12:15 Changeset [25392] by jdreed
Remove the for loops and tweak the B&W description
12:06 Changeset [25391] by jdreed
In xsession: * Be even more clear abouyt how to get a TTY login session
02:05 Ticket #1071 (Eliminate code duplication between installer and athena-renumber) created by geofft
Both the installer and athena-renumber in debathena-recovery-mode-config …
02:02 Ticket #1070 (recovery-mode-config does not set /etc/hosts correctly) created by geofft
The athena-renumber script writes out the line […] to /etc/hosts. …
02:00 Ticket #1069 (recovery-mode-config does not downcase hostnames) created by geofft


18:25 Changeset [25390] by jdreed
In cupsys-config: * Add the color printer
03:55 Ticket #1068 (Hardy's hpijs-ppds does not contain hp-laserjet_9050-hpijs-pcl3.ppd) created by geofft
Take a look at the …
03:53 Ticket #1067 (incorrect dependency in debathena-cupsys-config) created by geofft
What you want is the PPD, not hpijs itself, which only Recommends …


14:34 Ticket #1066 (athena-dist has bitrotted; it's not 1995 anymore) created by jdreed
In addition to #1064, I think a lot of athena-dist is actively harmful …
11:01 Changeset [25389] by jdreed
In moira: * Use a less stupid version number for this package.


18:10 Ticket #1065 (Installing debathena-thirdparty uninstalls debathena-workstation) created by kchen
I just newly installed an amd64 lucid machine and then installed …
15:06 Ticket #1064 (achernya should release a hesiod 3.1.1 tarball) created by kaduk
Since we changed the GECOS field or something.


13:10 Ticket #1063 (Confirm output resolution of Pharos) created by jdreed
I would be much obliged if someone can confirm the output resolution of …


20:40 Ticket #1062 (printing-config should respect local printer over Hesiod default) created by geofft
Hi Jon, have a ticket.
05:35 Ticket #1061 (config-package-dev: undivert_unlink passes undivert_unlink_divert an extra ...) created by geofft
undivert_unlink calls […] but undivert_unlink_divert is […] and so …
05:25 Ticket #1060 (/etc/krb.* transition not managed well) created by geofft
We have the following code in debathena-krb5-config's debian/rules: […] …
05:25 Ticket #1059 (/etc/gdm/gdm.conf* transition not managed well) created by geofft
We have the following code in gdm-config's debian/rules: […] However, …
05:24 Ticket #1058 (/etc/firefox-3.0/pref/ubufox.js transition not managed well) created by geofft
We have the following code in firefox-extension's debian/rules: […] …
05:24 Ticket #1057 (/etc/apparmor.d/tunables/home.d transition not managed well) created by geofft
We have the following code in apparmor-config's debian/rules: […] …
04:29 Ticket #1056 (DEB_UNDIVERT_FILES should clean up .debathena conffiles) created by geofft
If you used to have DEB_DIVERT_FILES = a confflie, c-p-d should …


14:17 Changeset [25388] by jdreed
In moira: * Re-snapshot moira at r4048
11:34 Ticket #1055 (update_server is enabled on all fresh installs because of broken dpkg ...) created by jdreed
11:34 Changeset [25387] by jdreed
In moira: * Use correct lt-nl comparison in moira-update-server postinst to avoid enabling update_server everywhere.
11:28 Ticket #556 (chsh.moira shouldn't use /etc/shells) reopened by jdreed
Guess why this didn't work when Geoff tested it: `#ifndef …


16:21 Changeset [25386] by jdreed
In thirdparty-sound: * Add rhythmbox In thirdparty-text: * Add artha and gnome-dictionary if they exist
12:34 Ticket #1054 (cluster reboots sometimes hang (3)) created by kaduk
Sometimes, when a cluster machine decides that it wants to reboot as a …
12:28 Ticket #1053 (cluster reboots sometimes hang (2)) created by kaduk
Sometimes, when a cluster machine decides it wants to reboot as a user is …
12:24 Ticket #1052 (cluster reboots sometimes hang (1)) created by kaduk
Sometimes, when a cluster machine decides it wants to reboot as a user is …
10:02 Changeset [25385] by jdreed
In reactivate: * Stop kexec'ing, because modern distributions are incapable of doing so without sucking


