17:18 Changeset [25968] by jdreed
Add jessie to DEBIAN_CODES now that the initial build is complete
16:26 Changeset [25967] by jdreed
Support wheezy, because apparently we didn't Note that jessie is unsupported Move the "unsupported" warning outside the case block
16:11 Ticket #1349 (Rebuild debathena-machtype for jessie) created by jdreed
A separate ticket to track this.
15:23 Changeset [25966] by jdreed
In machtype: * Pretend to support Jessie.
14:44 Changeset [25965] by jdreed
Pass -p to schroot when getting the .dsc so that things like DEBATHENA_MIRROR actually work as intended
14:01 AddingOrRebuildingASuite edited by jdreed
13:59 AddingOrRebuildingASuite edited by jdreed
12:14 Changeset [25964] by jdreed
- Don't hardcode suite and psuite, require specifying them at build time
11:48 Changeset [25963] by jdreed
Hardy and Oneiric are dead Add a Saucy pre-release tag


16:41 Ticket #1348 (Build for jessie) created by jdreed
We should pretend to support jessie.
16:33 Changeset [25962] by jdreed
Support jessie, remove wheezy prerelease tag


08:08 Ticket #1347 (Stop debathenifying schroot) created by achernya
We appear to have schroot in debathena/third/schroot from the Karmic era. …
04:21 Ticket #1346 (Move doc to the attic) created by achernya
None of doc/ in the root of the tree is at all relevant to Debathena, and …
04:17 Ticket #1345 (Replace lam and rs with FreeBSD versions, until they can be laid to rest) created by achernya
Originally this ticket proposed death, claiming: This is like just all …
03:02 Ticket #1344 (wheezy workstation install fails due to debathena-extra-software package) created by vasilvv
The three packages in question are: * compizconfig-settings-manager — …


19:42 Changeset [25961] by vasilvv
In desync: * Use automake * Bump upstream version * Switch to debhelper7 * Switch to source format 3.0 (quilt)
14:04 Ticket #1343 (Encourage classes to use athena.dialup) created by adehnert
A bunch of classes suggest linerva.mit.edu as a dialup. We should …


20:30 Ticket #1342 (Mutt "record" option incorrect for Exchange users) created by rakavan
Mutt's "record" option (where mutt stores "sent mail") is incorrect for …
16:00 Ticket #1341 (Consider postponing updates if / is full) created by jdreed
A debathena-workstation machine's / filled up during (or right before) an …
10:56 Changeset [25960] by jdreed
In nautilus-afs: * Fix bug which didn't reset "add" dialog after cancel (Trac: #1339) * Switch to dh7 from CDBS * Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3 and compat to 7 * Replace completely wrong copyright file with copyright format 1.0
10:21 Ticket #1340 (gconfd-2-wrapper hasn't worked since Natty) created by jdreed
We divert /usr/lib/libgconf2-4/gconfd, and modern gconfd is …
09:51 Ticket #1339 (nautilus-afs doesn't reset the "Entity" combobox after 'Cancel') created by jdreed
After clicking 'add' then changing the Entity dropdown to one of the …


11:52 Changeset [25959] by jdreed
Clean up logic, and ensure that upgrader exits if reinstalls are possible but the machine is too new.
10:08 Changeset [25958] by jdreed
* Punt Hardy and Oneiric * Add Saucy * October is sooner than you think


16:03 Changeset [25957] by vasilvv
Fix the regression test script
15:44 Changeset [25956] by vasilvv
In hostinfo: * Switch to dh7 * Use debian/install file instead of autoconf+make * Bump upstream version * Switch to source format 3.0 (quilt)


12:26 Changeset [25955] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Provide a mechanism for reinstallation (Trac: #1305) and document it
11:50 Changeset [25954] by jdreed
* Don't source the bourne shell clusterinfo in tcsh * Mark 10.0.32-0debathena2 as released
11:42 Changeset [25953] by jdreed
Release 1.2.4
02:39 Ticket #1338 (Binary packages’ source headers should point to untagged versions) created by andersk
For example, the debathena-rs 10.0.3~ubuntu13.04 binary package should …


