18:08 Changeset [25271] by jdreed
Use the correct version comparison to determine whether to run update-grub
18:01 Changeset [25270] by jdreed
In gdm-config: * Display the nologin-monitor window if the file exists when we start up
17:59 Changeset [25269] by jdreed
Abuse /var/run/athena-nologin to indicate that we're busy
17:50 Changeset [25268] by jdreed
Create a flag file while we're adding the printers at boot time
16:44 Changeset [25267] by jdreed
In cluster-login-config: * Actually run update-grub
16:34 Changeset [25266] by jdreed
Require $remote_fs to make Lintian STFU
16:30 Changeset [25265] by jdreed
In cluster-cups-config: * lpstat -r always returns 0, you need to parse the output
15:52 Ticket #984 (english-to-english-config should say something about Pharos) created by geofft
It'd be nice if the dialog box saying that your print job was submitted …
15:43 Ticket #983 (Natty's d-i progress bar sometimes vanishes) created by jdreed
(This happens consistently on VMware) After the progress bar gets to …
15:31 Ticket #978 (Possible installation hang with lvremove) closed by jdreed
fixed: This was fixed and pushed to production, in that we no longer create that …
14:42 Changeset [25264] by jdreed
Use update-notifier to indicate a reboot is required
14:21 Changeset [25263] by jdreed
Ensure the init script only runs once
14:19 Changeset [25262] by jdreed
In cluster-cups-config: * Ship an init script which can be used to add the printers at boot time, since they can't be added at install time because CUPS isn't running


21:14 Changeset [25261] by jdreed
Spell 'extension' correctly
21:13 Changeset [25260] by jdreed
In firefox-extension: * And bump the extenion's version number to fix compatibility issues
19:44 Ticket #982 (Write a session wrapper than runts initgroups(3)) created by jdreed
sudo changed its behavior and can no longer be used to run initgroups(3) …
18:50 Changeset [25259] by jdreed
In cluster-login-config: * Run update-grub (and depend grub, I guess)
18:09 Ticket #981 (ubuntu doesn't like using the same home directory on multiple monitors) created by lizdenys
When you login to a machine with a different monitor configuration, …
17:58 Changeset [25258] by geofft
In reactivate: * If chattr fails due to the file not existing, that shouldn't abort the rest of reactivate.
17:18 Changeset [25257] by geofft
In extra-software-nox: * Dropping the dependency on debathena-build-depends also dropped our dependency on debathena-debian-dev. That package is actually reasonable as "extra software", and actually fits the nox requirement. Re-add it. In workstation: * Explicitly depend on debathena-build-depends, as it was removed from debathena-extra-software
17:11 Changeset [25256] by geofft
In reactivate: * sudo now checks its supplementary group list, not NSS, for group membership, and so it doesn't consider you in the admin group until after you run initgroups(3). Since we use sudo itself to run initgroups, we need to work around this somehow... the simplest fix is to explicitly add $USER to /etc/sudoers inside the chroot. At some point we may want to write our own setuid initgroups(3) helper and avoid sudo entirely.
16:41 Changeset [25255] by geofft
In firefox-extension: * Support Firefox 5.0, since Natty has upgraded to that.
08:59 Changeset [25254] by jdreed
In gdm-config: * Ensure gdm's g-s-d dies (Trac: #979)
08:32 Ticket #224 (Cluster installer should check for sufficient disk space) closed by jdreed
fixed: This is checked in stage2 via a partman/early_command. If stage1 becomes …
08:26 Ticket #980 (install-debathena.sh should not screw with -cluster networking or disk) created by jdreed
Currently, install-debathena.sh does a lot of fixup after the cluster …
08:21 Ticket #897 (PXE installer sets non-cluster hostnames to install-target-host) closed by jdreed
fixed: This mostly works, AFAICT.
08:09 Ticket #622 (PXE installer should accept a hostname in addition to an IP address) closed by jdreed
fixed: This is deployed.
08:07 Ticket #979 (gdm's g-s-d sticks around after login) created by jdreed
From #850: The first time a user logs in, using the Athena default …
08:05 Ticket #512 (sftp subsystem should not return stdout/stderr from dotfiles) closed by jdreed
fixed: This was moved a while ago.