14:53 Ticket #1051 (Consider shipping the DKMS init script) closed by jdreed
invalid: Zephyr discussion notes that we already decided that the "dpkg --configure …
14:08 Ticket #1051 (Consider shipping the DKMS init script) created by jdreed
I know upstream decided not to, but upstream's priorities are "Machines …


22:51 Ticket #1050 (nsswitch-config: path to libnss-mdns.postinst might change with multiarch) created by andersk
If libnss-mdns is converted to a Multi-Arch: same package, …
22:47 Ticket #1049 (config-package-dev can’t transform non-conffiles files in Multi-Arch: same ...) created by andersk
[ http://andersk.mit.edu/gitweb/config-package-dev.git/commitdiff/refs/heads
18:50 Ticket #1048 (Consider moving back to dm/xlogin) created by jdreed
Because it's less stupid than anything upstream could do at this point.


20:41 Changeset [25384] by jdreed
In xsession: * Be clearer about what the first quota warning means (Trac: #748)
20:24 Ticket #708 (Consider disabling DontZap) closed by geofft
wontfix: Meh, wontfix.
20:08 Ticket #1047 (Consider switching from Firefox to Chrome) created by geofft
The only reason we don't have Chrome/Chromium? on the clusters through a …
16:58 Ticket #1046 (Kill debathena-tex-bin) created by jdreed
There are no more releases we care about that predate texlive. Let's kill …
16:53 Ticket #895 (Switch to hpijs drivers for our printing) closed by jdreed
14:00 Ticket #1045 (Pharos backend) created by jdreed
Because of  LP:826958, our instructions for configuring Pharos on Linux …
13:57 Changeset [25383] by jdreed
In pharos-support: * First version
12:33 Changeset [25382] by jdreed
In kiosk: * Support FF 6
12:20 Ticket #1042 (Test extension with FF 6) closed by jdreed
11:49 Ticket #1044 (FF will soon include Windows-esque UAC) created by jdreed
davidben pointed us at …
09:59 Ticket #696 (Can't login without mouse) closed by jdreed
09:40 Changeset [25381] by jdreed
In firefox-extension: * Set maxVersion to * to keep up with Mozilla's hourly release cycle
09:12 Ticket #1043 (Net install maybe sucks?) created by jdreed
 release-team:7605 documents a case where a CD install worked fine, but a …


22:08 Ticket #1042 (Test extension with FF 6) created by jdreed
... which released today. Yay. While we're at it: a) convince me that …
09:13 Ticket #1041 (Ejecting removable media results in spurious errors on Natty cluster) created by jdreed
The games we play with bind-mounting apparently work less well in modern …


22:03 Changeset [25380] by geofft
machtype: Add comment to debian/rules about sysname order
16:11 Ticket #1040 (natty broke lpd://user@foo URLs) created by jdreed
See  http://kb.mit.edu/confluence/x/eoDD for an example of this. It worked …


19:07 Ticket #1039 (login-graphical probably doesn't support GNOME 3 at all) created by geofft
The next versions of Debian and Ubuntu will probably use GNOME 3 with …


