21:20 Ticket #1080 (installer should ask "What is your Athena username?") created by jdreed
... and guide the user a bit more. In the last 48 hours, I have answered …


03:08 Changeset [25396] by geofft
In gdm-config: * Support Debian's gdm3 package (Trac: #976). * Fix typos caught by Lintian and do some other cleanup.
02:27 Ticket #1079 (iceweasel wrapper should launch iceweasel, not firefox) created by geofft
Once you solve #1078, you'll notice that /usr/bin/iceweasel.debathena sets …
02:18 Ticket #1078 (debathena-firefox-wrapper clashes with iceweasel/firefox-esr's diversions) created by geofft
When installing debathena-login-graphical on squeeze (well, secretly …


16:05 Ticket #1054 (cluster reboots sometimes hang (3)) closed by jdreed
fixed: OK, I'm closing this one as fixed, because I think it actually is. There …


17:54 Ticket #1077 (quota(1) is stupid in the pyhesiodfs world) created by jdreed
I'm not sure how to improve it without breaking legacy functionality. One …


02:07 Ticket #1076 (Get rid of -branding packages) created by geofft
GDM 2 is slowly dying. More importantly, there appears to be …
01:28 Changeset [25395] by geofft
In extra-software-nox: * Prefer the cyrus-clients metapackage (new in wheezy/oneiric) to the specific version cyrus-clients-2.2.


16:54 Ticket #124 (De-crustify the CellServDB) closed by jdreed
wontfix: This is a daunting task, and ops now regularly updates from GCO. It is …
16:42 Changeset [25394] by geofft
In afs-config: * CellServDB update from /afs/athena/service/CellServDB (remove soap.mit.edu and update to 14 Aug 2011 GCO Public CellServDB).
13:43 Ticket #878 (Remove spurious shell check in bashrc) closed by jdreed
13:42 Ticket #921 (Clean up comments and info in prototype_user files) closed by jdreed
13:42 Ticket #1017 (mitprint should be the default printer) closed by jdreed
12:58 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by jdreed
12:44 Ticket #1075 (Trac should support security-sensitive tickets) created by jdreed
I hear Scripts might have done something awesome that we can copy?
12:43 Ticket #1074 (D-Bus-activated services run outside the chroot) created by geofft
D-Bus has a facility for running services when you send a message to a …
10:44 Changeset [25393] by jdreed
In moira: * Revert eunice.c to Moira r3998 / Debathena r24319 because the corresponding functionality on the server is not yet available, per zacheiss


02:12 Ticket #1073 (getent passwd_nonlocal should work) created by geofft
It would be nice if nss_nonlocal provided a wrapper around getent (or a …


12:31 Ticket #1072 (moira-gui fails silently with expired tickets) created by jdreed
When launched from the menu, moira-gui does nothing when tickets have …


12:15 Changeset [25392] by jdreed
Remove the for loops and tweak the B&W description
12:06 Changeset [25391] by jdreed
In xsession: * Be even more clear abouyt how to get a TTY login session
02:05 Ticket #1071 (Eliminate code duplication between installer and athena-renumber) created by geofft
Both the installer and athena-renumber in debathena-recovery-mode-config …
02:02 Ticket #1070 (recovery-mode-config does not set /etc/hosts correctly) created by geofft
The athena-renumber script writes out the line […] to /etc/hosts. …
02:00 Ticket #1069 (recovery-mode-config does not downcase hostnames) created by geofft


18:25 Changeset [25390] by jdreed
In cupsys-config: * Add the color printer
03:55 Ticket #1068 (Hardy's hpijs-ppds does not contain hp-laserjet_9050-hpijs-pcl3.ppd) created by geofft
Take a look at the …
03:53 Ticket #1067 (incorrect dependency in debathena-cupsys-config) created by geofft
What you want is the PPD, not hpijs itself, which only Recommends …


14:34 Ticket #1066 (athena-dist has bitrotted; it's not 1995 anymore) created by jdreed
In addition to #1064, I think a lot of athena-dist is actively harmful …
11:01 Changeset [25389] by jdreed
In moira: * Use a less stupid version number for this package.


18:10 Ticket #1065 (Installing debathena-thirdparty uninstalls debathena-workstation) created by kchen
I just newly installed an amd64 lucid machine and then installed …
15:06 Ticket #1064 (achernya should release a hesiod 3.1.1 tarball) created by kaduk
Since we changed the GECOS field or something.