13:18 Changeset [25253] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Don't kexec -e, instead reboot and rely on the init script
12:32 Changeset [25252] by jdreed


16:05 Changeset [25251] by jdreed
No longer save half the disk for LVM snapshots This means Jaunty cluster is no longer installable; we don't care
16:02 Changeset [25250] by jdreed
Pause when !cluster or when using beta installer
15:34 Changeset [25249] by jdreed
Pause at the end unconditionally


20:34 Changeset [25248] by geofft
installer: Write IP info to preseed file differently The logic from r25246 would never work. We actually just want to grab the info preseeded on the kernel command line.
18:25 Changeset [25247] by geofft
Fix mistake in r25246
18:15 Ticket #978 (Possible installation hang with lvremove) created by geofft
I ran into the lvremove -f /dev/athena/keep_2 from install-debathena.sh …
17:52 Changeset [25246] by geofft
installer: install-debathena always needs our IP address in the preseed
17:10 Changeset [25245] by geofft
install-debathena: Display the date, since we claim we're displaying the date
16:17 Changeset [25244] by geofft
installer: Remove spurious 'fi'
15:47 Changeset [25243] by geofft
installer: Fix typo in r25240
15:33 Changeset [25242] by geofft
installer: Don't use $mp when it isn't set
11:37 Ticket #977 ("machine failed to install properly" image failed to install properly) created by geofft
Remember the borked install from #974? I hit the power button partway …
10:54 Changeset [25241] by geofft
installer: Quote moar
10:20 Changeset [25240] by geofft
installer: Busybox's sed doesn't support s///i
08:30 Ticket #976 (debathena-gdm-config doesn't handle Debian gdm3 package) created by geofft
Ubuntu put what we call "new GDM" in the gdm package, starting from …


17:59 Changeset [25239] by jdreed
Remove non-functional 1b for now
17:48 Ticket #975 (ttf-msttcorefonts-installer postinst fails when ubuntu-desktop is pulled ...) created by geofft
The postinst fails as described below.
17:35 Ticket #974 (Using install option 1b actually destroys your disk despite saying it ...) created by geofft
I installed Natty using the beta installer and switching the distro and …
11:31 Ticket #973 (discuss segfault on re-adding a meeting) created by geofft
I saw the following on my Squeeze amd64 server: […] ... […] This …
10:54 Ticket #972 (Installer should make sure you've got linux-headers matching linux-image) created by geofft
I installed a kernel from Debian testing on my Debian stable laptop so …
09:50 Ticket #971 (logout() should check for a required reboot) created by jdreed
When logging out via the GUI, /var/run/reboot_required is checked via …


18:20 Changeset [25238] by jdreed
Use grep -Fqx instead of sed, since something is screwing with newlines
18:06 Changeset [25237] by jdreed
Revert second-half of r25236
18:05 Changeset [25236] by jdreed
hescluster != hesclusters
16:21 Changeset [25235] by amb
Choose exactly the known repos listed in hesiod for apt sources. In particular "development" no longer will imply "proposed".
15:32 Changeset [25234] by jdreed
In cluster-login-config: * Ship our own grub config to clobber the timeout value
13:55 Ticket #615 (Work with ops to begin aggregating metrics weekly and sending info to ...) closed by jdreed
13:31 Ticket #970 (athena-auto-update should consider mailing root when SKIP_REBOOT=y) created by kaduk
People might want to have regular updates taken automatically but control …
13:28 Ticket #924 (Support Natty via PXE installs) closed by jdreed
fixed: We kind of suck at making the installer fit into the workflow policy.


11:11 Ticket #969 (auto-upgrade needs to shut down X) created by jdreed
AFAICT, on Lucid and higher, you cannot kexec if X is running on the …
10:52 Changeset [25233] by jdreed
Add a second nameserver
09:40 Ticket #968 (Subsequent reboots after entering recovery mode will sit at the grub menu ...) created by jdreed
Thanks to a grub config that thinks it's smarter than you, once a machine …


