticket #695 (Add an atq athinfo query) created by jdreed
As long as we're using at(1) for desynchronization, we should have an atq …
05:53 Ticket #694 (auto-upgrade should retry sooner than 24 hours) created by jdreed
If auto-upgrade bails because a workstation is in use, it shouldn't have …
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