15:11 Changeset [25760] by jdreed
Be clearer when telling MH users that they'll lose in Dec 2013.


16:38 Ticket #1255 (Add ibus-anthy) created by jdreed
This vanished after natty?
15:53 Changeset [25759] by jdreed
In discuss: * Cleanup man pages so they don't generate errors * Add missing man pages to satisfy Lintian * Comply with Lintian's feelings on grammar
15:52 Changeset [25758] by jdreed
In discuss: * Package discuss server utilities (Trac: #881)
14:40 Changeset [25757] by jdreed
In reactivate: * Stop building for lucid.
14:34 Changeset [25756] by jdreed
In kiosk: * Stop scribbling over sudoers and use sudoers.d (Trac: #1219)
14:33 Changeset [25754] by jdreed
In cluster-login-config: * Stop scribbling over sudoers and use sudoers.d (Trac: #1219)
14:30 Changeset [25755] by jdreed
In reactivate: * Stop scribbling over sudoers and use sudoers.d (Trac: #1219)
13:26 Changeset [25753] by jdreed
In cluster-login-config: * Use dh_gconf instead of calling gconftool-2 in the postinst (Trac: #550) * Port the rest of the gconf mandatory keys to gsettings * De-support (and Break:) gdm << 2.25.2 * Stop supporting Lucid and cleanup the rules file
11:41 Ticket #1254 (Get rid of stacked diversions in cluster-login-config) created by jdreed
Stacked diversions suck and are confusing. We can get rid of two of them …
10:03 Changeset [25752] by jdreed
In cupsys-config: * When adding printers, add -o OptionDuplex=True, needed for Precise and later, to actually enable duplex printing
09:45 Ticket #1253 (Duplexing disabled on mitprint queue) created by jdreed
Duplexing now defaults to false, because why not. lpadmin -p mitprint -o …


11:27 Ticket #1252 (come up with coherent plan for GUI mail clients) created by jdreed
Evolution is clearly unloved by anyone. Thunderbird would be the obvious …


18:56 Ticket #1251 (Consider rebooting podium workstations nightly) created by jdreed
We should consider throwing podium/lectern workstations in a separate …
13:18 Changeset [25751] by jdreed
In nmh-config: * Inform NMH users that they're going to be sad after Dec 2013
08:36 Changeset [25750] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Fetch the Release file, not the directory listing, when attempting to verify mirrors.


19:48 Ticket #1250 (Please install XFCE on the clusters) created by achernya
A user has requested that alternative desktop environments be made …
16:03 Changeset [25749] by jdreed
In evolution-wrapper: * Set the inital Gtk file chooser dir to the user's homedir avoid user confusion (Trac: #1249)
15:43 Ticket #1249 (Evolution displays annoying Nautilus error when saving attachments) created by jdreed
14:41 Ticket #1248 (debathena-lightdm-greeter should use less CPU) created by jdreed
This is possibly related to calling the timeout every second for the …
14:40 Ticket #1247 (debathena-lightdm-greeter doesn't explicitly position background window) created by jdreed
It should set_position(Gtk.WindowPosition?.CENTER) or .move(0,0) or …


20:07 Ticket #1246 (Stop setting embedded_keyboard_command in c-l-c) created by jdreed
This was originally set to work around a bug that got fixed in Lucid.


15:04 Changeset [25748] by jdreed
- Set the "seen" flag for questions asked in the installer, but which are irrelevant because of config packages we install.