22:03 Changeset [25232] by jdreed
* Cleanup stage 2 and only support networking reconfig under certain circumstances
22:02 Changeset [25231] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Pass networking info straight to stage 2
19:01 Ticket #967 (Create -bleeding repository) created by jdreed
So that we can break things. We may not need it right now, but …
18:58 Ticket #966 (Create "-staging" repository for full builds) created by jdreed
Current, full builds go into -development. This interferes with our …
17:08 Ticket #965 (athena-auto-upgrade should pass the full netcfg info) created by jdreed
athena-auto-upgrade shouldn't rely on our DHCP infrastructure and should …
17:05 Changeset [25230] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Support Natty's idea of preseeding the keyboard layout * Support a hostname
16:51 Changeset [25229] by jdreed
* Support old auto-upgrade (clusterforce=yes) * Set some sane defaults for when installertype and mirrorsite aren't passed * Handle pxetype being unset (error) * Fix quoting in tests
16:29 Ticket #964 (getcluster(1) is full of lies) created by jdreed
/etc/athena -> /etc in the man page
12:35 Ticket #737 (debathena-apparmor-config 1.2~ubuntu10.10 fails to install) closed by jdreed
fixed: This got built and pushed out, apparently.
12:16 Changeset [25228] by jdreed
Remove testing for invalid_args since we now actually handle that
12:04 Ticket #963 (thirdparty should stop being equivs) created by jdreed
Now that #848 is done, we should do the same with thirdparty. We may also …
11:03 Ticket #961 (Consider a better environment-filter for the login chroot) closed by jdreed
10:53 Ticket #962 (Add systemd support to pyhesiodfs) created by geofft
It sounds like Wheezy will have systemd, so it'd be nice to add support …


21:51 Ticket #961 (Consider a better environment-filter for the login chroot) created by jdreed
Currently, we permit everything. However, it's arguable, that, e.g. …
19:29 Ticket #800 (PXE installer should inform users that it's installing) closed by cilantro
fixed: Deployed 7 July 2011.
17:38 Changeset [25227] by jdreed
In counterlog: * Switch to socat instead of netcat (Trac: #929)
17:36 Changeset [25226] by jdreed
In larvnet: * Switch to socat because netcat is broken in Natty (Trac: #929)
17:25 Changeset [25225] by jdreed
Move comments in snapshot-run, and also clean up in reactivate
16:57 Changeset [25224] by jdreed
Move the echo into the "set -e" block, so if a user has left an immutable file with a tainted environment in there, it'll either get overwritten, or the login will fail.
16:29 Changeset [25223] by jdreed
In reactivate: * Workaround for schroot/libpam-afs-session stupidity (Trac: #928)


03:14 Ticket #960 (Make the stage1 iPXE instead of Linux) created by geofft
So currently the way that Debathena PXE boot works is that we load this …
01:10 Ticket #959 (debathena-msmtp ought to queue) created by geofft
I got this a couple of times tonight, and I'm pretty sure I wasn't the …


22:03 Changeset [25222] by amb
Extract only one line of the hesiod cluster info, which can contain multiple entries.


18:32 Ticket #958 (config-package-dev needs to use `LC_ALL=C dpkg-divert --list`) created by andersk
Otherwise dpkg-divert --list might write its output in a different …
10:50 Ticket #957 (Review Lintian VendorCustomization spec and use it) created by geofft
[ http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.debian.derivatives/478 pabs …


11:40 Ticket #956 (Epiphany doesn't support certificates) created by geofft
Epiphany is Debian's default browser. On Squeeze, it is unable to generate …


16:48 Ticket #955 (Installer should fetch its idea of supported releases from the network) created by jdreed
install-debathena.sh should fetch its idea of supported releases from the …
14:32 Changeset [25221] by jdreed
In gdm-config: * Applets really shouldn't attempt to steal focus (Trac: #812)


18:32 Changeset [25220] by kaduk
In discuss: * Flesh out mkds.8 and rmds.8 some more.
00:48 Ticket #954 (machtype -L should not use dpkg-query) created by jdreed
For the reasons noted in #778, machtype should not use dpkg-query. Now …
00:26 Changeset [25219] by jdreed
Fix rules again, because thunderbird is referred to so will show up in apt-cache policy as "(none)" instead of the empty string
00:15 Changeset [25218] by jdreed
Use the actual flow control I intended


23:59 Changeset [25217] by jdreed
Support icedove
23:46 Changeset [25216] by jdreed
Remove build-depends on thunderbird in favor of new test in rules
23:43 Changeset [25215] by jdreed
Use better test for thunderbird 3.1 to avoid playing stupid games with build depends
23:29 Changeset [25214] by jdreed
Add ${misc:Depends} in cluster, extra-software, extra-software-nox, locker, login, standard, and workstation to satisfy lintian Bump standards-version to 3.9.2 in locker
22:17 Changeset [25213] by jdreed
No-change version bump to rebuild clients and extra-software with their changelog data so all metapackages are in sync
21:35 Changeset [25212] by jdreed
Fix typo
20:02 Changeset [25211] by kaduk


