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     1  1. Create the package repository (detailed instructions on this 
     2     pending).  Set the DEBATHENA_APT environment variable to point to 
     3     the package repository.  Put a copy of the debathena "scripts" 
     4     subdir in your path. 
     6  2. Create the build area. 
     8  3. Run 'dareprepro export' to set up the repository.  Build each 
     9     equivs package under meta/ using 'equivs-build --full *.equivs' 
     10     and upload each with 'daupload-equivs-proposed *.changes', 
     11     followed by 'damove -proposed "" PACKAGE' (replacing PACKAGE with 
     12     the name of each equivs package you are moving). 
     14  4. Set up the build server.  The basic structure of the apt 
     15     repository must work for make-chroot to succeed, so this must 
     16     happen after step 3. 
     18  5. For each normal Debian package in dependency order, cd into its 
     19     directory in the build area and run "da sbuildhack *.dsc" and 
     20     "daupload-release *_source.changes".  If the package contains 
     21     only an "Architecture: all" binary package, pass the -A option to 
     22     both commands. 
     24     The all-packages script can generate an approximation of the 
     25     package list in dependency order, but it doesn't work right yet, 
     26     and ideally it would be possible to do several builds in parallel 
     27     using a Makefile like the one in scripts/build-server/build-all. 
     28     Improvements to this machinery are pending. 
     30  6. For each package under third, run "da ./debathenify-PKG source 
     31     binary upload".  Any created directories under third/openafs/meta 
     32     should be chmodded 777 to work around a perl/AFS permissions 
     33     issue with File::Temp; if this is not done, OpenAFS metapackage 
     34     builds will fail for other users.