18:55 Ticket #949 (edsc explodes on encountering old discussd) closed by mitchb
fixed: This is really somewhere between "fixed" and "invalid," but it's not quite …
18:52 Ticket #949 (edsc explodes on encountering old discussd) reopened by mitchb
18:42 Ticket #949 (edsc explodes on encountering old discussd) closed by jweiss
duplicate: duplicate of #603
18:09 Changeset [25379] by jdreed
In dotfiles: * Update logout alias for GNOME 3.0 (Trac: #1027)
17:41 Ticket #1038 (Don't scribble over the utility partition) created by jdreed
PC service would appreciate it if we could keep the utility partition …
17:40 Ticket #903 (See if Pharos can support raw PostScript) closed by jdreed
fixed: -o raw works with very simple PostScript? (~/Public/linux.ps) and I get …
17:11 Ticket #210 (Make Evolution work with Exchange) closed by jdreed
16:47 Ticket #484 (Job not canceled when removed from queue) closed by jdreed
wontfix: I tested this. waiteof will wait for the job to terminate as far as the …
16:26 Changeset [25378] by jdreed
In getcluster: * Quote shell output (Trac: #1037) * Update the man page for the 21st century (Trac: #964)
16:07 Ticket #1037 (getcluster(1) should quote its shell output) created by jdreed
See #1036. While OTHER_REPOS=foo,bar ; export OTHER_REPOS ; works, we …
16:05 Ticket #1036 (The apt_release clusterinfo tag is Wrong(tm)) created by jdreed
It is not supported to have multiple unversioned clusterinfo tags, and we …
15:58 Ticket #164 (installer should know about apt-release clusterinfo) closed by jdreed
15:01 Ticket #1035 (/dev/xconsole isn't there on natty) created by jdreed
Something, somewhere, is supposed to mkfifo it, and is supposed to do so …
14:38 Changeset [25377] by jdreed
In console: * Actually support passing filenames on the command line * Add a timestamp to each line (c.f. /etc/athena/console)
12:29 Changeset [25376] by jdreed
In kiosk: * Support FF 5.
11:34 Changeset [25375] by jdreed
Don't copy to a nonexistent directory
09:50 Changeset [25374] by jdreed
In kiosk: * "Disable" printing and warn the user that they're doing it wrong (Trac: #1016)
08:58 Ticket #1034 (Advocate for the death of the reg applet) created by jdreed
The entire freshman class registers via a web form. Why can't everyone …
08:57 Ticket #1033 (Switch to Chrome for Kiosk mode) created by jdreed
Because all the cool kids are using it. And because of #1016. And …


21:01 Changeset [25373] by jdreed
Bump the upstream version, because it's not just packaging changes
21:00 Changeset [25372] by jdreed
In dotfiles: * Clean up comments from the '90s (Trac: #921)
20:44 Ticket #893 (CUPS is now unwilling to have no default printer) closed by jdreed
20:40 Ticket #574 ("System Default Session" is missing in gdm) closed by jdreed
20:39 Changeset [25371] by jdreed
Attmpet to detect laptops (Trac: #613)
19:29 Ticket #556 (chsh.moira shouldn't use /etc/shells) closed by jdreed
18:54 Changeset [25370] by jdreed
In xsession: * Don't tell private workstation owners to contact hotline (Trac: #998)
17:59 Changeset [25369] by jdreed
Use the variable for the default printer
17:56 Changeset [25368] by jdreed
In cupsys-config: * Set the new printer as default if there isn't already a default (Trac: #1017)
17:44 Ticket #1032 (printing-config's clusterinfo lookup bypasses local clusterinfo) created by jdreed
It just queries Hesiod, which is Wrong(tm).
17:15 Hacks edited by jdreed
17:07 Ticket #229 (CUPS should not scan the local network for printers) closed by jdreed
fixed: And 2 years after we started, we're finally done with BrowsePolling?
17:05 Ticket #1013 (Screen won't redraw when nologin-monitor window vanishes) closed by jdreed
16:49 Changeset [25367] by jdreed
Ship a minimal athinfod for the installer.
12:26 Ticket #1031 (gdm theme is suboptimal on multiple monitors) created by geofft
That "Welcome to Debathena" is split across the monitors is the most …
12:10 Ticket #1030 (Trouble saving global monitor state from an AFS account) created by geofft
If I go to System | Preferences | Monitors and try to save a monitor …
12:07 Ticket #1029 (Consider making reprepro not delete unreferenced files immediately) created by geofft
If there's a race where we move a new version of a package to production …
10:21 Changeset [25366] by geofft
In moira: * Conflict with the stella package.


