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Debathena is an ideal project to work on during a hackathon. While help with any of our tickets is always appreciated, the following tickets have been identified as ideal for hackathon work. If you plan to work on a ticket during a hackathon, be sure to "Accept" the ticket to change the owner to you. If it already has an owner, consider dropping that person an e-mail saying that you intend to start working on the ticket. That way they can send you any tips or existing code they may have.

Ticket Summary Priority Owner Milestone
#140 Screen saver doesn't say how long you've been idle low jdreed The Distant Future
#227 Improve semantics of attach/detach and add low The Distant Future
#268 debathena-moira-clients: missing manpages low The Distant Future
#283 debathena-workstation Live CD install doesn't display feedback normal xavid Fall 2011
#354 re-enable Compiz normal Quantal Quetzal
#410 We need a public workstation verification script normal Current Semester
#474 debathena-thunderbird-config should configure newsgroups low The Distant Future
#523 Restore GUI browsing of course lockers low The Distant Future
#620 Build and package a zlogger for Debathena normal The Distant Future
#641 Enhance athinfo with a "long" or "human readable" flag for queries trivial The Distant Future
#649 Installer should offer to change your apt repo to low witchakk The Distant Future
#691 Debug GTK+ printing authentication issues and fix them trivial Upstream Utopia
#705 Condense common GDM applet Python code low The Distant Future
#735 make a Dropbox installer normal The Distant Future
#808 athinfod should support packages adding their own queries low The Distant Future
#840 Phase out the auto-updater on -workstation in favor of unattended upgrades normal Current Semester
#870 save-cluster-info lacks a man page low The Distant Future
#1000 login chroots should support SSH sessions via containers normal The Distant Future
#1011 Give up on kexec for auto-upgrades normal jrjarvis Precise Beta
#1018 Good UI for passing print jobs off to someone else normal The Distant Future
#1176 Story for screen on the dialups normal The Distant Future
#1261 Inactive SIAB sessions should get cleaned up normal Upstream Utopia
#1279 is broken low The Distant Future

Getting Started

Not all tickets require extensive experience with Debathena. The following tickets have been identified as ideal for people just starting out with Debathena development:

Ticket Summary Priority Owner Milestone
#870 save-cluster-info lacks a man page low The Distant Future