11:23 Changeset [25747] by jdreed
Get rid of "dirname $0" and replace with DA_SCRIPTS_DIR, which allows overriding at run time. (Trac: #1191)
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08:46 Changeset [25746] by jdreed
In printing-config: * Remove DEB_UNDIVERT_VERSION, unneeded as of c-p-d 4.12 (and build-dep on 4.12) * Drop our english-to-english translation added in version 1.10 because upstream (https://fedorahosted.org/system-config-printer/ticket/181) fixed this years ago.
08:38 Ticket #984 (english-to-english-config should say something about Pharos) closed by jdreed
wontfix: Upstream took our english-to-english patch a while ago (the msgid is no …


17:35 Ticket #1005 (auto-update logs are missing on -workstation) closed by jdreed
17:31 Changeset [25745] by jdreed
In athinfo: * Catch IOErrors (Trac #1214) * Use .writelines() instead of .write() with .read() * Bump Standards-Version
17:11 Ticket #1044 (FF will soon include Windows-esque UAC) closed by jdreed
17:09 Ticket #354 (re-enable Compiz) closed by jdreed
invalid: This will get fixed for us now that Unity-2D is gone.
16:46 Changeset [25744] by jdreed
In shell-config: * Use profile.d to avoid diverting /etc/profile (Trac: #923) * Bump standards-version
16:36 Ticket #1010 (lpq -Pmitprint should maybe show the Pharos queue for users who are doing ...) closed by jdreed
16:32 Changeset [25743] by jdreed
Pretend to support Quantal in PXE installs
16:32 Changeset [25742] by jdreed
Don't hardcode eth0, pick the first non-loopback interface
14:15 Changeset [25741] by jdreed
In cluster-login-config: * Provide a gsettings-override file for Precise (Trac: #1242) * Update screensaver-logout to use gnome-session-quit
10:15 Changeset [25740] by jdreed
In emacs-config: * Make uninstalls cleaner (Trac: #1241) * Bump standards-version * Drop require-final-newline (Trac: #1240)


19:30 Ticket #1245 (auto-update's mirror check is too enthusiastic) created by jdreed
mkc says: jdreed@infinite-loop:~$ athinfo mkc update-status …
19:02 Ticket #1244 (bugme should be even more annoying) created by jdreed
The bugme dialog should be .present()ed more often, or something. I saw …
19:01 Ticket #1243 (Blacklist pulseaudio in dbus helper?) created by jdreed
I encountered a quickstation today halfway through a failed reboot. Our …
13:45 Ticket #1242 (screensaver logout doesn't work) created by jdreed
... along with a bunch of other things, because we totally failed to …


18:56 Ticket #1241 (debathena-emacs-config doesn’t uninstall cleanly) created by andersk
Since debathena-emacs-config works by installing a conffile, and dpkg …
18:49 Ticket #1240 (Remove require-final-newline from emacs-config) created by andersk
Alright. It’s $(date +%Y), and I spent …
14:31 Ticket #1239 (stage1 installer shouldn't assume eth0) created by jdreed
13:00 Ticket #1238 (Support for Unity and Upstart user sessions) created by jdreed
And you can't use any other window manager, because regular unity is …
10:12 Ticket #1237 (restricted-drivers notifications may be back in Precise on cluster) closed by jdreed
invalid: False positive.
09:44 Ticket #1237 (restricted-drivers notifications may be back in Precise on cluster) created by jdreed
We have one anecdotal report of this in 1-115? It looks like maybe …


19:47 Ticket #1236 (Move bugme timer to the bottom right) created by jdreed
That's probably the best place for it in Unity, at least until it learns …
13:00 Ticket #1235 (tellme's usage message should use basename $0) created by jmorzins
If a user runs "tellme" without any argument, the usage message that …


18:10 Ticket #1234 (Please display (bring back) seconds in the login screen!) closed by jdreed
worksforme: Seconds are there as of Precise, if you use lightdm (the default dm) and …
17:37 Ticket #1234 (Please display (bring back) seconds in the login screen!) created by jhawk
We miss them! Geoffrey says, "Oh, by the way, I think we can display …
13:15 Ticket #1233 (Resize grips in Metacity on Precise are 1px) created by jdreed
Upstream appears not to care. We should just divert the Ambiance theme's …
11:20 Ticket #1232 (Consider a "content filter" for kiosk browsing) created by jdreed
Obviously, most of the Real Software costs money and is Windows-only, but …


14:05 Ticket #1020 (aptitude sometimes spins forever when in --download-only mode) closed by jdreed
fixed: According the LP bug, Quantal took the new version. I see no reason to …


