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    11== Committing == 
    3 '''Non-native packages''' 
    4 * Ensure you updated the version of something either in autogoo,, or VERSION file 
    5 * commit to master 
    6 * tag -a the version you're releasing 
    7 * checkout debian, merge master 
    8 * make any packaging changes and changelog update 
    9 * push debian, master and the tag 
     3=== Non-Native Packages === 
    11 '''Native packages''' 
    12 * Commit to master 
    13 * Push 
     5Non-native packages have a `master` branch containing the "upstream" component, and a `debian` branch which contains the upstream component and the debian packaging. 
     7'''If you are changing the "upstream" code:''' 
     8* Check out the `master` branch, and apply your changes. 
     9* Ensure you updated the version of the software.  This is either in ``, ``, or a `VERSION` file. 
     10* Review your commits, and rebase if necessary. 
     11* Tag the commit with the version number, and an annotated tag saying something like "Releasing 1.2.3" 
     12 * `git tag -a 1.2.3 a4b5c6d7` 
     13* Push your master branch, and the tag to `origin`.   
     14 * '''Once you do this, the version is finalized.  If you find a bug, you'll need to bump the version number and repeat this process. 
     15* Check out the debian branch, and merge master into it.  You are now ready to update the packaging. 
     17'''Updating the packaging'''   
     18* Make your packaging changes (if any) 
     19* Add a changelog entry for the new version, remebering to reset the Debathena component to `-0debathena1` if there's a new "upstream" version. 
     20* Push debian to `origin`. 
     22=== Native Packages === 
     24Native packages only have a `master` branch. 
     26* Make any changes, and update the changelog. 
     27* Push master to `origin`. 
     29Native packages are '''not''' tagged, as the tagging happens at build time. 
    1531== Building == 
    17 ''' For non-native packages''' 
    18 `athena-upstream-tarball -p <directory-name>` 
     33Note: <package> below means the directory in the repo  
    20 * `dasource -u <directory-name>` (build source package) 
    21 * `dapublish [all | package ...]` (publish source package to repo, sign and tag) 
    22 * `dabuild all` (builds any package for which there are source but no binary) 
     35'''Non-native packages have an additional step, prior to building''' 
     36* `athena-upstream-tarball -p <package>` 
     38'''Building packages''' 
     39* `dasource -u <directory-name>` 
     40 * builds source package 
     41* `dapublish [all | package ...]` 
     42 * publish source package to repo, sign and tag 
     43* `dabuild all` 
     44 * builds any package for which there are source but no binary 
     46== Adding a new package == 
     48Victor should fill in this part, explaining what is necessary when adding a new package (e.g. debathena-shiny-new-thing).  Steps include: adding it to the superrepo, making the build tools aware of it (so that uptsream-tarball and dasource don't fail), etc. 
    2450== Bootstrapping A New Release == 
    26 Victor should fill in this part. 
     52Victor should fill in this part for bringing `utopic` (14.10) online.