22:14 Ticket #149 (Add terminal launcher to GNOME panel) closed by jdreed
20:50 Changeset [25180] by jdreed
In cluster: * First release as non-equivs package
20:43 Changeset [25179] by jdreed
In workstation: * First release as non-equivs package
20:40 Changeset [25178] by jdreed
In locker: * First release as non-equivs package
20:36 Changeset [25177] by jdreed
In standard: * First release as non-equivs package
20:30 Changeset [25176] by jdreed
In login: * First release as non-equivs package
18:23 Changeset [25175] by jdreed
Move to non-equivs package (Trac: #848)
17:44 Ticket #942 (Monolithic apparmor-config is stupid) created by jdreed
See #737 for context.
17:30 Changeset [25174] by jdreed
In apparmor-config: * ensure local/usr.sbin/cupsd and local/usr.sbin.ntpd files exist even if those packages aren't installed (Trac: #737)
17:20 Ticket #915 (gconf key no longer disables face browser) closed by jdreed
worksforme: I can't repro this on a clean machine.
16:47 Ticket #941 (resolvconf definitely doesn't work under natty and oneiric) created by jdreed
I can't remember if this is relevant or not given that we still do caching …
16:29 Ticket #940 (Migrate zulu to not-Debian) created by jdreed
Ops would very much prefer it if zulu were not-Debian. Since we can't make …
15:23 Ticket #634 (daemon/zulu.mit.edu@MIT.EDU is not a real e-mail address) closed by jdreed
duplicate: Dupe of #806
15:18 Ticket #822 (Repoint zulu's approx at mirrors.mit.edu and/or punt approx) closed by jdreed
wontfix: Approx does buy us the ability to quickly repoint every chroot at a new …


15:18 Changeset [25173] by jdreed
Leave Ben's changelog entry in there, as it's still partially true
15:15 Changeset [25172] by jdreed
In printing-config: * No, really, don't barf on unexpected args (Trac: #719)
12:54 Ticket #939 (Dialups should run zwgc) created by jdreed
I'm aware that we've been through this discussion before. However, the …
12:50 Ticket #938 (zwrite should whine at you if you're not subbed) created by jdreed
(Yes, I'm aware that all the cool kids use barnowl) Periodically, someone …
12:40 Ticket #937 (Clean up gdm-config) created by jdreed
We no longer support old-GDM releases (Hardy is no longer supported for …
10:34 Changeset [25171] by jdreed
In gdm-config: * Ship our own athena-session and do logic in that * Make the implict dependencyies on gnome-session and python explicit


21:47 Changeset [25170] by geofft
In dotfiles: * quotawarn hasn't been in this package since 10.0.2-0debathena3, so we don't need to depend on debathena-quota.
17:56 Changeset [25169] by geofft
Correctly handle multiple simultaneous versions of metapackages When uploading a new version to -proposed, an old version will continue to be in production; this means that dpkg-awk can return multiple stanzas. So, grep the output, instead of expecting the output to be a single line. This updates r23627.


14:06 Changeset [25168] by jdreed
Install manpages correctly
10:53 Changeset [25167] by jdreed
Sigh. Use the right path
10:50 Changeset [25166] by jdreed
In pyhesiodfs: * Actually install the man page
05:18 Ticket #936 (config-package-dev should install Lintian override for ...) created by geofft
DEB_REMOVE_FILES operates by ensuring that /usr/share/packagename exists, …
04:52 Changeset [25165] by geofft
In cupsys-config: * No need to make restart_cups.sh executable, since it's only intended to be included in other scripts and doesn't do anything if you execute it (since it just defines a function). This addresses Lintian warning executable-not-elf-or-script.
02:23 Ticket #935 (backports listed in both sources.list and sources.list.d) created by geofft
On w20-575-1 and -2, backports is uncommented in /etc/apt/sources.list, …
00:27 InterMapTxt edited by andersk
Add DEP (diff)