00:45 Ticket #1231 (Quantal build) created by jdreed
- c-l-c fails to build (because gconf-2-config fails to install?); we …


19:41 Ticket #1230 (build-all Makefile should cleanup .started and .error stamps files) created by jdreed
If there are stray .started and .error files, it's possible for the …
15:58 Ticket #1229 (Update machtype for quantal and wheezy) created by jdreed
15:57 Changeset [25739] by jdreed
In machtype: * Support Quantal and Wheezy
15:53 Ticket #1228 (Evolution handles migration poorly) created by jdreed
We now have 2 users reporting the same behavior -- upon launching …
15:39 Ticket #1227 (pidgin does not work out of the box on Precise with AIM) created by jdreed
You need to uncheck the "clientLogin" box in the account settings. This …
14:48 Changeset [25738] by jdreed
October is sooner than you think
14:45 Ticket #1093 (wheezy no longer close enough to squeeze) closed by jdreed
fixed: Seeing as how having a wheezy build is better than not having one, I've …
14:39 Ticket #1215 (Default focus issues in lightdm-config) closed by jdreed
13:49 Changeset [25737] by jdreed
In nmh-config: * Upstream nmh is good enough after 1.5, because it has the mbx_close fix
13:21 Changeset [25736] by jdreed
Handle wheezy's LPRng, which uses an autogenerated init script, whose name we have changed in the rules file, and must therefore change the filename too
10:31 Ticket #458 (Non-BSD CUPS clients should choose the correct server) closed by jdreed
wontfix: At release-team, we decided that we only need to support the legacy …
07:26 Ticket #1226 (debathena-nmh FTFBS on wheezy) created by jdreed
[…] This is almost certainly because mbx_close has been patched …
07:24 Ticket #1225 (debathena-lprng FTFBS on wheezy) created by jdreed


23:33 Ticket #1224 (libnss-nonlocal FTFBS on wheezy) created by jdreed
22:15 Ticket #1201 (telepathy-mission-control-5 is crashy) closed by andersk
fixed: I’m going to assume for now that this was  LP:1024848, which was marked …
20:46 Changeset [25735] by andersk
In libnss-nonlocal: * Pre-Depend adduser. * Don’t Build-Depend debhelper 9. Full history: git://andersk.mit.edu/nss_nonlocal.git debian/2.0-0debathena2
18:52 Changeset [25734] by jdreed
In athdir: * Do not permit builds unless both ATHENA_HOSTTYPE and ATHENA_SYS are set (Trac: #1204)
18:49 Ticket #1223 (daconfiscate breaks with new libtool) created by jdreed
ltmain.sh is now in /usr/share/libtool/config/
17:51 Changeset [25733] by jdreed
Update chroot-sources to match do-build now that we're using -stagging
17:28 Changeset [25732] by jdreed
Bump wheezy tag
17:07 Changeset [25731] by jdreed
In kiosk: * And remove GDM version conditionals in debian/rules, we no longer need to support old-gdm
16:35 Changeset [25730] by jdreed
In pam-config: * And actually transform /etc/pam.d/gdm3 correctly
15:29 Changeset [25729] by jdreed
In network-manager-config: * Build-dep on debathena-gdm In pam-config: * Build-dep on debathena-gdm In kiosk: * Build-dep on debathena-gdm
15:07 Changeset [25728] by jdreed
In lightdm-config: * Deal with AFS possibly not being up by the time lightdm starts * Remove stray debugging print statement
13:25 Changeset [25727] by jdreed
In reactivate: * Cleanup from r24057, where we had to special-case quickstations via su-error and sudo-error, and cleanup those conffiles in a Debian-esque way * Add a trailing NUL to the end of sudo-warning to workaround a bug in sudo 1.8.3p1 (fixed upstream, but not in Precise)
11:34 Ticket #1222 (Obscure string processing bug in sudo lecture files) created by jdreed
See #1190. Something in sudo is adding one or two characters for no …
11:20 Ticket #1221 (No evolution in Precise) closed by jdreed
11:09 Changeset [25726] by jdreed
In email-icon-config: * Just run evolution, don't attempt to be clever about it
10:48 Changeset [25725] by jdreed
In evolution-wrapper: * Depend on Evolution
10:48 Ticket #1221 (No evolution in Precise) created by jdreed
09:54 Ticket #1220 (Better network recovery in stage 2 installer) created by jdreed
The installer should be able to differentiate between local network issues …
08:52 Changeset [25724] by jdreed
Default to precise