11:42 Changeset [25952] by jdreed
Add a warning for daupload-release
11:39 Changeset [25951] by jdreed
* Rename daupload-proposed to daupload, and repoint all symlinks * Rename daupload-equivs-proposed to daupload-equivs and repoint all symlinks * Create daupload-release symlink which was in locker but not svn
10:38 Ticket #1337 (Fix machtype version skew) created by jdreed
Machtype 10.2 didn't make it into production, so this needs to be rebuilt, …
10:12 Ticket #1322 (Raring build.) closed by jdreed
fixed: Rebuilt and in production


16:36 Ticket #1336 (openafs doesn't contain libkopenafs in lucid, squeeze) created by achernya
The upcoming liblocker athfsck commit changes liblocker from statically …
15:30 Changeset [25950] by jdreed
In ldso1-stub: * Call dh_fixperms -X with a filename we actually ship
14:53 Ticket #1021 (KIll off LPRng) closed by jdreed
fixed: Finally in production. "And the people did feast upon the lambs and …
14:52 Ticket #1328 (pidgin-wrapper and evolution-wrapper and gconfd-2-wrapper FTBFS on raring) closed by jdreed
14:38 Changeset [25949] by jdreed
Raring releases tomorrow, add it to DEBIAN_CODES
12:22 Changeset [25948] by jdreed
In gathrun: * Add support for a splash screen to gathrun (Trac: #1208) * Switch to zenity from gdialog
11:33 Changeset [25947] by jdreed
In locker-menu: * Add StartupWMClass entries where available (Trac: #1208) * Switch to dh7 from CDBS


16:15 Changeset [25946] by jdreed
16:03 Changeset [25944] by jdreed
16:02 Changeset [25945] by jdreed
15:34 Ticket #1335 (Remove dent and just/fill) created by jdreed
It's 2013. These should move to a locker and we should move on. …
15:34 Ticket #1334 (Remove gathlogout) created by jdreed
It was packaged, but not in any metapackages. You have a week to defend …
15:22 Changeset [25943] by jdreed
Kill Athena finger
14:57 Ticket #1154 (Setting EDITOR=emacs by default is stupid in 2012) closed by jdreed
wontfix: Really, this is "fix sendbug"
14:39 Ticket #1283 (Lucid cannot upgrade to Precise) closed by jdreed
fixed: "Fixed" by adding a RewriteRule? that denies any InRelease? file to any …
10:31 Hacks edited by jdreed
09:30 Ticket #1204 (libathdir is horribly wrong) closed by jdreed


18:12 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by vasilvv
per discussion in the SIPB office (diff)
15:51 Changeset [25942] by jdreed
Release 1.10
14:16 Changeset [25941] by jdreed
Support overriding of DEBIAN_CODES
14:13 Changeset [25940] by jdreed
Allow overriding of DEBIAN_CODES (e.g., if you need to build and upload for a single release). This is preferable to running 'dareprepro include' by hand.
12:28 Ticket #1333 (Stop building for Oneiric) created by jdreed
Oneiric dies on May 9, according to upstream. Lucid Desktop also dies …
12:21 Changeset [25939] by jdreed
In workstation: * Depend on plymouth-config (Trac: #145) * Recommend ldso1-stub (Trac: #476)
12:19 Changeset [25938] by jdreed
In plymouth-config: * Install at priority 110, so that you actually get the theme.
11:31 Ticket #1332 (c-p-d 5.x broke divert.mk) created by jdreed
It was apparently supposed to be the case that you could just include …
11:17 Ticket #1136 (firefox-extension doesn't work with modern FF on new installs) reopened by jdreed
11:11 Ticket #1331 (firefox-extension doesn't work with FF20) closed by jdreed
invalid: This is #1136 all over again.
11:03 Ticket #1331 (firefox-extension doesn't work with FF20) created by jdreed
The chrome part works (I get the Help menu add-ons), but I don't get …


16:21 Changeset [25937] by vasilvv
In syncupdate: * Use automake * Bump upstream version * Switch to debhelper7 * Switch to source format 3.0


