1. ssh to the build server as the builder account and change to the canonical build directory.
  1. Run "gen-packages" to update the package list. (Or "gen-packages -c" if you know the AFS checkout of the source tree is up to date; it should update every half hour.)
  1. Run "ood-packages" to produce a list of out-of-date packages.
  1. For each out of date package, run "dasource PKG". Then change to the package directory and run "da sbuildhack *.dsc" and "daupload-release *_source.changes". If the package contains only an "Architecture: all" binary package, pass the -A option to both commands.
  1. svn update the meta directory. If there are new subdirectories, chmod them 777 to work around a perl/AFS permissions issue with File::Temp. For each updated subdir, change to it, run "equivs-build --full *.equivs", and then "daequivsupload FILENAME.changes" on the produced changes file.
  1. svn update the third directory. You can let autodebathenify handle the updated scripts, or you can touch ~/autodebathenify.suppress, make sure it's not running, and run "da ./debathenify-PKG source binary upload" in each updated directory.

Sometimes you may have to mix up the order of the above steps in order to handle build dependencies.