20:54 Ticket #934 (Update libnss-nonlocal's multiarch support) closed by andersk
THERE IS NO BUG STOP REOPENING: I did that already. The only known bug is #861.
20:43 Ticket #934 (Update libnss-nonlocal's multiarch support) created by geofft
We currently build lib32nss-nonlocal on amd64 and lib64nss-nonlocal on …
20:42 Ticket #933 (Update libraries to support multiarch) created by geofft
Following the [ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MultiarchSpec Ubuntu multiarch …
20:33 Ticket #932 (Installer should configure Oneiric and Wheezy for multiarch) created by geofft
Once we figure out #931, we're going to want to be installing things like …
20:24 Ticket #931 (Try and reduce dependence on ia32-libs) created by geofft
Evan tells me that * ia32-libs is going away in Oneiric in favor of …
17:21 Changeset [25164] by jdreed
In athinfod: * Make the cluster test executable, which it's not because this is a non-native package
16:47 Ticket #930 (clearing /home maybe breaks natty cluster logins) created by kaduk
While tracking down #928, I created a local user so that I could get …
16:39 Ticket #929 (larvnet-wrapper maybe fails on natty cluster) created by kaduk
While tracking down #928, I tried many things to get a working login …
16:35 Ticket #928 (cluster logins don't get tokens (and fail) on natty) created by kaduk
In a stock install of cluster on natty, logins fail. This seems to be …
15:20 Ticket #927 (No job control for rescue /bin/sh in PXE installer) created by geofft
You can't hit Ctrl-C, use anna-install, etc. from the "4: /bin/sh (for …


14:05 Changeset [25163] by jdreed
In gdm-config: * Don't fail in maintainer scripts, even if the Debian utilities are stupid
12:08 Ticket #926 (install doesn't prompt for installing debathena-thirdparty) created by jweiss
When doing a (PXE, but I don't think it's specific to that) install of …
11:47 Ticket #925 (Order of sanity checks in installer is stupid) created by jdreed
The very first thing it does should be to check for a supported release, …
10:36 Changeset [25162] by jdreed
Remove 'unreleased' tag
10:22 Changeset [25161] by jdreed
No, really, stop building for karmic
09:35 Changeset [25160] by jdreed
* Support natty * Be clearer about what "not up to date" means


23:00 Ticket #924 (Support Natty via PXE installs) created by jdreed
Because we don't yet have a ticket for this.
22:47 Changeset [25159] by jdreed
Of course Natty uses a different argument for the KB layout
22:38 Changeset [25158] by jdreed
Don't hardcode lucid
22:22 Changeset [25157] by jdreed
Set partman-lvm/confirm_nooverwrite (Trac: #736)
22:00 Changeset [25156] by jdreed
More obvious option names
20:27 Changeset [25155] by jdreed
* Add new stage1 bootstrapper (previously done by the jaunty installer) * Make natty stage2 noninteractive * Change typo in lucid installer which had wrong path to partman recipe
12:24 Changeset [25154] by jdreed
* Move suite selection into installer * Fix path to partman recipe


22:21 Ticket #923 (debathena-bash-config interferes with base-files’s upgrading of ...) created by andersk
base-files.postinst on Ubuntu upgrades /etc/profile as follows: […] …
16:23 Changeset [25153] by jdreed
In login-graphical: * First release as non-equivs package
13:02 Ticket #922 (Track commit review better) created by geofft
We should have some better mechanism for tracking commit review, …
11:34 Ticket #921 (Clean up comments and info in prototype_user files) created by jdreed
For example, .cshrc still talks about .path and $athena_path
11:18 Ticket #920 (Prevent users from doing stupid things with PATH) created by jdreed
There's a bad snippet of code (that appears to be from 6.170) going around …
10:57 Ticket #911 (Stop building for karmic) closed by jdreed
fixed: […]
09:33 Ticket #919 (Thunderbird autoconfig does the wrong thing with moira lists) created by jdreed
Thuderbird autoconfig blindly takes the local part of the e-mail address …