17:49 Ticket #1330 (dh-buildinfo considered harmful) created by kaduk
CDBS pulled this in everywhere as part of @cdbs@ in control.in. Now that …
17:30 Ticket #1273 (cluster-login-config fails to build on quantal) closed by jdreed
invalid: They build fine, the problem is they were both using ancient versions in …
17:03 Changeset [25936] by jdreed
In gconfd-2-wrapper: * Convert to dh7 from CDBS
16:57 CompatLevels edited by adehnert
bump recommended compat level (per -i trac-#1329) (diff)
16:51 Ticket #1329 (pyhesiod shouldn't log ERR lockers as unknown) created by adehnert
An ERR locker isn't unknown; it's just different. Plausibly sysadmins want …
16:47 Changeset [25935] by jdreed
In evolution-wrapper: * Switch to dh7 from CDBS * Remove shlibs:Depends and Build-Dep on lsb-release (both unused)
15:13 Ticket #1328 (pidgin-wrapper and evolution-wrapper and gconfd-2-wrapper FTBFS on raring) created by jdreed
It used the obsolete divert.mk. Fixed in r25934 and friends.
15:09 Changeset [25934] by jdreed
In pidgin-wrapper: * Convert from CDBS to dh7 * Remove unnecessary shlibs:Depends
14:38 Ticket #1327 (Trac's login button should redirect properly) closed by jdreed
duplicate: This is "Finish #1124".
14:36 Ticket #1327 (Trac's login button should redirect properly) created by adehnert
If I go to http://debathena.mit.edu/trac/, open some ticket, and click …
14:25 Changeset [25933] by jdreed
Default to overlayfs chroots
14:20 Changeset [25932] by jdreed
Point at the correct config script for systems with /run
13:34 Changeset [25931] by jdreed
In printing-config: * And recommend rlpr
13:30 Changeset [25930] by jdreed
In printing-config: * Add a hack to continue to support Pharos queues.
13:02 Changeset [25929] by jdreed
- Add a .gitignore for examples directory - Pull in 5.1.1, whose changelog appears below * Team upload. * No-change rebuild to remove stray symlinks and build detritus from the upload (Closes: #705214)
12:35 Changeset [25928] by jdreed
- Move the extra_kargs clause before the reboot notice - Add the extra kernel args before the end-of-arguments delimiter
12:24 Changeset [25927] by jdreed
* Allow for extra kernel arguments at runtime * Add some whitespace for readability
01:08 Changeset [25926] by vasilvv
In sendbug: * Bump upstream version * Use debhelper7 instead of autoconf/Makefile * Switch source format to 3.0 (quilt)


21:42 Changeset [25925] by vasilvv
In bugme: * Specify the version of debhelper explicitly, drop dh-buildinfo
21:37 Changeset [25924] by vasilvv
In bugme: * Use debhelper7 instead of CDBS * Use source format 3.0
13:03 Changeset [25923] by vasilvv
In athinfo: * Use Python distutils instead of autoconf * Use debhelper7 * Use source format 3.0 (quilt)


18:18 Changeset [25922] by achernya
In athdir: * Bump upstream version * Switch to dh7 * Switch to source format 3.0 (quilt)
17:49 Changeset [25921] by achernya
Oh, and release it, too.
17:37 Changeset [25920] by achernya
In athrun: * Bump upstream version * Switch to dh7 * Remove autoconf and Makefile * Switch to source format 3.0 (quilt)
05:17 Ticket #1326 (Migrate athinfo from autoconf to distutils) created by vasilvv
Patch attached. It also replaces cdbs with debhelper 7. The main issue …
04:13 Ticket #1325 (Rewrite attachandrun in python) created by achernya
attachandrun.c is a horrible bit of C that tries to do things that are …
00:09 Changeset [25919] by achernya
Convert athdir to automake


18:21 Changeset in config-package-dev [79a3018] by Jonathan Reed <jdreed@…>
mastergeoffttrac-867-interpolatetrac1358Use correct format for team upload indicator
18:10 ConfigPackageDev edited by jdreed
18:01 Changeset in config-package-dev [097ccb1] by Jonathan Reed <jdreed@…>
mastergeoffttrac-867-interpolatetrac1358Release 5.1.1
17:23 Changeset [25918] by achernya
In athdir: * Reduce autoconf dependency to 2.65 for lucid compatibility.
16:39 Changeset [25917] by jdreed
In athdir: * Bump upstream version number * Acknowledge the contributions of one Alexander Chernyakhovsky in the previous changelog entry, for his valiant dh7 and automake efforts
16:29 Changeset [25916] by achernya
In athdir: * Convert to debhelper 7
16:23 Changeset [25915] by achernya


