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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Resolution Created
#500 Get the dialup patched sshd into upstream achernya task normal 13 years
#531 zwgc(1) has incorrect paths jdreed defect trivial 13 years

Status: closed (31 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Resolution Created
#1377 12.04.3 is going to break the world jdreed defect blocker fixed 9 years
#941 resolvconf definitely doesn't work under natty and oneiric defect high fixed 11 years
#1020 aptitude sometimes spins forever when in --download-only mode defect high fixed 11 years
#336 Shell gives useless error message when a binary's interpreter is missing defect normal wontfix 13 years
#344 neo doesn't build on Jaunty defect normal wontfix 13 years
#350 Running gnome-display-properties with fglrx loaded causes X to spin defect normal ignored 13 years
#352 GDM's ~/.xsession-errors should be useful for AFS homedir users defect normal fixed 13 years
#356 Firefox pops up extension list on startup defect normal worksforme 13 years
#507 pursue upstream bugs in Cyrus IMAP defect normal wontfix 13 years
#556 chsh.moira shouldn't use /etc/shells lizdenys defect normal fixed 13 years
#619 cups-client gives the finger to dpkg-statoverride defect normal fixed 12 years
#638 Chromium doesn’t work in AFS defect normal THERE IS NO BUG STOP REOPENING 12 years
#650 Reg applet occasionally doesn't work with IcedTea jdreed defect normal fixed 12 years
#670 CUPS 1.3 clients can't get queue state from CUPS 1.4 servers defect normal wontfix 12 years
#682 You can't completely disable user-switching in new-gdm defect normal fixed 12 years
#893 CUPS is now unwilling to have no default printer defect normal worksforme 12 years
#907 deluser --remove-all-files should not search AFS geofft defect normal fixed 11 years
#944 update-language-def is broken in Natty defect normal fixed 11 years
#975 ttf-msttcorefonts-installer postinst fails when ubuntu-desktop is pulled in by debathena jdreed defect normal fixed 11 years
#1004 rtl8168/9 chipsets (read: Vostros) lose in the installer defect normal fixed 11 years
#1019 Bad UI for passing jobs off to someone else defect normal fixed 11 years
#1358 config-package-dev should not hardcode dpkg-divert path defect normal fixed 10 years
#139 alpine's spell checker doesn't work geofft defect low fixed 14 years
#179 File bug about bad sources.list typo error message task low fixed 14 years
#270 debathena-nmh: missing manpages defect low fixed 14 years
#313 stella should be able to ignore DNS enhancement low invalid 13 years
#521 chsh.moira doesn't take -s defect low fixed 13 years
#522 rgb.txt missing in Jaunty defect low workaround 13 years
#918 Push moira manpage changes upstream jdreed enhancement low fixed 11 years
#993 790s need reboot=pci defect low fixed 11 years
#273 debathena-moira-clients: userreg has a manpage but does not exist broder defect trivial fixed 14 years

Status: new (29 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Resolution Created
#1167 lightdm's upstart script sometimes errors out, resulting in low-graphics-mode warning. defect high 10 years
#166 Upstream AppArmor should be configurable to follow symlinks task normal 14 years
#667 d-i and anna do not recover from network issues well defect normal 12 years
#717 CUPS truncates usernames at 7 characters defect normal 12 years
#760 make apt faster on clusters enhancement normal 12 years
#824 Give upstream a patch so GDM can display contents of /etc/nologin enhancement normal 12 years
#985 checking for whether CUPS is running is fragile defect normal 11 years
#1139 TracZephyrPlugin doesn't deal with editing comments defect normal 11 years
#1222 Obscure string processing bug in sudo lecture files defect normal 10 years
#1227 pidgin does not work out of the box on Precise with AIM defect normal 10 years
#1509 apparmor specifies the wrong xauth path on Trusty defect normal 8 years
#1514 python-pip is broken on 14.04 defect normal 8 years
#191 Report bug about Alpine unable to view HTML documents task low 14 years
#464 aptitude shouldn't error about nonexistant pdiffs enhancement low 13 years
#510 CUPS errors silently if PDF->PS conversion fails geofft defect low 13 years
#592 get tcsh to support bash-style command-not-found hooks enhancement low 13 years
#606 update-manager disables the -development and -proposed repositories on distribution upgrades defect low 12 years
#640 Pursue the creation of XDG_SESSION_TMPDIR specification enhancement low 12 years
#785 "resume" option in recovery mode doesn't defect low 12 years
#1289 debathena-extra-software-nox installs KDE libraries defect low 10 years
#248 AFS should support machine-local UNIX sockets enhancement trivial 14 years
#329 urlclassifier{2,3}.sqlite in firefox profiles is far larger than it needs to be defect trivial 13 years
#362 login intermittently fails if your .k5login isn't world-readable defect trivial 13 years
#526 returning from locked screen (saver) sometimes lies about focus defect trivial 13 years
#599 upstream our patch broder defect trivial 12 years
#691 Debug GTK+ printing authentication issues and fix them task trivial 12 years
#1128 Convince CUPS to grow a non-stupid duplex argument enhancement trivial 11 years
#1129 Convince CUPS to support OS-level defaults enhancement trivial 11 years
#1291 Ship ack-grep with debathena-extra-software-nox enhancement trivial 10 years

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Resolution Created
#177 sensible-browser isn't defect low 14 years
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