13:49 Ticket #1028 (Deny logins if machtype -L != debathena-cluster but Hesiod cluster=cluster) created by jdreed
Users should not be permitted to log into a machine for which Hesiod …
13:42 Ticket #1027 (update logout alias for oneiric) created by geofft
Oneiric's gnome-session has no gnome-session-save command; you use …
09:50 Changeset [25365] by jdreed
In athinfod-cluster-config: * Add upgrade.log to investigate failed upgrades
09:10 Changeset [25364] by jdreed
In dotfiles: * Actually fix Trac #512 by checking for the correct values in $command and $BASH_EXECUTION_STRING (Hint: the original code didn't work when it the sftp-server was nice'd). It's unclear that the scp-related block of the case statements ever get called, but scp also doesn't suck with verbose dotfiles, so "meh"
08:48 Ticket #512 (sftp subsystem should not return stdout/stderr from dotfiles) reopened by jdreed
To bad we never actually tested this. The value of $command on the …
04:21 Changeset [25363] by geofft
In auto-update: * Depend on the timeout package if necessary. Also special-case that package's timeout command, as it has different syntax.


23:04 Changeset [25362] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Ensure that aptitude install succeeds before describing the update as successful, which apparently has been broken since 1.13
22:55 Ticket #1026 (athena-auto-update needs a full rewrite) created by jdreed
Given #1020, #1145, and #840, we need to re-write auto-update, because …
21:47 Changeset [25361] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Revert changes from 1.31 (which didn't actually work) and instead run all aptitude --download-only invocations inside timeout(1).
20:06 Ticket #1025 (Nothing should recommend/depend msmtp-mta; installer should deal) created by jdreed
I encountered a user today who had postfix installed and configured, and …
17:34 Milestone Natty Release completed
16:42 Changeset [25360] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Ship a cron job to prevent auto-update from wedging for more than an hour.


10:05 Ticket #1024 (upgrade.log is not queryable over athinfo) created by jdreed
and it should be.
09:57 Ticket #1023 (debathena-cluster should check for dual-boot and yell loudly) created by jdreed
Anyone attempting to install debathena-cluster in any sort of dual-boot …


16:17 Changeset [25359] by jdreed
In gdm-config: * Disable the screensaver on the login screen because Natty's metacity is too stupid to redraw the screen correctly (and we blank the screen via DPMS anyway)
12:16 Ticket #1022 (lpr fails to add job to printer queue) created by wings
I was trying to print wings/Private/2009SalemTrolleyMap.pdf and …


16:27 Ticket #741 (tab completion of printer names) closed by geofft
wontfix: lpr -Pmitpr[TAB]int
16:21 Ticket #1021 (KIll off LPRng) created by geofft
Ops has turned off the LPRng servers. Per #465, we should stop supporting …
16:10 Ticket #1020 (aptitude sometimes spins forever when in --download-only mode) created by jdreed
It may be relevant that when the problem does occur, it's always in the …
15:35 Ticket #1019 (Bad UI for passing jobs off to someone else) created by geofft
Re #1018, you can kind of do this with sudo lpr -Usomeone -Pajax. You need …
15:29 Ticket #1018 (Good UI for passing print jobs off to someone else) created by geofft
It'd be nice if you had a little dialog when you print where you could …
15:23 Ticket #1017 (mitprint should be the default printer) created by geofft
All hail Pharos. The clusters still default to the named queues, per …
14:14 Ticket #1016 (Browser kiosk should disable printing) created by geofft
I saw some jobs yesterday in the Pharos queue from kiosk@mit. I saw some …
11:53 Ticket #1015 (Disable-GSSAPI hack does not apply to `start ssh`) created by geofft
For some reason, Natty (at least) has /etc/init.d/ssh and …
11:38 Changeset [25358] by jdreed
In gdm-config: * Only display the nologin-monitor window on startup if the file exists AND this is -cluster * Include a timestamp in the window


