15:05 Ticket #1465 (add messes up local paths) created by jdreed
The new 'add' does not correctly detect local paths, nor does it honor -f …


14:43 NewBuildSystem edited by jdreed
11:17 Ticket #1464 (Write a one-size-fits-all metrics/data gatherer) created by jdreed
We should write our own one-size-fits-all metrics/data gatherer to replace …
10:31 Ticket #1034 (Advocate for the death of the reg applet) closed by jdreed
fixed: The reg applet is dead. Long live the web form. We should kill off the …


17:23 Ticket #1463 (getcluster prints a traceback on a bad version number) created by jdreed


16:39 Ticket #1462 (Punt debathena-build-depends) created by jdreed
Per discussion on the mailing list, we should drop …
16:05 Ticket #1461 (auto-update shouldn't run update-hook out of /var/run) created by jdreed
At some point, /run became mounted noexec, and we didn't notice.
13:58 NewBuildSystem edited by jdreed
12:59 Ticket #1460 (Dependencies on lert are stupid) created by jdreed
Currently, debathena-locker (in -dev) gets held back, because it wants to …
11:04 Ticket #1459 (get_message does not create its cache) created by jdreed
get_message's packaging does not create its cache, nor does it touch the …
10:12 Ticket #1092 (Package PyAFS whether it's a good idea or not) closed by jdreed
10:12 Ticket #1358 (config-package-dev should not hardcode dpkg-divert path) closed by jdreed
10:11 Ticket #1386 (Consider some special-case ssh config for athena.dialup) closed by jdreed
10:11 Ticket #1419 (python-discuss should not care about the case of hostnames in .meetings) closed by jdreed
10:10 Ticket #1416 (openafs no longer accepts AFS_DYNROOT=true) closed by jdreed
10:10 Ticket #1247 (debathena-lightdm-greeter doesn't explicitly position background window) closed by jdreed
08:59 Ticket #1458 (Consider disabling fingerd on -cluster) created by jdreed
Because there's a renewed community interest in sketching on people's …


15:06 Ticket #1457 (additional packages for debathena-thirdparty) created by alexp
Hi, Could you please add the following additional packages (and their …


16:33 Ticket #1453 (locker-support's fsid doesn't like lockers that aren't listable) closed by jdreed
12:31 Ticket #1456 (pam_access.so is not in lightdm's PAM stack) created by jdreed
pam-config adds it to gdm, but not lightdm, so you can't actually restrict …
11:00 Ticket #1455 (bash-config and tcsh-config don't uninstall cleanly) created by jdreed
Because /etc/profile.d/profile.debathena.sh is a config file, it does not …
08:09 Ticket #1454 (locker-support's athdir does not set exit status) created by jdreed
It always exits 0, but should exit 1 if no paths are found.
08:03 Ticket #1453 (locker-support's fsid doesn't like lockers that aren't listable) created by jdreed
The new implementation of fsid runs aklog -path, which mostly works, …


08:47 Ticket #1452 (Update debathena-thirdparty for Trusty) created by jdreed
The package is designed to always build successfully, but we should ensure …


09:33 Ticket #1451 (Symlink /usr/share/libctl3 to libctl) created by jdreed
Per alexp, a symlink is necessary to make mpb work, per faculty request. …


10:43 Ticket #1450 (Ship debathena-yolo with -clients) created by vasilvv
We have discussed this before, but I have never actually got around …


18:56 NewBuildSystem created by jdreed
02:20 Ticket #1449 (python-discuss should actually install /etc/discuss directory) created by vasilvv
Because right now the packaging does not do that. Apparently I completely …


05:32 Ticket #1448 (debathena-apparmor-config FTBFS on trusty) created by vasilvv
debian/transform_X.debathena regular expression fails with apparmor …


23:44 Ticket #1447 (libnss-nonlocal is not installable on jessie) created by achernya
alex@debian-vm:~$ sudo apt-get install libnss-nonlocal Reading package …
23:31 Ticket #1446 (debathena-ssh-server-config breaks on systemd) created by achernya
systemd expects an EnvironmentFile? to not be a runnable shell script, and …
00:28 Ticket #1441 (Make /mit/debathena/apt/db world-readable) closed by achernya
fixed: No objections seen in two weeks; fs sa'd system:anyuser rl.
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