19:39 Ticket #1123 (gnome-keyring is not updated when password changes) created by davidben
Filing this here so it's not forgotten. If you change your Athena …


18:11 Ticket #1111 (metrics is broken) closed by jweiss
fixed: ops fixed misconfiguration on urania
17:55 BuildingAndUploading edited by jdreed
17:54 BuildingAndUploading edited by jdreed
11:53 Changeset [25456] by geofft
In delete: * Change description to clarify that this package does not provide a command called "rm"; thanks to John Ranson for pointing this out. In saferm: * Change description to clarify that this package does not provide a command called "rm"; thanks to John Ranson for pointing this out.


15:24 Changeset [25455] by jdreed
In moira: * Re-snapshot moira at r4073 to pick up new changes to clients; the eunice issue described in the previous entry is no longer relevant


01:40 Ticket #1122 (debothena should reply all to CC'd zephyrs) created by adehnert
It'd be neat if you could tell somebody you were personalsing with about a …
01:38 Ticket #700 (debothena should run somewhere else) closed by adehnert
fixed: Man, this ticket is outdated. Anyway, having migrated from Evan's account …


12:02 Ticket #1121 (debathena-manual-config is crufty) created by kcr
With the sources: deb http://debathena.mit.edu/apt squeeze debathena …


14:15 Larvnet edited by jdreed
13:58 AFS edited by jdreed
13:52 Ticket #1120 (switch to /run) created by geofft
Debian Policy section 9.1.1 now tells us to use /run and /run/lock …
13:45 Printing created by jdreed
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11:32 PXEInstall created by jdreed
11:32 Installation created by jdreed
11:19 Athinfo created by jdreed
11:19 Larvnet created by jdreed
11:18 Moira created by jdreed
11:18 Lockers created by jdreed
10:36 Ticket #1119 (athinfod, discuss, and cview don't clean up /etc/services on ...) created by jdreed
athinfod, discuss, and cview don't clean up their additions to …
10:30 NssNonlocal created by jdreed
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10:15 Hesiod created by jdreed
09:49 AFS created by jdreed


15:18 Ticket #1021 (KIll off LPRng) reopened by jdreed
No, we still want this open until we actually kill it with fire.
15:11 Ticket #1021 (KIll off LPRng) closed by jdreed
wontfix: We're not doing anything with LPRng anymore. Users who want it can put it …
14:10 Changeset [25454] by jdreed
Only remove Realtek NIC firmware requests, not all of them
11:58 Ticket #989 (vanilla PXE installs still prompt for the mirror) closed by jdreed
11:58 Ticket #999 (stage1 should use "da/" prefix for passing kernel arguments) closed by jdreed
11:53 Ticket #1063 (Confirm output resolution of Pharos) closed by jdreed
11:52 Ticket #974 (Using install option 1b actually destroys your disk despite saying it ...) closed by jdreed


13:03 Ticket #1118 (Add graphviz and xdot to thirdparty) created by jdreed


16:04 Changeset [25453] by jdreed
Make executables executable (how did this ever work?)
13:13 Changeset [25452] by jdreed
A better solution for the Vostro/r8169 problem.


16:34 Changeset [25451] by jdreed
In thirdparty-graphics: * Add graphviz and xdot (the latter only when available)
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