21:47 Ticket #1219 (Use sudoers.d, don't scribble over /etc/sudoers) created by jdreed
c-l-c, reactivate, kiosk, etc should use sudoers.d, not scribble over …
20:39 Ticket #1218 (lightdm-confing doesn't populate update start time when an update happens ...) created by jdreed
This was noted in source-commits, and 1.6 was committed, but never built.
10:24 Milestone Precise Release completed
10:22 Ticket #581 (Give shiny icons to the items in the "MIT Software" menu) closed by jdreed
10:22 Ticket #1186 (Maple won't launch from dash on precise 64 bit machines) closed by jdreed
10:21 Ticket #1205 (ATHENA_SYS{,_COMPAT} aren't set when launching from the Dock) closed by jdreed
10:19 Ticket #1217 (Stop autodebathenifying AFS) created by jdreed
When Hardy (the last non-DKMS release) is dead, we can stop …


23:25 Ticket #1216 (Opt-in support for ssh -k / public keys on athena.dialup) created by geofft
It would be kind of nifty if the athena.dialup patch let you opt in …
18:31 Changeset [25723] by jdreed
In dns-config: * Do not build for Hardy anymore * Ship a sample resolv.conf for MIT, and use it if we end up with no nameservers configured at the end of the postinst
18:09 Changeset [25722] by jdreed
Of course Hardy is still too incompetent, so conditionalize on which package manager to use
17:59 Changeset [25721] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Configure all 3 DNS servers in auto-upgrade
15:32 Changeset [25720] by jdreed
Switch to apt-get for the actuall install transactions
13:51 Changeset [25719] by jdreed
Specify all 3 DNS servers in the install, not just bitsy
13:41 Changeset [25718] by jdreed
In dns-config: * Conflict bind9
12:12 Ticket #1206 (ia32libs gone in Precise) closed by jdreed
fixed: It was suggested on zephyr that this error was symptomatic of multiarch …


21:40 Ticket #1215 (Default focus issues in lightdm-config) created by jdreed
Possibly making the menubar a menubar or adding the MOTD window broke the …
11:42 Ticket #1200 (lightdm-greeter's default MOTD is dumb) closed by jdreed
11:42 Ticket #1199 (bugme's position in kiosk-mode is annoying) closed by jdreed
11:41 Ticket #1196 (athinfod-cluster-config and auto-update need to make use of new ...) closed by jdreed
11:41 Ticket #1188 (Add libperl4-corelibs-perl) closed by jdreed
11:41 Ticket #808 (athinfod should support packages adding their own queries) closed by jdreed
11:41 Ticket #1026 (athena-auto-update needs a full rewrite) closed by jdreed
11:05 Ticket #1214 (Better athinfo error handling) created by jdreed
athinfo generates tracebacks if you pipe its output into a pager. This in …


15:14 Ticket #1213 (athena.dialup needs Linerva's awful 32-bit library hack) created by geofft
This is basically how we got away with zero complaints about making …
15:13 Ticket #1212 (Linerva (and other dialups) should run identd) created by geofft
That way we can get more users on Freenode. We've talked about giving …


13:13 Ticket #1211 (SapGUI doesn't work on precise) created by kaduk
It complains that: […]


13:02 Changeset [25717] by jdreed
In lightdm-config: * Populate the update start time correctly
12:46 Ticket #1210 (auto-update's nologin text has no start time) created by kaduk
Just installed a cluster VM; alpha-linux clusterinfo caused it to take …
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