22:57 Ticket #1384 (Disable DNS canonicalization for Kerberos) created by geofft
Use of Kerberos in the Athena environment currently involves using DNS for …
15:37 Ticket #1141 (Consider a flag file which disables the dialup's sshd sanity checking) closed by jweiss
duplicate: dup of #1216
13:46 Ticket #1383 (Consider using --fail-missing) created by kaduk
dh_install takes a --fail-missing argument, which causes the build to …
13:46 Ticket #1382 (qy(1) needs a man page) created by jdreed
Someone should go write one.
09:31 Ticket #1381 (Attempt to pretend to support Raspbian) created by jdreed
Because people keep asking for it. The -config packages should be …


11:52 Ticket #1329 (pyhesiod shouldn't log ERR lockers as unknown) closed by adehnert
fixed: Moved to production.
09:01 Ticket #1380 (chsh.moira is broken) created by kaduk
debathena-moira-clients at svn r4114 is broken, as seen on athena.dialup …


16:36 Ticket #1379 (Deactivated users should get a sensible error message) created by jdreed
Currently, logins just fail with no feedback for deactivated users. …


10:40 Ticket #1378 (OpenAFS doesn't work with 3.8 (linux-lts-raring)) closed by jdreed
09:54 Ticket #1378 (OpenAFS doesn't work with 3.8 (linux-lts-raring)) created by jdreed
See also #1309. Tracking this in our Trac. I wonder if we want to put up …


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