11:17 Changeset [25797] by jdreed
Add usage message and make error messages clearer


14:44 Ticket #1279 (snapshot.debathena.org is broken) created by jdreed
I have no idea how long it's been broken for, but you get a Python error …
14:44 Ticket #1278 (The debathena website's RewriteRules are stupid and needlessly complicated) created by jdreed
There are a variety of ~/.htaccess files in various places in the locker, …
14:39 Ticket #1277 (dasnapshot doesn't work on Precise) closed by jdreed
fixed: Fixed. Ruby's DBI/DBD or Postgres itself changed how it handles strings …
14:04 Ticket #1277 (dasnapshot doesn't work on Precise) created by jdreed
Noting that dasnapshot is actually …
12:49 Ticket #1276 (debathena-metrics is broken (again)) created by jweiss
based on the stats, almost all machines stopped logging between 8/12 and …
11:39 Changeset [25796] by jdreed
Fix typo in comment


16:23 Changeset [25795] by jdreed
Enable debugging info to stderr if DEBATHENA_DEBUG is set
16:10 Ticket #1275 (build-server infrastructure should not be arch dependent) created by jdreed
Until we flip out and do #912, we should at least move the build-server …
16:06 Changeset [25794] by jdreed
- Pick a (slightly) less silly stamps directory (Trac: #727) - Ensure that we don't accidentally end up with parallel builds because of stray .started or .error stamps (Trac: #1230) - Suppress echoing of commands and make output more readable
15:06 Ticket #1231 (Quantal build) closed by jdreed
14:35 Ticket #1267 (build-depends not installable on quantal) closed by jdreed
12:10 Changeset [25793] by jdreed
Actually, we do need a patch to take out common-session. The old patch was generated with the files switched.


14:47 Ticket #1274 (Add ksh to thirdparty) created by jdreed
Per EECS request.
13:49 SettingUpABuildServer edited by jdreed
13:41 Ticket #1273 (cluster-login-config fails to build on quantal) created by jdreed
The transformation of gdm.conf fails.
11:53 SettingUpABuildServer edited by jdreed
11:49 SettingUpABuildServer edited by jdreed
11:22 Changeset [25792] by jdreed
Update for sbuild 0.62.6: - sbuild no longer passes its configuration as environment variables (e.g. SBUILD_BUILD_CONF_DISTRIBUTION). Replace this functionality with our own variable, DEBATHENA_BUILD_DIST - update chroot-sources to use DEBATHENA_BUILD_DIST and fallback to guessing intelligently, rather than constructing invalid sources.list files - update sbuildhack to set the new environment variable (this also requires that the variable be filtered in ~/.sbuildrc) - update daschroot and do-build to set the new environment variable instead of the old one.
02:52 Ticket #1272 (debathena-msmtp should use SSL) created by andersk
The needed msmtp options are `--tls=on …


03:29 Ticket #1271 (mitprint local pharos queue occasionally gets stuck) created by achernya
The mitprint local pharos queue currently has a policy of stopping the …


11:45 Changeset [25791] by jdreed
- Use a less stupid VG name - Swap the chroot config conditional blocks, which were in the wrong order
11:23 Changeset [25790] by jdreed
Revert r25789 for gen-build-deps
11:22 Changeset [25789] by jdreed
Rebuild quantal
11:10 Changeset [25788] by jdreed
Remove pre-release tag from quantal


17:28 SettingUpABuildServer edited by jdreed
16:47 Changeset [25787] by jdreed
Punt natty and hardy; leave the hardy case black until April 2013
16:44 SettingUpABuildServer edited by jdreed
16:21 Changeset [25786] by jdreed
As of 1.4.25-1, schroot ships with the correct pam config and this patch is no longer necessary
16:11 Changeset [25785] by jdreed
Prefer mirrors.mit.edu to upstream mirrors.
15:58 Ticket #881 (debathena-discuss-server missing utility programs, esp. "byteswap") closed by jdreed
15:58 Ticket #923 (debathena-bash-config interferes with base-files’s upgrading of ...) closed by jdreed
15:58 Ticket #973 (discuss segfault on re-adding a meeting) closed by jdreed
15:57 Ticket #1140 (Switch to authenticated mail path) closed by jdreed
15:57 Ticket #1173 (desync should grow desync2cron functionality) closed by jdreed
15:57 Ticket #1259 (Every user who has ever used the machine is cached in the username menu) closed by jdreed
15:57 Ticket #1245 (auto-update's mirror check is too enthusiastic) closed by jdreed
15:56 Ticket #1214 (Better athinfo error handling) closed by jdreed
15:56 Ticket #1207 (Bump the chroot's ramdisk) closed by jdreed
14:22 Ticket #1270 (new package request for debathena-thirdparty) created by alexp
Please add iwidgets4 to debathena-thirdparty. It's needed by an …
13:56 Ticket #1269 (Better disk failure detection in the installer) created by jdreed
Several times now I've found myself having to do site visits for failed …
13:51 Ticket #1038 (Don't scribble over the utility partition) closed by jdreed
wontfix: All the UEFI machines have built-in diagnostics, and it's not worth our …


11:24 Changeset [25784] by jdreed
In thunderbird-config: * Symlink the config file into /usr/lib/thunderbird/defaults/pref, since that's where Thunderbird is looking for .js files this week. (Trac: #1020)


10:13 Ticket #1268 (Stop buildling for hardy and natty) created by jdreed
Natty reaches EOL on Oct 28. I'm going to turn off Hardy at the same …


16:26 Ticket #1267 (build-depends not installable on quantal) created by kaduk
16:25 Changeset [25783] by jdreed
Add quantal to the codes list
16:01 Changeset [25782] by jdreed
Actually download the quantal installer
15:29 Changeset [25781] by jdreed
Pick the first non-loopback interface, not all the non-loopback interfaces


21:00 AFS edited by lfaraone
typofix (diff)
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12:53 Ticket #1266 (lightdm-greeter sometimes spins on get_authenticated_user()) created by jdreed
Hotline and anecdotal information has suggested that there's some new …


03:53 Ticket #1265 (Discourage zombie moshes) created by adehnert
We have lots of mosh-server's on linerva that probably have no clients …
03:41 Ticket #1264 (Figure out why we have so many processes) created by adehnert
Shortly after booting, we had about 1.4K processes. It went way up the …
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