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Testing Changes

Before packages can move from the -development repository to the -proposed repository, they must undergo testing. There are two types of tests: functionality tests and package-specific tests. Functionality tests include, e.g., printing. Whenever any package is changed that impacts printing (cupsys-config, printing-config), the printing functionality test must be performed. Skipping a test or test component requires explicit approval of three (3) members of release-team.

Package-specific tests are listed by the name of the package.


The Debathena printing configuration is sufficiently complicated and contains enough points of failure that it requires a sigificant amount of testing before we deem that changes involving printing can be pushed to production.

GTK+-based printing applications, including evince

From at least two (2) GTK+-based applications, one of which is evince, test the following:

  • Verify picklist is complete
  • Printing simplex from the picklist
  • Printing duplex from the picklist
  • Printing simplex with "Print to LPR"
  • Printing duplex with "Print to LPR"
  • Print simplex or duplex in color

Java-based printing applications, including MATLAB and OpenOffice?

From at least 3 Java-based printing applications (which must include MATLAB and OpenOffice?):

  • Verify picklist/dropdown is complete
  • Print simplex
  • Print duplex
  • Print simplex or duplex in color

Command-line printing

  • Print simplex
  • Print duplex

Package-specific test plans


Verify that it displays properly in the following resolutions:

  • 800x600
  • 1024x768
  • 1152x865
  • 1280x1024
  • 1680x1050


Verify that auto-update is successfully invoked by cron.


  • Verify that user switching (including "Guest Session") is disabled or nonfunctional from the "power button" menu (indicator-applet-session) and the GNOME "Log Out" panel button.
  • Verify that VTs 1-6 have some sort of message encouraging users to switch back to X
  • Verify that root cannot log in to a graphical session
  • Verify that sshd is not running
  • Verify that the gnome-screensaver permits a force logout after 20 minutes of inactivity and that the logout function works
  • Verify that gnome-screensaver does not permit user-switching
  • Verify that the user cannot hibernate or suspend the machine (from indicator-applet-session or power-manager?)
  • Verify that the default window manager is Metacity (until #354 is fixed)
  • Verify that users can sudo.
  • Verify that the root password is correctly set.


  • Verify that login sessions end up inside a chroot


  • Verify that a browser can be started
  • Verify that the registration applet works and can connect to the moira server (this requires accepting the rules of use and getting to the point where it prompts for name and MIT ID number)


  • Verify that the Failsafe GNOME and Failsafe Terminal sessions are no longer displayed
  • Verify that there is a "Login without customizations" session Verify that it works Verify that selecting that session does not persist across logins


  • Verify