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- Move approx.conf transform script out of debian/, name it more conspicuously, and add comments for manual use. - Punt approx.conf.tail in favor of above script. - Create a transform script for schroot's pam config, name it conspicuously, and add comments for manual use. - Punt pam-schroot.patch in favor of above script. - Punt mount-defaults.patch in favor of new 'debathena' schroot config - Update .transform file to reflect changes above.
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1#!/usr/bin/perl -0p
3# This script modifies /etc/pam.d/schroot to replace common-session with
4# for basic session support.  If common-session is not
5# excluded, it creates a new AFS PAG and does other undesirable things.
7# This script is normally called as a config-packge-dev transform
8# script, but can be applied by hand with something like:
9#    mv /etc/pam.d/schroot /etc/pam.d/schroot.orig
10#    modify_schroot < /etc/pam.d/schroot.orig > /etc/pam.d/schroot
12s/^(\@include common-session)$/#$1\nsession required or die;
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