17:37 Ticket #893 (CUPS is now unwilling to have no default printer) created by geofft
On linerva (CUPS 1.3.8): […] On tyger (CUPS 1.4.4): […] I think …
09:39 Ticket #892 (Consider adding a web page to walk people through c-p-d examples) created by jdreed
Recent e-mail exchanges suggest that we need to provide a slightly simpler …


13:57 Ticket #891 (Consider setting Lynx' STARTFILE to something less stupid) created by jdreed
Lynx's startfile is currently " http://lynx.isc.org", which apparently …


18:22 Ticket #890 (Adobe Reader uses lpr, not lp) created by geofft
For some reason Adobe Reader generates CUPS command lines starting with …
18:20 Ticket #889 (Kill the LPR GTK+ backend) created by geofft
At some point we should probably drop our …


21:25 Ticket #888 (Pull in new moira) created by jdreed
moira's r4038 fixes a crash in moira(1) that was being encountered in the …


16:25 Ticket #887 (Support ‘apt-get changelog’) created by andersk
Natty and wheezy support apt-get changelog ( DebianBug:526990). …
14:34 Ticket #872 (reactivate needs to recreate /etc/nologin symlink each time the snapshot ...) closed by jdreed
14:25 Ticket #540 (debathena-lprng should be providing /usr/sbin/lpc) closed by jdreed
14:13 Ticket #807 (test upstream change to LPRng) closed by jdreed


21:50 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by lizdenys
added two that came up today (diff)
15:22 Changeset [25130] by geofft
do-build: Fix typo
03:39 Changeset [25129] by geofft
do-build: Take non-production releases of into account
03:06 Changeset [25128] by geofft
Remove beta tag from Natty for release rebuild
02:50 Changeset [25127] by geofft
In from-config: * Use config-package-dev 4.12 (yay) to handle undiversions, instead of a copy of a broken version of its undiversions code.


02:55 Changeset [25126] by geofft
delete: Remove redundant explicit -lcom_err from Makefile
02:51 Changeset [25125] by geofft
In aclocal: * PKG_CHECK_MODULES doesn't split LDFLAGS and LIBS properly. Since we need to insert com_err's LDFLAGS before AFS's, but since -lcom_err needs to be after the object files, we need this split. So, reimplement what we need of it and just use PKG_CHECK_EXISTS.


21:35 Ticket #886 (Unlocking screen messes with zwgc's auth) created by cfox
When I type my password into gnome-screensaver, my running zwgc loses the …
20:24 Ticket #885 (Rebuild and package kerberometer) created by jdreed
Because we can. And because amb also thinks it's a good idea. See …
16:35 Changeset [25124] by geofft
daschroot: Tell me what session I'm in
13:50 InterMapTxt edited by andersk
Add automake (diff)
03:59 Changeset [25123] by geofft
In aclocal: * If we're going to use pkg-config's macros, having pkg-config installed is probably a good plan.
03:28 Changeset [25122] by geofft
delete: Add a versioned dep for the needed athena_com_err.m4 version
03:12 Changeset [25121] by geofft
In aclocal: * Make ATHENA_UTIL_COM_ERR use pkg-config to find com_err's location (and set CFLAGS instead of CPPFLAGS as pkg-config wants), and prefix CFLAGS and LDFLAGS so as to cause the normal com_err to be found in preference to AFS' variant.
02:28 Ticket #318 (Extend nss-nonlocal to support whitelisting nonlocal groups and grplists) closed by andersk
01:50 Changeset [25120] by geofft
In delete: * Update packaging to use debathena-aclocal instead of daconfiscate. * Bump debhelper compatibility level.


19:17 Changeset [25119] by geofft
In delete: * Update autogoo for the 21st century.


18:45 Changeset [25118] by geofft
daschroot: Let chroot-sources know what dist we want
18:37 Changeset [25117] by geofft
daschroot: error out on failure, not success
18:18 Changeset [25116] by geofft
Add 'daschroot', which adds Debathena sources.list entries automatically


18:22 Changeset [25115] by kaduk
fix grammar errors in r25103 spotted by geofft
17:22 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by lizdenys
added debathena-lizdenys-death-glare-config (diff)


16:13 Changeset [25114] by geofft
extra-software: Don't depend on build-depends, that's just silly
13:30 Ticket #883 (Keyboard is unusable at greeter on a 755) closed by jdreed
12:40 Ticket #884 (autodebathenify should not take its ball and go home if a single release ...) created by jdreed
If building for, say, natty, fails, it should not affect the other 7 …
10:52 Changeset [25113] by geofft
build-all: actually, _re_build for natty
10:51 Changeset [25112] by geofft
build-all: build for natty
10:45 Changeset [25111] by geofft
Bump Natty beta tag for prerelease build
10:14 Changeset [25110] by geofft
Add a 2>&1 to an apt-cache show command
09:50 Changeset [25109] by lizdenys
depend on apt instead of aptitude
05:20 Changeset [25108] by lizdenys
force installation of openafs-modules-dkms with bumped epoch
02:42 Changeset [25107] by lizdenys
updated openafs debathenificator to no longer create the metapackage if dkms exists
01:43 Changeset [25106] by geofft
install-debathena: Prefer openafs-modules-dkms to our modules (Trac: #243)


17:36 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by jdreed
16:22 Ticket #883 (Keyboard is unusable at greeter on a 755) created by jdreed
I don't know if this is hardware-specific or what. But on my Dell 755 …
15:54 Ticket #882 (Stop honoring LPROPT in the wrappers) created by jdreed
LPRng queues will be officially dead soon, and we've stopped setting …
15:41 Ticket #881 (debathena-discuss-server missing utility programs, esp. "byteswap") created by tlyu
The utility programs "recover", "expunge", and "byteswap" are missing from …


14:39 Ticket #880 (associate .ram files with RealPlayer) created by geofft
XINE doesn't have the necessary codecs to play 7.013's lecture videos. …
13:12 Ticket #683 (find 32-bit-only locker software that won't work on 64-bit machines) closed by jdreed
wontfix: According to /mit/outland/share/whichlocker/program-list, the only …
13:07 Ticket #879 (athinfod on cluster should be able to read basic logs) created by jdreed
At the very least, /var/log/messages and dmesg.


17:48 Changeset [25105] by kaduk
In thirdparty-simulation: update for Natty verilog-mode was dropped from natty since its functionality is included in emacs23. Lucid also has emacs23 as default, so we can just drop it.
16:56 Changeset [25104] by kaduk
In thirdparty-numerical: update for Natty gnumeric-gtk is a transitional package to plain gnumeric octave3.2 is in lucid-updates and natty
15:24 Changeset [25103] by kaduk
In dotfiles: * Update lockers.7 for modern sysnames and the ubiquity of the arch/@sys/ convention (Trac #871)
01:25 Changeset [25102] by kaduk
In thirdparty-libraries: update for Natty Chase a few version updates, and a couple of removals: glitz: (From Debian) RM; RC-buggy; abandoned; not mainained any more libqt-perl: deleted for natty as obsolete,unused libcv is a bit odd in that libcv1 is in hardy, libcv4 in lucid, and libcv2.1 in natty
00:23 Changeset [25101] by kaduk
bump thirdparty-languages' version for previous changes


15:10 Ticket #432 (collate by default) closed by jdreed
worksforme: This appears to work in Lucid with Pharos.
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