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#995 Support lightdm jrjarvis defect blocker -- fixed
#1168 Some combination of ConsoleKit, LightDM, or our greeter sucks defect blocker -- invalid
#819 /etc/nologin needs to stop being a symlink defect high -- fixed
#932 Installer should configure Oneiric and Wheezy for multiarch defect high -- invalid
#1040 natty broke lpd://user@foo URLs defect high -- fixed
#1089 gen-build-deps only reflects one level of depth jdreed defect high -- fixed
#1130 Pressing [redacted] will open a gnome-terminal in kiosk mode defect high -- fixed
#1138 Update thirdparty for Precise defect high -- fixed
#1142 -workstation should not install build-depends defect high -- invalid
#1151 Fix skewed packages in production defect high -- fixed
#716 Firefox writes entirely too much to AFS homedirs defect normal -- worksforme
#769 Publicity when freshmen arrive task normal -- fixed
#821 build chroots should use defect normal -- fixed
#884 autodebathenify should not take its ball and go home if a single release build fails defect normal -- wontfix
#920 Prevent users from doing stupid things with PATH defect normal -- duplicate
#966 Create "-staging" repository for full builds enhancement normal -- fixed
#980 should not screw with -cluster networking or disk defect normal -- fixed
#996 Look into dh_ubuntu_defaults task normal -- fixed
#1006 debathena-nologin-monitor doesn't block "browse" button defect normal -- fixed
#1011 Give up on kexec for auto-upgrades jrjarvis defect normal -- fixed
#1088 Scan cluster machines for spurious packages task normal login chroot wontfix
#1099 consider nagios check for unplugged monitor task normal -- wontfix
#899 regapplet text is borked defect low -- worksforme
#937 Clean up gdm-config defect low -- duplicate

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1136 firefox-extension doesn't work with modern FF on new installs defect blocker --
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