13:18 Ticket #1324 (gdm-config and xsession are hopeless intertwined) created by jdreed
The right thing to do is probably to move athena-session and …
13:16 Changeset [25914] by jdreed
In xsession: * Don't attempt to remove the lightdm dmrc cache, because we can't. * Explain why we don't care about the lightdm dmrc cache anyway
10:53 Ticket #1189 (dkms transition broke linux-image-server) closed by jdreed
fixed: This got fixed a while back, the installer now uses a variant of the AFS …


16:41 Ticket #1323 (Better login debugging) created by jdreed
You know what would be clever? A "Help" button on the greeter, that talks …
16:39 Ticket #286 (some equivalent of console in this brave new world) closed by jdreed
14:35 Changeset [25913] by jdreed
Support building for raring
14:27 Ticket #1322 (Raring build.) created by jdreed
We need to build for raring. This entails: - Updating machtype's rules …
14:26 Changeset [25912] by jdreed
In machtype: * Pretend to support Raring. * Kill i386_linux24 and i386_rhel3 on things that are Wheezy or newer (Trac: #338)
10:24 Ticket #1321 (Kill old-gdm with fire) created by jdreed
The only release on which we even pretend to support old-gdm is Squeeze, …


20:20 ConvertingToAutomake created by achernya
Initial version of documentation for converting to automake
20:05 WikiStart edited by achernya
19:49 Changeset [25911] by achernya
List headers in SOURCES
19:33 Changeset [25910] by achernya
Turns out ignoring the warning produces a warning. Fix it instead
19:33 Changeset [25909] by achernya
Ignore a warning introduced in automake 1.13 about ar
19:18 Changeset [25908] by achernya
Clean up extraneous checks in configure.ac
18:52 Changeset [25907] by achernya
Update configure.ac to have more checks, also fix the HOSTTYPE_* brokeness to actually work
17:49 Changeset [25906] by achernya
Prevent automake from littering files everywhere
17:07 Changeset [25905] by achernya
Transform athdir into an automake project; also relicense to BSD-2-Clause
15:13 Changeset [25904] by jdreed
In gdm-config: * Undivert gdm2 diversions on upgrade to new-gdm (Trac: #1059)
14:22 Ticket #1318 (config-package-dev 5.0 does not work with transform sources) closed by jdreed
14:10 Ticket #1320 (Punt divert.sh snippets from maintainer scripts) created by jdreed
Various packages include various parts of divert.sh.in to cleanup after …
14:08 Changeset [25903] by jdreed
In kerberos-config: * Punt all the old cleanup code and divert.sh from postinst; simply undivert/unhide as necessary
13:20 Changeset [25902] by jdreed
Put relevant dotfiles under version control
13:10 Changeset [25901] by jdreed
Sync 5.1 with Debian unstable, which includes the following: * Support the abort-remove invocation of postinst * Add the transformed file, not its source, to the list of files to displace
13:03 Changeset in config-package-dev [716fe38] by Jonathan Reed <jdreed@…>
mastergeoffttrac-867-interpolatetrac1358Release version 5.1
02:22 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by geofft


16:08 Changeset [25900] by jdreed
In standard: * Recommend mail-transport-agent as an alternative to debathena-msmtp-mta, for people who already have an MTA (Trac: #1025)
14:16 Ticket #905 (Investigate fglrx) closed by jdreed
ignored: I think we've sufficiently stopped caring. We have demonstrated that …
13:43 Ticket #1315 (lightdm-config should reload upstart config after diverting an upstart job) closed by jdreed
13:42 Ticket #1313 (Logrotate, auto-update and athinfo don't play nice) closed by jdreed
13:41 Ticket #1271 (mitprint local pharos queue occasionally gets stuck) closed by jdreed
13:41 Ticket #957 (Review Lintian VendorCustomization spec and use it) closed by jdreed
13:41 Ticket #1012 (Clean up old kernels in /boot) closed by jdreed
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