22:31 Changeset [25210] by jdreed
In msmtp-config: * Move debconf and aliases postinst stuff to debathena-msmtp-mta (Trac: #953) echo '# /etc/aliases' > /etc/aliases.tmp echo '# Created by debathena-msmtp-mta postinst' > /etc/aliases.tmp echo 'mailer-daemon: postmaster' >> /etc/aliases.tmp for i in postmaster nobody hostmaster usenet news webmaster www ftp abuse noc security cron; do echo "${i}: root" done >> /etc/aliases.tmp if [ -n "$1" ]; then fi mv /etc/aliases.tmp /etc/aliases configure) ;; abort-upgrade|abort-remove|abort-deconfigure) ;; *) echo "postinst called with unknown argument \`$1'" >&2 exit 1 ;;
22:09 Ticket #953 (debathena-msmtp-config has no business with /etc/aliases) created by geofft
debathena-msmtp-mta is an MTA. debathena-msmtp-config is not. Its postinst …
21:54 Changeset [25209] by jdreed
In printing-config: * Deal with CUPS' lprm's stupid syntax (Trac: #720)
20:50 Ticket #952 (debathena-kiosk button should be a panel applet) created by jdreed
The Debathena-kiosk button to launch the browser should go in the panel, …
20:48 Ticket #951 (add-athena-printer should use hpijs or prompt for drivers) created by jdreed
add-athena-printer copying the print server's idea of a PPD/driver is …
20:33 Ticket #950 (Thunderbird autoconfig could deal with mailing list aliases) created by jdreed
This is the second half of #732: "The downside is that for those few …
16:32 Ticket #813 (Unity has rendered our docs and screenshots obsolete) closed by jdreed
16:09 Changeset [25208] by jdreed
Include a version number this way, even though svn:keywords would be better
15:13 Changeset [25207] by jdreed
Attempt to support DNS in the installer (Trac: #622 and #897)
13:55 Changeset [25206] by jdreed
Remember to remove files removed by upstream
13:44 Changeset [25205] by jdreed
Restore historical changelogs; insert witticism here
13:29 Changeset [25204] by jdreed
Remove .equivs file
13:25 Changeset [25203] by jdreed
Rediscover ancient history with the help of a phonebooth outside a Circle-K in San Dimas, CA
13:15 Changeset [25202] by jdreed
Restore history from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away (Tim committed first!)
12:50 Ticket #949 (edsc explodes on encountering old discussd) created by jweiss
I tried to start edsc and saw the following in the *Messages* buffer: …
12:44 Changeset [25201] by jdreed
Remove files that no longer exist
12:40 Ticket #948 (DKMS transition breaks on Debian meta-metapackages) created by geofft
From zephyr: […] There's code early in the OpenAFS debathenificator to …
12:27 Changeset [25200] by jdreed
Switch to tnef from ytenf
12:16 Changeset [25199] by jdreed
Document this process
12:16 Changeset [25198] by jdreed
In moira: * Snapshot moira@r4042 (6/28/11) * Update version number to include moira revision number
11:06 Ticket #371 (Graphical Installer should suggest use of athena username.) closed by jdreed
fixed: I'm going to close this. It was committed into git, and we should …
10:45 Ticket #947 (firefox-wrapper should not be arch-dependent) created by jdreed
The firefox wrapper uses a tiny C program (testlock). There's no real …
10:43 Ticket #871 (lockers.7 is out of date) closed by jdreed
fixed: Deployed 6/29
10:43 Ticket #806 (debathena-msmtp constructs useless From lines for non-null instances) closed by jdreed
fixed: Deployed 6/29
10:42 Ticket #698 (New users are ending up with corrupted FF profiles) closed by jdreed
fixed: Deployed 6/29
10:41 Ticket #392 (test current LDAP clients (address books) against ldap-too) closed by jdreed
fixed: Moved to production 6/29
10:40 Ticket #120 (Kill Athena finger with fire) closed by jdreed
10:31 Ticket #243 (openafs support should take advantage of dkms) closed by jdreed
fixed: Yay. Note the one final test will be when upstream comes out with a new …
01:35 Changeset [25197] by jdreed
Translated from the Vatican Archives with the help of a condescending Harvard Symbologist
01:00 Changeset [25196] by jdreed
Fix mistranslation due to eroded hieroglyph
00:58 Changeset [25195] by jdreed
Incorporate ancient history from the Scrolls of Pythia ("There are those who believe that code here was committed out there...")
00:29 Changeset [25194] by jdreed
In cluster: * Remove hard dependencies on from-config (which is in -clients) and mitmailutils (which is in -xsession)
00:25 Changeset [25193] by jdreed
Restore ancient history translated from paleolithic inscriptions found in caves near Lascaux, France
00:21 Ticket #946 (Restore mwm) created by jdreed
extra-software used to depend on motif-clients for mwm. It was removed in …