23:17 Changeset [25152] by jdreed
Revert inadvertent changes to glade file in r25151
23:15 Changeset [25151] by jdreed
Move the dh_install to the right place (that is, new-gdm)
15:43 Ticket #918 (Push moira manpage changes upstream) created by jdreed
e.g. #268
15:42 Ticket #742 (athinfo.defs should use better test for cluster machines) closed by jdreed
15:41 Ticket #753 (save-cluster-info has hardcoded version number) closed by jdreed
15:41 Ticket #814 (Screensaver "Log Out" no longer works reliably) closed by jdreed
15:41 Ticket #845 (debathena-moira-update-server error on uninstall) closed by jdreed
15:41 Ticket #856 (Update firefox-extension to work with FF 4) closed by jdreed
15:40 Ticket #268 (debathena-moira-clients: missing manpages) closed by jdreed
15:40 Ticket #563 ("Duplex printing set-up" in firefox-extension can't possibly still be ...) closed by jdreed
15:40 Ticket #681 (reactivate.log is useless) closed by jdreed
15:40 Ticket #701 (reactivate should not unnecsssarily spam .xsession-errors) closed by jdreed
fixed: This moved into production now. It's unclear that we need to switch to …
15:39 Ticket #729 (from uses alternatives now) closed by jdreed
15:38 Ticket #685 (Punt help-config) closed by jdreed
15:38 Ticket #212 (wireless LAN doesn't start at graphical login screen) closed by jdreed
15:38 Ticket #711 (debathena-moira-update-server should be part of -workstation) closed by jdreed
14:55 Changeset [25150] by jdreed
Tel users we're installing (Trac #800)
13:39 Changeset [25149] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Increase installer DHCP timeout (Trac: #846)
13:18 Ticket #322 (Installer should verify installability) closed by jdreed
wontfix: dkms "fixes" this.
13:09 Changeset [25148] by jdreed
11:56 Changeset [25147] by jdreed
* Prep for natty install * Better support for alternate mirrors * Support beta installer
10:15 Changeset [25146] by jdreed
In gdm-config: * Add new Athena session (Trac #850)
00:17 Changeset [25145] by lizdenys
new dkms openafs-modules also need to depend on linux-headers- and linux-image-


23:29 Ticket #647 (Remove the Java Licensing text from the installer) closed by geofft
fixed: I like the licensing page. In any case, this was moved to production as …
18:44 Ticket #917 (post-commit hook should be in UTF8) created by jdreed
18:27 Changeset [25144] by andersk
Revert incorrect grammar fix Commas only go between coordinate adjectives; “multiple” and “independent” are coordinate adjectives modifying the noun “argument sets”.
18:02 Changeset [25143] by kaduk
Add changelog for r25142, along with another grammar fixup and fixing up a copy/paste issue in a comment.
17:18 Changeset [25142] by kaduk
wrap long line and be consistent about space after commas


00:59 Changeset [25141] by geofft
debathenify-openafs: Epochs don't end up in .deb filenames


19:58 Ticket #916 (debathena-moira-passwd-config should have a man page for chfn) created by geofft
Upstream Debian provides chfn (renamed to chfn.debathena-orig) and the man …
14:19 Ticket #915 (gconf key no longer disables face browser) created by jdreed
Instead, we get to speak DBus:: `dbus-send --system …
13:04 Changeset [25140] by jdreed
In cluster-login-config: * Change display sleep time to 10 minutes (Trac: #894)


15:04 Ticket #914 (Consider restricting athinfo queries to 18/8) closed by jdreed
14:54 Ticket #914 (Consider restricting athinfo queries to 18/8) created by jdreed
Because it's not paranoia if they're really out to get you.
14:50 Changeset [25139] by jdreed
In athinfod-cluster-config: * Drop /var/log/messages, because we can't read it (Leave dmesg for now, though Oneiric might screw us over)
14:39 Ticket #913 (Come up with an awesome way to manage nobuild files) created by jdreed
We should do something better with nobuild files. In particular, we …
14:15 Ticket #912 (Clean up and release build infrastructure (/mit/debathena/bin)) created by geofft
Our build infrastructure from [browser:trunk/debathena/scripts
13:09 Ticket #911 (Stop building for karmic) created by jdreed
12:10 Ticket #834 (upgrade-schroots doesn't work) closed by jdreed
worksforme: This apparently magically started working again? I'll note that the …
09:53 Changeset [25138] by jdreed
In cluster-login-config: * Use polkit to disable suspend and hiberate (Trac #684)


