19:56 Ticket #1428 (Build for trusty) created by vasilvv
Currently blocks on me finishing the new buildsystem. If the buildsystem …
19:51 Ticket #1427 (debathena-pharos-support doesn't install on saucy) created by geofft
debathena-pharos-config depends on [ http://packages.ubuntu.com/hpijs
19:50 Ticket #1402 (Build for saucy) closed by andersk
fixed:  https://github.com/mit-athena/scripts/commit/4967f39613d54ac18b72d105122cd4
19:45 Ticket #1415 (OpenAFS doesn't build on 3.12 (Trusty)) closed by andersk
fixed: We got this fixed in November.


17:43 Ticket #1426 (Drop Cyrus configuration) created by jdreed
Cyrus is dying. We should pull the Cyrus config, and update things for …
17:42 Ticket #1425 (Support PPAs on cluster machines) created by jdreed
We need a trivial way to enable PPAs on cluster machines, as academic …


12:27 Ticket #1296 (athena.dialup.mit.edu does not support IPv6) closed by adehnert
wontfix: Ops doesn't really care, and I don't think we care enough to block on this …
12:26 Ticket #1293 (username.dialup persistent DNS service) closed by adehnert
wontfix: This got NACKed by Ops (and we have other solutions en route for #1176).
12:25 Ticket #1180 (Policy on scheduled downtime and reboot announcements) closed by adehnert
fixed: For planned outages, jweiss has been trying to give 24ish hours outage …


09:09 Ticket #1156 (Entirely new thirdparty infrastructure) closed by jdreed


20:54 Ticket #1424 (debathena-kiosk shows lots of modal prompts) created by davidben
In the "I'm sure a more polished debathena-kiosk is your highest priority …


18:45 Ticket #1216 (Opt-in support for ssh -k / public keys on athena.dialup) closed by adehnert
fixed: Marking as resolved. Thanks for doing this.
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