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     1The `trunk/debathena` subdirectory of the source tree contains Debian/Ubuntu-specific materials, also known 
     2as "Debathena".  The contents are: 
     4 * `debathena` - Debathena-specific software packages such as PAM and NSS modules. 
     5 * `config` - Packages for configuring native system software in a manner appropriate for Athena. 
     6 * `meta` - Packages which contain nothing but dependencies on other packages and serve as an installation convenience. 
     7 * `scripts` - Build scripts and supporting materials. 
     9Debian software used by Debathena: 
     11  * `schroot` - Used to manage build chroot environments for each Debian/Ubuntu version.  We use the device schroot type with aufs union mounts, which allows rapid construction of ephemeral copies of template "source" chroots, so that every binary package build is done in a clean environment.  *N.B.* Also used by login chroots in debathena-cluster 
     13  * `debuild` - Used to create Debian source packages from package 
     14    source directories. 
     16  * `sbuild` - Used to build binary packages from source packages inside 
     17    schroot environments. 
     19  * `equivs` - Used to create packages which only contain dependency 
     20    information.  Somewhat of a dirty hack, since it doesn't keep 
     21    proper changelogs, but it reduces overhead.  *N.B. Being phased out as of 2011/12* 
     23  * CDBS (Common Debian Build System) - Referenced by debian/rules 
     24    files in packages.  Contains standard build rules to cut down on 
     25    per-package boilerplate. 
     27  * `reprepro` - Used to upload packages into the apt repositories. 
     29  * `approx` - Used to create a local cache of Debian packages on the 
     30    build server.  This cache is referenced by the build chroots for 
     31    improved performance.