23:57 Changeset [25192] by jdreed
Incorporate changelogs from the ancient scrolls
23:09 Changeset [25191] by jdreed
We no longer need the .equivs file
22:57 Changeset [25190] by jdreed
Restore some history to the changelog
19:26 Ticket #692 (icedtea6-plugin doesn't get installed on -workstation) closed by jdreed
fixed: extra-software 1.0.1 fixes this.
19:25 Ticket #945 (workstation install prompts about hddtemp) closed by jdreed
19:15 Milestone Natty Alpha completed
19:13 Ticket #945 (workstation install prompts about hddtemp) created by jdreed
Natty workstation pulls in hddtemp, which prompts the user during the …
19:08 Ticket #944 (update-language-def is broken in Natty) created by jdreed
and causes a ton of spew during the installation.
18:06 Changeset [25189] by jdreed
In extra-software: * Use a better rules test for whether icedtea6-plugin exists or not
17:15 Changeset [25188] by jdreed
Delete .equivs file now that it's not an equivs package
17:03 Ticket #943 (GRUB menu option to run the installer) created by geofft
We should have installed cluster machines come with a GRUB option to run …
16:09 Changeset [25187] by lizdenys
In reactivate: * Programs that run df no longer get confused about /tmp. (Trac #656) (Thanks to Jon Reed for this patch.)
13:45 Changeset [25186] by jdreed
Deal with local profiles if applicable
12:27 Changeset [25185] by jdreed
* Installer now checks for sufficient disk space (Trac: #224) * Pick the first disk, bypassing a prompt if there's more than one disk in the machine (say, a flash drive was left plugged in)
08:45 Changeset [25184] by jdreed
* Ensure local directory exists * Only do this on releases with dh_apparmor
03:27 InterMapTxt edited by geofft
02:58 Changeset [25183] by achernya
Actually fix the debian/rules file to have the new paths
02:48 Changeset [25182] by achernya
In get_message: * Update manpage to the new message cache.
02:48 Changeset [25181] by achernya
In gms: * Correct temporary cache directory.


22:14 Ticket #149 (Add terminal launcher to GNOME panel) closed by jdreed
20:50 Changeset [25180] by jdreed
In cluster: * First release as non-equivs package
20:43 Changeset [25179] by jdreed
In workstation: * First release as non-equivs package
20:40 Changeset [25178] by jdreed
In locker: * First release as non-equivs package
20:36 Changeset [25177] by jdreed
In standard: * First release as non-equivs package
20:30 Changeset [25176] by jdreed
In login: * First release as non-equivs package
18:23 Changeset [25175] by jdreed
Move to non-equivs package (Trac: #848)
17:44 Ticket #942 (Monolithic apparmor-config is stupid) created by jdreed
See #737 for context.
17:30 Changeset [25174] by jdreed
In apparmor-config: * ensure local/usr.sbin/cupsd and local/usr.sbin.ntpd files exist even if those packages aren't installed (Trac: #737)
17:20 Ticket #915 (gconf key no longer disables face browser) closed by jdreed
worksforme: I can't repro this on a clean machine.
16:47 Ticket #941 (resolvconf definitely doesn't work under natty and oneiric) created by jdreed
I can't remember if this is relevant or not given that we still do caching …
16:29 Ticket #940 (Migrate zulu to not-Debian) created by jdreed
Ops would very much prefer it if zulu were not-Debian. Since we can't make …
15:23 Ticket #634 (daemon/zulu.mit.edu@MIT.EDU is not a real e-mail address) closed by jdreed
duplicate: Dupe of #806
15:18 Ticket #822 (Repoint zulu's approx at mirrors.mit.edu and/or punt approx) closed by jdreed
wontfix: Approx does buy us the ability to quickly repoint every chroot at a new …


