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Documentation of licenses of packages in the source tree
1athena/bin/cxref                non-commercial-use
2athena/bin/install              UCB/MIT
3athena/bin/voldump              private (includes Transarc code)
4athena/etc/synctree             private
5athena/etc/track                non-commercial-use
6third/afsbin                    private (Transarc)
7third/autoconf                  GPL
8third/bash                      GPL
9third/bind                      MIT-style, but modifications to DNSSAFE
10                                code/invocation are partly restricted
11third/emacs                     GPL
12third/gcc                       GPL
13third/gmake                     GPL
14third/inetd                     UCB
15third/intlfonts                 GPL
16third/ispell                    BSD-style
17third/jot                       UCB
18third/kermit                    non-commercial-use
19third/kpasswd                   MIT
20third/krb5                      MIT, plus UCB and other MIT-style
21third/ksrvutil                  MIT
22third/lam                       UCB
23third/look                      UCB
24third/lprng/athena              MIT
25third/lprng/ifhp                Artistic or GPL
26third/lprng/lprng               Artistic or GPL
27third/m4                        GPL
28third/mdoc                      UCB
29third/motif                     private (OSF)
30third/nmh                       MIT-style
31third/patch                     GPL
32third/perl                      Artistic or GPL
33third/rcs                       GPL
34third/readline                  GPL
35third/rs                        UCB
36third/sendmail                  non-commercial
37third/ssh                       non-commercial
38third/sysinfo                   non-commercial
39third/talk                      UCB
40third/tcp_wrappers              MIT-style
41third/tcsh                      UCB
42third/tex                       mostly GPL, but modifications to tex.web
43                                are not allowed
44third/top                       MIT-style
45third/traceroute                BSD-style (UCB and LBL)
46third/transcript                private (Adobe)
47third/wcl                       MIT-style
48third/whois                     UCB
49third/x3270                     MIT-style, except fonts are non-commercial-use
50third/xmh                       MIT-style
51third/xntp                      MIT-style
52third/xscreensaver              MIT-style
55Everything in athena/ is assumed to be under MIT copyright unless listed
58"private" indicates software whose sources and binaries we can't
59release outside MIT.
61"UCB" indicates code copyrighted to the Regents of the University of
62California which includes the "advertising clause" which no longer
63actually applies to it. "BSD-style" indicates copyrights modeled after
64it where the advertising clause is still active.
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