If the package you are working on interacts with the native OS in ways that might vary from platform to platform, you may want to do a test build for all platforms. You will need to do this on or another machine which has been set up with build schroots.

As above, run daconfiscate (if necessary) and then daorig. Then run "debuild -S" to create a source package. Now cd into the parent directory and identify the .dsc file created by debuild -S; it will have a name like debathena-just_9.4.0-0debathena2.dsc. Run "da sbuildhack filename.dsc" to perform the package builds. Each build will take place inside an ephemeral chroot based on a snapshot of a template for a particular Debian or Ubuntu version. If a build fails and it's not obvious from the build log why, you may need to create your own ephemeral chroot session with a command like "schroot -c gutsy-amd64-sbuild /bin/sh" and then run debuild from within the package sources.

If the build is successful, it will create a set of packages with names like debathena-just_9.4.0-0debathena2~ubuntu6.06_amd64.deb.