15:18 Changeset [25173] by jdreed
Leave Ben's changelog entry in there, as it's still partially true
15:15 Changeset [25172] by jdreed
In printing-config: * No, really, don't barf on unexpected args (Trac: #719)
12:54 Ticket #939 (Dialups should run zwgc) created by jdreed
I'm aware that we've been through this discussion before. However, the …
12:50 Ticket #938 (zwrite should whine at you if you're not subbed) created by jdreed
(Yes, I'm aware that all the cool kids use barnowl) Periodically, someone …
12:40 Ticket #937 (Clean up gdm-config) created by jdreed
We no longer support old-GDM releases (Hardy is no longer supported for …
10:34 Changeset [25171] by jdreed
In gdm-config: * Ship our own athena-session and do logic in that * Make the implict dependencyies on gnome-session and python explicit


21:47 Changeset [25170] by geofft
In dotfiles: * quotawarn hasn't been in this package since 10.0.2-0debathena3, so we don't need to depend on debathena-quota.
17:56 Changeset [25169] by geofft
Correctly handle multiple simultaneous versions of metapackages When uploading a new version to -proposed, an old version will continue to be in production; this means that dpkg-awk can return multiple stanzas. So, grep the output, instead of expecting the output to be a single line. This updates r23627.


14:06 Changeset [25168] by jdreed
Install manpages correctly
10:53 Changeset [25167] by jdreed
Sigh. Use the right path
10:50 Changeset [25166] by jdreed
In pyhesiodfs: * Actually install the man page
05:18 Ticket #936 (config-package-dev should install Lintian override for ...) created by geofft
DEB_REMOVE_FILES operates by ensuring that /usr/share/packagename exists, …
04:52 Changeset [25165] by geofft
In cupsys-config: * No need to make restart_cups.sh executable, since it's only intended to be included in other scripts and doesn't do anything if you execute it (since it just defines a function). This addresses Lintian warning executable-not-elf-or-script.
02:23 Ticket #935 (backports listed in both sources.list and sources.list.d) created by geofft
On w20-575-1 and -2, backports is uncommented in /etc/apt/sources.list, …
00:27 InterMapTxt edited by andersk
Add DEP (diff)


20:54 Ticket #934 (Update libnss-nonlocal's multiarch support) closed by andersk
THERE IS NO BUG STOP REOPENING: I did that already. The only known bug is #861.
20:43 Ticket #934 (Update libnss-nonlocal's multiarch support) created by geofft
We currently build lib32nss-nonlocal on amd64 and lib64nss-nonlocal on …
20:42 Ticket #933 (Update libraries to support multiarch) created by geofft
Following the [ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MultiarchSpec Ubuntu multiarch …
20:33 Ticket #932 (Installer should configure Oneiric and Wheezy for multiarch) created by geofft
Once we figure out #931, we're going to want to be installing things like …
20:24 Ticket #931 (Try and reduce dependence on ia32-libs) created by geofft
Evan tells me that * ia32-libs is going away in Oneiric in favor of …
17:21 Changeset [25164] by jdreed
In athinfod: * Make the cluster test executable, which it's not because this is a non-native package
16:47 Ticket #930 (clearing /home maybe breaks natty cluster logins) created by kaduk
While tracking down #928, I created a local user so that I could get …
16:39 Ticket #929 (larvnet-wrapper maybe fails on natty cluster) created by kaduk
While tracking down #928, I tried many things to get a working login …
16:35 Ticket #928 (cluster logins don't get tokens (and fail) on natty) created by kaduk
In a stock install of cluster on natty, logins fail. This seems to be …
15:20 Ticket #927 (No job control for rescue /bin/sh in PXE installer) created by geofft
You can't hit Ctrl-C, use anna-install, etc. from the "4: /bin/sh (for …


