Adding a new package

This process is only for adding brand new packages to Debathena. (e.g. debathena-awesome, debathena-shiny-thing-config)

N.B. This is not the process for adding a new Ubuntu package to "the release".

1. Create Repository

Create the repository on drugstore by logging in as athenasnap (with your root tickets), and running:

$ /git/athena/repository-configuration/bin/create-repo

That will create the repository both on drugstore and on Github.

2. Add Submodule

Determine where the package should go, based on the guidelines in the repository layout section of this article. In your local clone of the "superrepo" (git+ssh://, add the submodule with a relative path:

$ git submodule add ../new-thing.git debathena/new-thing

That should clone the repository and add it to your .gitmodules. If you run git status, you'll see the new directory and the changes to .gitmodules are staged for commit. Commit them, and push to origin.

3. Update the Checkouts

N.B. It is unclear if this step is actually needed.

Go to /home/builder/build/checkouts on the build server, and git pull.