13:10 Ticket #1063 (Confirm output resolution of Pharos) created by jdreed
I would be much obliged if someone can confirm the output resolution of …


20:40 Ticket #1062 (printing-config should respect local printer over Hesiod default) created by geofft
Hi Jon, have a ticket.
05:35 Ticket #1061 (config-package-dev: undivert_unlink passes undivert_unlink_divert an extra ...) created by geofft
undivert_unlink calls […] but undivert_unlink_divert is […] and so …
05:25 Ticket #1060 (/etc/krb.* transition not managed well) created by geofft
We have the following code in debathena-krb5-config's debian/rules: […] …
05:25 Ticket #1059 (/etc/gdm/gdm.conf* transition not managed well) created by geofft
We have the following code in gdm-config's debian/rules: […] However, …
05:24 Ticket #1058 (/etc/firefox-3.0/pref/ubufox.js transition not managed well) created by geofft
We have the following code in firefox-extension's debian/rules: […] …
05:24 Ticket #1057 (/etc/apparmor.d/tunables/home.d transition not managed well) created by geofft
We have the following code in apparmor-config's debian/rules: […] …
04:29 Ticket #1056 (DEB_UNDIVERT_FILES should clean up .debathena conffiles) created by geofft
If you used to have DEB_DIVERT_FILES = a confflie, c-p-d should …


14:17 Changeset [25388] by jdreed
In moira: * Re-snapshot moira at r4048
11:34 Ticket #1055 (update_server is enabled on all fresh installs because of broken dpkg ...) created by jdreed
11:34 Changeset [25387] by jdreed
In moira: * Use correct lt-nl comparison in moira-update-server postinst to avoid enabling update_server everywhere.
11:28 Ticket #556 (chsh.moira shouldn't use /etc/shells) reopened by jdreed
Guess why this didn't work when Geoff tested it: `#ifndef …


16:21 Changeset [25386] by jdreed
In thirdparty-sound: * Add rhythmbox In thirdparty-text: * Add artha and gnome-dictionary if they exist
12:34 Ticket #1054 (cluster reboots sometimes hang (3)) created by kaduk
Sometimes, when a cluster machine decides that it wants to reboot as a …
12:28 Ticket #1053 (cluster reboots sometimes hang (2)) created by kaduk
Sometimes, when a cluster machine decides it wants to reboot as a user is …
12:24 Ticket #1052 (cluster reboots sometimes hang (1)) created by kaduk
Sometimes, when a cluster machine decides it wants to reboot as a user is …
10:02 Changeset [25385] by jdreed
In reactivate: * Stop kexec'ing, because modern distributions are incapable of doing so without sucking


14:53 Ticket #1051 (Consider shipping the DKMS init script) closed by jdreed
invalid: Zephyr discussion notes that we already decided that the "dpkg --configure …
14:08 Ticket #1051 (Consider shipping the DKMS init script) created by jdreed
I know upstream decided not to, but upstream's priorities are "Machines …


22:51 Ticket #1050 (nsswitch-config: path to libnss-mdns.postinst might change with multiarch) created by andersk
If libnss-mdns is converted to a Multi-Arch: same package, …
22:47 Ticket #1049 (config-package-dev can’t transform non-conffiles files in Multi-Arch: same ...) created by andersk
[ http://andersk.mit.edu/gitweb/config-package-dev.git/commitdiff/refs/heads
18:50 Ticket #1048 (Consider moving back to dm/xlogin) created by jdreed
Because it's less stupid than anything upstream could do at this point.


20:41 Changeset [25384] by jdreed
In xsession: * Be clearer about what the first quota warning means (Trac: #748)
20:24 Ticket #708 (Consider disabling DontZap) closed by geofft
wontfix: Meh, wontfix.
20:08 Ticket #1047 (Consider switching from Firefox to Chrome) created by geofft
The only reason we don't have Chrome/Chromium? on the clusters through a …
16:58 Ticket #1046 (Kill debathena-tex-bin) created by jdreed
There are no more releases we care about that predate texlive. Let's kill …
16:53 Ticket #895 (Switch to hpijs drivers for our printing) closed by jdreed
14:00 Ticket #1045 (Pharos backend) created by jdreed
Because of  LP:826958, our instructions for configuring Pharos on Linux …
13:57 Changeset [25383] by jdreed
In pharos-support: * First version
12:33 Changeset [25382] by jdreed
In kiosk: * Support FF 6
12:20 Ticket #1042 (Test extension with FF 6) closed by jdreed
11:49 Ticket #1044 (FF will soon include Windows-esque UAC) created by jdreed
davidben pointed us at …
09:59 Ticket #696 (Can't login without mouse) closed by jdreed
09:40 Changeset [25381] by jdreed
In firefox-extension: * Set maxVersion to * to keep up with Mozilla's hourly release cycle
09:12 Ticket #1043 (Net install maybe sucks?) created by jdreed
 release-team:7605 documents a case where a CD install worked fine, but a …


22:08 Ticket #1042 (Test extension with FF 6) created by jdreed
... which released today. Yay. While we're at it: a) convince me that …
09:13 Ticket #1041 (Ejecting removable media results in spurious errors on Natty cluster) created by jdreed
The games we play with bind-mounting apparently work less well in modern …


22:03 Changeset [25380] by geofft
machtype: Add comment to debian/rules about sysname order
16:11 Ticket #1040 (natty broke lpd://user@foo URLs) created by jdreed
See  http://kb.mit.edu/confluence/x/eoDD for an example of this. It worked …


19:07 Ticket #1039 (login-graphical probably doesn't support GNOME 3 at all) created by geofft
The next versions of Debian and Ubuntu will probably use GNOME 3 with …
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