14:05 Changeset [25163] by jdreed
In gdm-config: * Don't fail in maintainer scripts, even if the Debian utilities are stupid
12:08 Ticket #926 (install doesn't prompt for installing debathena-thirdparty) created by jweiss
When doing a (PXE, but I don't think it's specific to that) install of …
11:47 Ticket #925 (Order of sanity checks in installer is stupid) created by jdreed
The very first thing it does should be to check for a supported release, …
10:36 Changeset [25162] by jdreed
Remove 'unreleased' tag
10:22 Changeset [25161] by jdreed
No, really, stop building for karmic
09:35 Changeset [25160] by jdreed
* Support natty * Be clearer about what "not up to date" means


23:00 Ticket #924 (Support Natty via PXE installs) created by jdreed
Because we don't yet have a ticket for this.
22:47 Changeset [25159] by jdreed
Of course Natty uses a different argument for the KB layout
22:38 Changeset [25158] by jdreed
Don't hardcode lucid
22:22 Changeset [25157] by jdreed
Set partman-lvm/confirm_nooverwrite (Trac: #736)
22:00 Changeset [25156] by jdreed
More obvious option names
20:27 Changeset [25155] by jdreed
* Add new stage1 bootstrapper (previously done by the jaunty installer) * Make natty stage2 noninteractive * Change typo in lucid installer which had wrong path to partman recipe
12:24 Changeset [25154] by jdreed
* Move suite selection into installer * Fix path to partman recipe


22:21 Ticket #923 (debathena-bash-config interferes with base-files’s upgrading of ...) created by andersk
base-files.postinst on Ubuntu upgrades /etc/profile as follows: […] …
16:23 Changeset [25153] by jdreed
In login-graphical: * First release as non-equivs package
13:02 Ticket #922 (Track commit review better) created by geofft
We should have some better mechanism for tracking commit review, …
11:34 Ticket #921 (Clean up comments and info in prototype_user files) created by jdreed
For example, .cshrc still talks about .path and $athena_path
11:18 Ticket #920 (Prevent users from doing stupid things with PATH) created by jdreed
There's a bad snippet of code (that appears to be from 6.170) going around …
10:57 Ticket #911 (Stop building for karmic) closed by jdreed
fixed: […]
09:33 Ticket #919 (Thunderbird autoconfig does the wrong thing with moira lists) created by jdreed
Thuderbird autoconfig blindly takes the local part of the e-mail address …


23:17 Changeset [25152] by jdreed
Revert inadvertent changes to glade file in r25151
23:15 Changeset [25151] by jdreed
Move the dh_install to the right place (that is, new-gdm)
15:43 Ticket #918 (Push moira manpage changes upstream) created by jdreed
e.g. #268
15:42 Ticket #742 (athinfo.defs should use better test for cluster machines) closed by jdreed
15:41 Ticket #753 (save-cluster-info has hardcoded version number) closed by jdreed
15:41 Ticket #814 (Screensaver "Log Out" no longer works reliably) closed by jdreed
15:41 Ticket #845 (debathena-moira-update-server error on uninstall) closed by jdreed
15:41 Ticket #856 (Update firefox-extension to work with FF 4) closed by jdreed
15:40 Ticket #268 (debathena-moira-clients: missing manpages) closed by jdreed
15:40 Ticket #563 ("Duplex printing set-up" in firefox-extension can't possibly still be ...) closed by jdreed
15:40 Ticket #681 (reactivate.log is useless) closed by jdreed
15:40 Ticket #701 (reactivate should not unnecsssarily spam .xsession-errors) closed by jdreed
fixed: This moved into production now. It's unclear that we need to switch to …
15:39 Ticket #729 (from uses alternatives now) closed by jdreed
15:38 Ticket #685 (Punt help-config) closed by jdreed
15:38 Ticket #212 (wireless LAN doesn't start at graphical login screen) closed by jdreed
15:38 Ticket #711 (debathena-moira-update-server should be part of -workstation) closed by jdreed
14:55 Changeset [25150] by jdreed
Tel users we're installing (Trac #800)
13:39 Changeset [25149] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Increase installer DHCP timeout (Trac: #846)
13:18 Ticket #322 (Installer should verify installability) closed by jdreed
wontfix: dkms "fixes" this.
13:09 Changeset [25148] by jdreed
11:56 Changeset [25147] by jdreed
* Prep for natty install * Better support for alternate mirrors * Support beta installer
10:15 Changeset [25146] by jdreed
In gdm-config: * Add new Athena session (Trac #850)
00:17 Changeset [25145] by lizdenys
new dkms openafs-modules also need to depend on linux-headers- and linux-image-
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