23:13 Changeset [25357] by jdreed
In auto-update: * If we do stupid VGA tricks, we need to scribble over plymouth (stopping it is not sufficient) and chvt 1
21:19 Ticket #1014 (Inventory things necessary to switch to another distro) created by jdreed
If Ubuntu keeps flipping off its users, they're going to lose the distro …
21:12 Ticket #1013 (Screen won't redraw when nologin-monitor window vanishes) created by jdreed
This was initially observed on granola. I couldn't repro it, but just …
18:46 Ticket #1012 (Clean up old kernels in /boot) created by geofft
Lucid cluster machines seem to have used up 75% of /boot in the time since …
18:31 Ticket #1011 (Give up on kexec for auto-upgrades) created by jdreed
Unattended kexec is mostly unusable on modern systems (or at least with …
18:10 Changeset [25356] by jdreed
Update test to add additional call to get_cups_uri
17:55 Changeset [25355] by jdreed
Be less snarky in changelogs (but retain snark in code comments)
17:48 Ticket #1010 (lpq -Pmitprint should maybe show the Pharos queue for users who are doing ...) created by jdreed
In the Pharos world, in a large campus, you're not supposed to care about …
17:46 Changeset [25354] by jdreed
In printing-config: * Don't trigger the sketchy lpd code for local queues
15:01 Changeset [25353] by jdreed
Don't actually wave dead chickens in debug mode
13:57 Changeset [25352] by jdreed
Scribble over /bin/check-missing-firmware if we're a Vostro
12:29 Changeset [25351] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Only wave dead chickens on cluster hardware * It's pointless to reboot if we haven't loaded a kexec kernel
08:49 Changeset [25350] by jdreed
In cluster: * Remove dependency on debathena-cluster-cups-config, since that package is no longer used
00:55 Ticket #1009 (Debian kexec-tools always kexecs) created by geofft
Remember  LP:251242 (from #536)? Turns out Debian never followed suit. We …


23:36 Changeset [25349] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Always wave dead chickens
18:49 Ticket #1008 (update-manager's "partial upgrade" dialog sometimes shows up with ...) created by jdreed
My current theory is that if update-manager and auto-update are both doing …
18:20 Changeset [25348] by jdreed
In kiosk: * Call .run() on the dialog so that people can press Esc (Trac: #1007) * Make the button window non-resizable because the resize anchor is giant and ugly these days
17:22 Changeset [25347] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Reboot with 'reboot=pci' on the Dell 790 (Trac #993) * Wave dead chickens at the framebuffer on the Vostro 320 (Trac #1004)
17:10 Ticket #1007 (browse button breaks permanently if you dismiss its popup with Esc) created by geofft
If you click "Browse / Register for an account" and answer the resulting …
17:07 Ticket #1006 (debathena-nologin-monitor doesn't block "browse" button) created by geofft
You can still click the "Browse / Register for an account" button on at …
13:53 Ticket #1005 (auto-update logs are missing on -workstation) created by jdreed
Because they got moved to athinfod-cluster-config. Someone really should …
12:04 Ticket #1004 (rtl8168/9 chipsets (read: Vostros) lose in the installer) created by jdreed
The failure is during the hardware detection step. check_missing_firmware …
09:46 Ticket #293 (Decide what software should be on the Live CD) closed by jdreed
fixed: At a recent release-team, we decided to suck it up and call the …
09:00 Changeset [25346] by jdreed
Check for a supported release _first_
08:30 Changeset [25345] by jdreed
Clean up wording and be more specific about Dell 790 stuff
08:19 Ticket #906 (athinfod-cluster-config should use is_cluster(1)) closed by jdreed
07:43 Ticket #424 (network-manager-config should name the network "Auto MIT") closed by jdreed
wontfix: I poked at this when testing out WPA2. I think we clearly should NOT name …
07:24 Copyright edited by jdreed
02:13 Ticket #556 (chsh.moira shouldn't use /etc/shells) reopened by geofft
We also need to install it in our packaging. Fixed in r25344.
02:13 Changeset [25344] by geofft
In moira: * Install new upstream file /etc/shells.moira


