source: trunk/debathena/config/athinfod-cluster-config/debian/debathena-athinfod-cluster-config.defs @ 25691

Revision 25691, 539 bytes checked in by jdreed, 12 years ago (diff)
Remove executable bit now that it's not transform script
1# Added by debathena-athinfod-cluster-config
2update.log      /usr/lib/athinfod/is_cluster && cat /var/log/athena-update
3upgrade.log     /usr/lib/athinfod/is_cluster && cat /var/log/athena-upgrade
4in-use          /usr/lib/athinfod/is_cluster && (test `pgrep -c larvnet-wrapper` -gt 0 && echo "yes" || echo "no") || echo "n/a"
5install.log     /usr/lib/athinfod/is_cluster && cat /var/log/athena-install.log
6usb-hid         /usr/share/debathena-athinfod-cluster-config/
7lsusb           /usr/lib/athinfod/is_cluster && lsusb
8dmesg           /usr/lib/athinfod/is_cluster && dmesg
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