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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1389 Remove MIT CA from global trust store defect high -- fixed
#1414 libcyrus-imap-perl22 is transitional defect normal mail fixed
#1415 OpenAFS doesn't build on 3.12 (Trusty) defect blocker -- fixed
#1460 Dependencies on lert are stupid defect normal -- fixed
#1466 Firefox 29 broke printing from PDF.js defect normal -- fixed
#1483 Firefox 30 fixed printing PDFs from pdf.js defect normal -- fixed
#1499 reactivate needs to bind-mount /sys/fs/cgroup defect normal -- fixed
#1500 gvfs prevents Precise chroots from ending cleanly defect normal -- fixed
#1513 Add trimage to thirdparty defect normal -- fixed
#1525 user-defined ~/.xsession gone in Trusty defect normal -- fixed
#1457 additional packages for debathena-thirdparty enhancement normal -- fixed
#1510 3partysw new package request enhancement normal -- fixed
#1516 extra packages needed for 3partysw enhancement high -- fixed
#1520 new packages for 3partysw enhancement normal -- fixed
#1444 See if we can finally get rid of the pam/schroot hack in reactivate task normal -- duplicate
#1452 Update debathena-thirdparty for Trusty task normal -- fixed

Status: new (12 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1455 bash-config and tcsh-config don't uninstall cleanly defect normal --
#1456 is not in lightdm's PAM stack defect normal --
#1506 Using "Shutdown/Reboot" from indicator-session doesn't work on Trusty -cluster defect high --
#1507 unity's lock screen has no way to force a log out on Trusty defect high --
#1425 Support PPAs on cluster machines enhancement normal --
#1486 installer needs to check for Sophos enhancement normal --
#1498 Genericize 'logout' alias for X sessions enhancement normal --
#1515 tty/ssh sessions should notify about AFS quota enhancement normal --
#1103 Consider punting syncupdate task normal --
#1426 Drop Cyrus configuration task normal --
#1458 Consider disabling fingerd on -cluster task low --
#1501 ensure reactivate's session-cleanup script is idempotent task high --

Status: review (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1424 debathena-kiosk shows lots of modal prompts jdreed defect normal --
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