21:44 Ticket #1003 (install-debathena.sh should be served over https) created by jdreed
Because it's not paranoia if they're really out to get you.
21:42 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by jdreed
21:37 Ticket #1002 (Hostname is in upper case now) created by jdreed
This apparently is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye, or something.
18:00 Copyright edited by jdreed
17:53 Copyright edited by jdreed
17:47 Copyright edited by jdreed
17:25 Ticket #784 (athena-auto-update should use start-stop-daemon) closed by jdreed
17:11 Ticket #333 (PXE installer doesn't configure network) closed by jdreed
17:02 Ticket #556 (chsh.moira shouldn't use /etc/shells) closed by jdreed
fixed: This got taken upstream.
16:55 Ticket #271 (debathena-pyhesiodfs: pyhesiodfs has no manpage) closed by jdreed
16:51 Ticket #387 ("chmod 755 ~" dialog should offer to do so for you) closed by jdreed
16:51 Ticket #842 (Once Pharos is here, stop BrowsePolling) closed by jdreed
duplicate: #229
16:50 Ticket #953 (debathena-msmtp-config has no business with /etc/aliases) closed by jdreed
16:35 Ticket #843 (Non-cluster CUPS configs should distinguish real/fake Athena printers) closed by jdreed
16:29 Ticket #1001 (Use Intel TXT for remote validation of clusters) created by geofft
The Dell 790s (at least) have Intel processors that support …
16:21 Changeset [25343] by jdreed
In dotfiles: * Remove unneeded check for bash, per the comment (Trac: #878)
16:19 Ticket #1000 (login chroots should support SSH sessions via containers) created by geofft
It'd be nice if there were an option for remote sessions to run …
16:14 Ticket #999 (stage1 should use "da/" prefix for passing kernel arguments) created by jdreed
Because every byte counts.
16:05 Changeset [25342] by jdreed
* Preseed mirror selection values for vanilla installs so they actually use the mirror selected by the user
15:18 Ticket #998 (xsession: hotline isn't the contact for private machines) created by geofft
debathena-xsession/debian/debathena-check-afs.sh unconditionally tells you …
15:14 Ticket #997 (Better dual monitor support out of the box) created by geofft
When I plug two monitors into the dual DVI outputs of w-a-thornhump-iii …
15:12 Changeset [25341] by jdreed
In extra-software: * Drop dependency on openoffice.org-java-common, since openoffice.org (which we also depend on) depends on openoffice.org-java-common * Conditionally depend on libreoffice and ship a wrapper (for now)
15:04 Ticket #991 (790s have trouble rebooting?) closed by jdreed
duplicate: This is #993.
14:36 Ticket #825 (We need to support WPA2 on the login screen) closed by jdreed
fixed: OK, this just works.  http://kb.mit.edu/confluence/x/OYB5Ag
13:28 Changeset [25340] by jdreed
Don't disable acpi, instead pass reboot=pci because why not
10:34 Ticket #977 ("machine failed to install properly" image failed to install properly) closed by jdreed
10:29 Ticket #728 (Installer should be more robust to network suckage) closed by jdreed
10:29 Ticket #894 (Consider changing display sleep time) closed by jdreed
10:29 Ticket #720 (printing-config's lprm doesn't honor "-" as a job specifier) closed by jdreed
10:28 Ticket #817 (Athinfo query for USB HIDs) closed by jdreed
10:28 Ticket #882 (Stop honoring LPROPT in the wrappers) closed by jdreed
10:28 Ticket #910 (athinfo update-schedule reads the wrong file) closed by jdreed
10:28 Ticket #876 (ytnef alternative) closed by jdreed
10:28 Ticket #732 (thunderbird-config should use new autoconfig) closed by jdreed
10:28 Ticket #979 (gdm's g-s-d sticks around after login) closed by jdreed
08:52 Changeset [25339] by jdreed
Don't keep re-adding the line if the user mistakenly runs the installer twice
01:56 Ticket #996 (Look into dh_ubuntu_defaults) created by geofft
01:55 Ticket #995 (Support lightdm) created by geofft
Oneiric's default display manager is now lightdm, not gdm. See  LP:806064
01:41 Changeset [25338] by geofft
In machtype: * Support Debian 6.0 and Ubuntu 11.10.
01:07 Changeset [25337] by geofft
Bikeshed about acpi=off (this should be marginally more robust)
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