16:33 Changeset [25137] by jdreed
In athinfod-cluster-config: * Read the correct files in update-schedule (Trac #910) * Remove 'test -r' (Trac #909)
16:30 Ticket #910 (athinfo update-schedule reads the wrong file) created by jdreed
update-schedule reads a file which has never had the update schedule in …
16:22 Ticket #909 (athinfo.defs shouldn't test files before cat'ing them) created by jdreed
We want to be able to differentiate between "empty file" and ENOENT. …
16:07 Changeset [25136] by jdreed
In printing-config: * Kill LPROPT with fire (Trac: #882) * That's not how you spell 'nonexistent'
15:43 Changeset [25135] by jdreed
In printing-config: * Don't barf on unexpected args (Trac #719)
13:02 Changeset [25134] by jdreed
In firefox-wrapper: * Use modutil to detect when a user has borked their security database (Trac: #698) * Add dependency on libnss3-tools for the above change
09:38 Changeset [25133] by jdreed
In alpine-config: * Use ldap-too.mit.edu, not ldap.mit.edu (Trac: #392) In ldap-config: * Use ldap-too, not ldap (Trac: #392)


15:24 Changeset [25132] by jdreed
In athinfod-cluster-config: * Add support for dmesg and /var/log/messages (Trac #879) * Use new cluster test and depend on relevant athinfod version (Trac #906)
14:22 Ticket #751 (Begin de-support effort for Hardy) closed by jdreed
fixed: Done.  278
14:20 InterMapTxt edited by jdreed
13:52 ReleaseSupport edited by jdreed
13:11 Ticket #908 (accept hostnames instead of IP address in installer) closed by jdreed
duplicate: See #622
13:10 Ticket #908 (accept hostnames instead of IP address in installer) created by geofft
I kind of want to be able to enter e.g. "yaz-pistachio" or "w20-575-10" or …
00:51 Ticket #907 (deluser --remove-all-files should not search AFS) created by geofft
This is a tracking bug for  bugs:27441, which was reported upstream as …
00:19 Ticket #906 (athinfod-cluster-config should use is_cluster(1)) created by kaduk
In #742, we added an is_cluster script intended to be better than just …


15:50 Ticket #905 (Investigate fglrx) created by jdreed
Investigate whether fglrx is a good idea and maintainable in the cluster …
15:49 Ticket #904 (Installer bootstrapping stuff should be at least Maverick) created by jdreed
Currently, we still use Jaunty for the initial basic bootstrapping in PXE. …
14:40 Ticket #903 (See if Pharos can support raw PostScript) created by geofft
It's reported that it's currently the case that with -o raw, you can …
13:41 Ticket #902 (Find a good way to deploy unpackaged software) created by jdreed
I think what we really want is a good way to deploy unpackaged software …


13:59 Ticket #901 (usb-creator-gtk doesn't work on cluster) created by jdreed
I suspect this is due to poor interaction between the horrible things we …


11:48 Ticket #900 (Parallel builds of discuss can fail due to unsafe Makefile) created by achernya
The Makefile in discuss/server has the following block: […] When …


16:04 Ticket #899 (regapplet text is borked) created by jdreed
See  bugs:27557 for a full description, but basically text is truncated …


10:53 Ticket #898 (discuss doesn't support building shared libraries) closed by jdreed
duplicate: See #70.
10:29 Ticket #898 (discuss doesn't support building shared libraries) created by mitchb
srsly? We should embrace the 90's or something. Anyway, in as much as we …
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